Biden Calls Trump’s Coronavirus Response Xenohobic…AGAIN!

( Remember when presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called the president’s decision to close the borders to China xenophobic? Well, apparently he hasn’t learned, because once again Sleepy Joe Biden is blasting the president for doing his job from his home in Delaware.

The Hill reports how Biden told the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Victory Fund that the president was fanning the flames of “hate” and pushing “nakedly xenophobia” [sic] during a conference call from his Delaware home office. Biden, despite having said the borders should have been kept open earlier this year, lied to the group and said he thinks the president has moved too slowly to combat the deadly virus that came from Wuhan, China.

Biden, U-turning on his original position, said that Trump’s “denials, delays and distractions” were xenophobic and racist.

“The pandemic has unleashed familiar forces of hate, fear, and xenophobia that he always flames…that have always existed in this society,” he said, appearing to criticize the American people who have built the country into the global superpower it is today.

“But this president brought it with him, has brought with it a new rash of racial messages, verbal and physical attacks and other acts of hate, some subtle, some overt, against the Asian American and Pacific Islanders,” Biden added.

Given that Biden was speaking to Pacific Islanders on the call, he obviously needed to find a way to appeal to them. It appears he chose to say that President Trump was being racist against them, without providing any evidence to prove it. They say Trump is anti-Mexican because he said some illegal aliens are rapists. They say Trump is Islamophobic because he wanted to stop terrorists coming into the country. But claiming Trump is racist against Pacific Islanders is a totally new criticism to be leveled against him.

For the sake of accuracy, let’s look at what the Biden said during a January 31 campaign rally in Iowa. Speaking about the president’s decision to stop people traveling from China to the United States, he said it was just “hysterical xenophobia.” Then, in April, the Biden campaign told CNN that he “supports travel bans that are guided by medical experts, advocated by public health officials, and backed by a full strategy.”

Converted into normal English, Biden was wrong but he doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong, and now he’s shouting “racism” again.