“Back the Blue” Rallies Take Place Across America Supporting Police Officers

(RightWingAmericans.com)- As violent left-wing activists continue taking to the streets protesting against police officers, thousands of patriotic Americans have chosen to stand up and voice their support for the police officers who are having their reputations dragged through the mud on national media. Citizens from all over the country are taking to the streets in peaceful protest, in support of police officers.

In Wantagh, New York, more than one thousand people peacefully demonstrated their support for police officers and their opposition to violent extremist ideologues who are calling for the defunding of police departments.

Reports describe a rally that started at Wantagh High School and moved to Wantagh Long Island Rail Road train station. Marchers could be seen waving American flags and holding placards demonstrating their support for police officers. The Nassau County Police accompanied the protested, who were a target of violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists.

Footage shared by Tara Joyce, a local news anchor, showed people chanting “USA!” as they peacefully marched, many wearing face masks.

Rallies are being organized all over the country, too. Back the Blue Central Ohio posted on their Facebook group that they would be rallying on Sunday to support police officers. And they did. The Ohio demonstration took place outside of a restaurant where police officers were recently understood to have been refused service.

Group admin Mandie Devault said the officers “were seen, they were seated, and then they were kind of ignored.”

“So we came out to let everybody know that maybe they need to start supporting our law enforcement.”

Some 30 people gathered outside the restaurant holding signs reading “Support Our Police” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

One attendee who came from Ashland to attend the demonstration told the media, “These guys are out here upholding the law, risking their life every day, and all they ask for is a little respect.”

It’s good to see people standing up for the police, right?