Bernie Defended Communism ON STAGE At The Democratic Debate

( – Bernie Sanders is relentless. On the debate stage in South Carolina on Tuesday, the socialist Vermont senator defended communism AGAIN, and this time the crowd wasn’t pleased. Sanders, currently the frontrunner in the Democratic race, was met by audible boos and heckles when he defended his comments about murderous, brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Margaret Brannen, one of the debate moderators, challenged Sanders on his recent comments. “You praised the Chinese communist party for lifting more people out of extreme poverty than any other country. You also have a track record of expressing sympathy for socialist governments in Cuba and in Nicaragua,” she said.

Brennan then asked, “Can Americans trust that a socialist president will not give authoritarians a free pass?”

Despite openly defending communists and socialists, Sanders maintains that he opposes authoritarianism and regularly levels that accusation towards the president.

Incredibly, he snapped back and claimed, “I have opposed authoritarianism all over the world.”

No, you haven’t Bernie.

“And I was really amazed at what mayor Bloomberg said just a moment ago. He said that the Chinese government is responsible to the Politburo, but who the hell is the Politburo responsive to? Who elects the Politburo?” Sanders added.

Sanders then crossed a line, angering the audience by defending his claims AGAIN.

“Of course you have a dictatorship in Cuba. What I said what Barack Obama said in terms of Cuba, that Cuba made progress on education.”

The crowd booed, and Sanders asked, “Really?”

It didn’t work out for him, because the crowd just started booing louder.

The fightback against Bernie Sanders comes from supporters of the Democratic establishment, as well as supporters of Michael Bloomberg and his capitalist vision for the Democratic Party. Sanders regularly touts the “good” done by Fidel Castro in Cuba, repeatedly failing to acknowledge the fact that the country’s “literacy program” was actually a re-education scheme that forced the Cuban people to change the way they thought.

Failing to see the point (as always) Sanders TRIPLED down, asking, “Really? Literacy programs are bad?”

Nobody thinks literacy programs are bad, Bernie. Even the DEMOCRATS think dictators are bad, but you keep choosing to defend them!