America’s Economy Booms: Even Coronavirus Can’t Beat Trump’s Job Market


( – President Donald Trump revitalized the American economy and job market within just a few years, and figures show that even something as serious as the coronavirus outbreak isn’t enough to disrupt it. New figures show that businesses continue growing and the economy has stayed strong despite employers growing concerned about the potential impact of the spread of the coronavirus.

Breitbart reports that jobless claims have fallen by 3,000 to 216,000, a seasonally adjusted figure, for the week of February 28, 2020. The number was in line with predictions, meaning the American economy is on track for continued success and growth.

A fall in jobless claims is in line with the trend we’ve seen over the last three years, in which Americans have been given access to better-paying jobs as a result of tax cuts and the slashing of prohibitive regulations. President Trump made it a key pledge during his campaign to cut red tape, and in doing so, he has allowed businesses to start, to grow, and to expand at unprecedented rates.

CNBC also reported that private payrolls are up by 183,000 as hiring “shows no signs of coronavirus scare.”

The outlet reported that the rise in private payrolls was “well ahead of Wall Street estimates of 155,000.”

Mark Zandi, a chief economist from Moody’s Analytics, explained that COVID-19 (coronavirus) “will need to break through the job market firewall if it is to do significant damage to the economy.”

“The firewall has some cracks, but judging by the February employment gain it should be strong enough to weather most scenarios,” he added.

Speaking to CNBC, Zandi also said that he hadn’t seen anything to indicate that there has been any impact and that he doesn’t believe this is a case of the effect just not showing up in the data yet.

Trump’s economy is strong, and while it remains resilient, it’s still possible that the virus could make a serious impact on local economies. If the government can control the spread of the virus it will be good news for the country, but just like other first world countries including the United Kingdom, it’s entirely possible that strict measures that prohibit people from going to work may need to be put into place.

The progress made by President Trump remains for now, but Americans should remain vigilant!