Biden May Have Dealt A Death Blow To Sanders’ Chances


( – Joe Biden continued his surge in the Democratic primary Tuesday night, capturing wins in four of six the states that held votes that day, including the ever-important Michigan.

According to the New York Times, Biden captured 178 delegates on Tuesday compared to Bernie Sanders’ 111, while there are still 63 delegates up for grab. Washington only has 67% of precincts reporting right now, and Sanders has a slight lead over Biden.

In total now, Biden has 858 delegates compared to Sanders’ 709. Just a few weeks ago, before Super Tuesday, Biden hardly had any and Sanders was looking like not only the frontrunner but possibly the runaway winner.

How quickly things have changed.

On Tuesday, Biden captured Idaho (20 total delegates), Mississippi (36) and Missouri (68) — all states he was projected to do well in. But the big catch of the night was Michigan, where Biden won and claimed the majority of the 125 delegates. That was a state that Bernie was perhaps counting on, or at least needed, to re-ignite his campaign.

Back in 2016, he surprised Hillary Clinton by winning Michigan, which eventually foreshadowed her difficulties in picking up working-class voters in the general election. This time around, however, Sanders’ message apparently wasn’t heard as much.

The only state that Sanders won Tuesday night was North Dakota, which had 14 total delegates.

A lot of political pundits were saying that Michigan was Sanders’ last real hope to try to claim the Democratic nomination for president. Famous analysts and a former strategist for the Clintons, James Carville, had this to say on MSNBC following the results:

“This thing is decided. There’s not any reason to keep it going even a day longer. The Democratic voters have spoken.”

Carville may be right, too. While Sanders hasn’t dropped out of the race just yet, his path to capture the nomination may be all but closed. It’ll be hard for him to dig back out of this hole he’s in, especially as both candidates are cancelling planned trips and public rallies due to concern about the coronavirus.

Following his victories Tuesday night, Biden addressed a relatively small group of his staffers and some supporters in Philadelphia. He thanked Sanders’ supporters for showing “tireless energy and their passion,” urging those who didn’t vote for him in the primary to support him and his “common goal” of “restoring decency, dignity and honor to the White House.”

One can only guess how long it will take Sanders to drop out of the race this time around. Back in 2016 against Clinton, Sanders seemed to fight tooth and nail to the end, and he may decide to do the same again this year.

Democrats would love for him to just step aside right away, so that Biden and the party can turn their focus — and their ire — to President Donald Trump and the Republicans. The longer Sanders stays in the race, the more he is actually likely to help Trump by attacking Biden and campaigning against him.