VILE: Pelosi’s Daughter Praises Rand Paul’s Assaulter

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- The daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Christine Pelosi, shocked the country on Sunday when she appeared to praise Senator Rand Paul’s attacker who was responsible for the Republican needing major surgery.

After Senator Paul announced he had tested positive for coronavirus, Pelosi responded by saying Paul’s neighbour, who physically attacked him in 2017, was “right.”

Following the assault, Paul suffered broken ribs, pneumonia, and had part of his lung removed in major surgery. His neighbour, Rene Boucher, pled guilty to the assault and paid Paul around $580,000 in medical expenses and damages.

Christine Pelosi endorsed the violent act in a since-deleted tweet. Responding to a tweet by the congressional reporter for the Washington Post, Paul Kane, Pelosi said: “Rand Paul’s neighbour was right.” Kane’s tweet referenced Senator Mitt Romney, who recently tested negative for coronavirus, who was fearful of getting the disease because his wife suffers from MS.

The unprovoked and unhinged comment from Pelosi was widely criticized.

Mollie Hemingway, the Senior Editor for The Federalist, described how Pelosi’s comments were “Truly awful.”

White House correspondent for The Washington Times, Paul Bedard, pondered which side “is the nastiest.”

Pelosi may have deleted the tweet, but the people haven’t forgotten. She also hasn’t offered an apology, explained her comment further, or responded to requests from the media.

What possessed her to endorse violence and think she could get away with it?

Paul is the first senator to test positive for the virus and didn’t appear to expect to be diagnosed. A statement from his office, published on Twitter, said that he was “feeling fine” and that the test was only being done “out of an abundance of caution.”

The announcement was made on Sunday night, but by Tuesday, it was confirmed.

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138 thoughts on “VILE: Pelosi’s Daughter Praises Rand Paul’s Assaulter

    1. Vile, Pelosi family sounds like they are all spawns of Satan, evil hateful yes hateful. Praising somebody who beat up a Republican senator is hateful. I wonder if all the Democrats are this hateful!!!

      1. I think so! they lost, they cant stand it they justified all the lies for 3 years pelosis daughter is just like her mom shes a proven demo unamercian as it gets

        1. I don’t blame them after how hateful the left has been for the last three or more years. You must be a demoncraps seeing you can only see their ways as being o.k.!

        2. @Bo – Not full of hate…. JUST TIRED OF THE MISTREATMENT we receive on a daily basis by the DEMOCRATS and anyone who doesn’t agree with our values. Fake news, lies , physical attacks, and an outright war against our American values…. you say “HATE”… I say…. “FED UP” !

      1. The piglosi are both criminals. How much money does N funnel to her spoiled brat? Like waters their kids are as bad as the Mars
        Time for Barr to investigate them all.

          1. Barr has been a big disappointment, and so has Lindsey Graham! Both of them have promised for several months that “heads would roll”, supposedly they’re were going to be lots of indictments coming, but so far, nothing! As for Joe Biden, just like the Clintons, if you have money and power, you can do whatever, even murder! Truly corrupt & evil!

          2. You only see the surface, you have no idea what is really going on, there is more to life than meets your eyes….

    2. this is the kind of people on the far left that feel they have carte blance to attack vilify and otherwise make any who disagrees with them very symptomatic of socialist and communist regiems

    3. I cannot believe that Christine said this a Rand Paul. You are like your Mother, like Mother like Daughter. She goes along with your big mouth. Californians should vote you out and the DemocRATS. You and daughter are so evil. Maybe someone will beat the crap out of you. Maybe you two will get the virus or anything that is bad. Then maybe you will shut your big evil mouth. In time God will bring you down, you will be crying for mercy. God bless you two’s evil soul.

      1. I think they have lost their soul how ells could these people be so VILE CORRUPT AND UNCARING ABOUT HOW THE HURT remember our country that has a motto

      2. Vile and mean, shows in her looks. If she is married, it took a pile of money as she does not know what trust and friendship is. Love wouldn’t even be in her vocabulary.

        1. Bo go suck. This is not Trumps fault. Where is the 2.2 billion in cash obama sent to iran? You are fine with him stealing money and lavish vacations. He probably got the cash back in a secret account somewhere.

          1. What dose Obama have to do with trump screwing up the Coronavirus pandemic. And let me inform you about the 2.2 billion sent to iran. It was Iran’s money that was in foreign banks it wasn’t any tax payer money. Change your t v channel and get some truth

    4. You are right — “like Mother, like daughter.” But all these will be forgotten in November. They will still vote for her. SAD!

      1. You are right. She knows it too, a socialist pig she is. but she well get reelected. by socialist in California. to many illegals vote( demo) socialist

  1. What can you expect from Pelosi’s heathen idiot daughter? Could you really expect any other outcome from a child raised by this ungodly piece of human excrement, Nancy Pelosi?

      1. Bo; Go back to mommas basement and try to finish high school again. You English is very lacking. It is obviously not your first language. You had a good teacher, possibly from England. You have no expressiveness, it is dull and repetitive.



    1. That’s kind of strange because I have said for 3 years that trump should be tared and feathered and run out of Washington on a rail

      1. Bo stick it up your a and spin. Liar liar liar liar liar. Hope the socialist are paying you well for trolling conservative websites. A

          1. U r a pathetic pos & need to grow the hell !!! WAKE UP & OPEN YOUR EYES. Thanks to Mueller’s report & testimony : NO OBSTRUCTION & NO COLLUSION !!!

      2. I agreed Bo until the impeachment came along and I watched all of it and the committees in sessions. Trump is way greater than Nancy, Adam, Jerry, and Maxine. Such twisted comments the whole time and then I started digging. Someone needs to write a book on their comments and the truth with them. Top seller.

      1. B0, your name is actually Namcy. Nice try. Go back to your Drug infested, Needle Packed Human Waste City of Sodom and Gomorrah. BTW, Do Look Back so you can be Turned into a Pillar of Salt and see how many Needles they Stick in You.

  3. Pelosi and all of her political followers and voters are as low as can be
    Bernie and the mfing squad are even lower along with being stupid
    As for the dumb dk sucking Biden he is nothing but a deplorable lying bastard
    Thanks to the black mfing obammie and his deplorable ugly wife ship to deep Africa with the monkeys

  4. Praying for Nancy, her daughter, and the California voters who put Nancy in office! Must be horrible to be SO HEARTLESS AND NASTY! cALIFORNIA has a habit of voting for EXTREME LEFTISTS who are full of HATE! Praying for Rand Paul to recover!

      1. Nah, not the Republican cuz we already know & accept the TRUTH that the Democrat will always keep voting the corrupted bastards in

  5. Evil run in this family! Better hope they know what LOOKING OVER YOUR SHOULDER MEAN! She doesn’t deserve security guard. She deserves to be kick out of town! Democrat are VIOLENCE people! One reason we can’t give up our guns!

  6. I write Pelosi a note every day, addressed to her Speaker of the House Email.
    My comments are not respectful. In fact, I call her names that I probably wouldn’t call my very worst enemy.
    I wish her serious bodily harm, but I’m careful not to suggest that I want to harm her.
    I remind her how ignorant she is. And hateful. And arrogant.
    I suggest that if someone cut off her arms, she’d be a mute.
    I remind her that she is the personification of a bi__ch.
    I tell her I wish she would die tonight-, although I’m careful not to verbally threaten her.

    And you know what? No one can do anything about it.

  7. Insanity, stupidity and treason must run in the Pelosi Family because the are all Peloco. The big question is how did they escape from the looney bin. It’s not safe for them to walk the streets. This would apply to all of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. They are all traitors to our Country and should be in Jail just like the one they paid to attack Rand Paul. The Attacker is another Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Comrade. How did these Anti God Progressive Socialist Communists get such a control of our education system, Government and country.


  9. Haley Stevens claiming to be a mild mannered female is a mfing lie she is just another squad type mfing slut-shamed beer bar broad all should have been aborted
    Nancy is the leader of all these communist stupid

  10. Nancy Pelosi, her daughter, and her son are all trash in what they do, what they say, and how they act. Pelosi’s son involved himself and Nancy by getting involved with the corrupt firms in the Ukraine, and came out far more wealthy than when they went into business with the corrupt firms. Nancy and her son were well aware that the firms were corrupt, and saw the opportunity to get more money for themselves. The daughter is just a big-mouthed chip off the old block. Nancy’s husband has done more than extremely well in his business, thanks to a lot of help from Nancy and her contributors. A thorough and honest investigation by the FBI into the entire Pelosi family would probably require a number of months just to gather data about their income.

  11. Well the Apple does not fall far from the tree. However, when you are brought up with a
    a mother like Nancy Pelosi what else can you expect. The hatred and hypocrisy was
    instilled in her probably as a child and it just grew over the years. They should be very
    careful cause when you wish evil on people, your curse will fall on you. It is high time
    that this cancer that is the Speaker of the House be asked to step down. The United
    States has never had a worse threat than Nancy Pelosi and the American Public
    deserves better.

  12. If you study the Written Word, you will find that the
    God that created the worlds and all that is in them has taken the position of sending out his judgment on the whole world, This world is a mess and getting worse
    If you don’t believe this then I am sorry for you; God is giving people time to repent and get right with Him before the next phase of getting your attention
    His Son Jesus who gave everything so we can have life and more abundantly, Seek the Christ who died for you
    Time to Pray; If you do not believe what the Bible Says; you will find out who is right or wrong

  13. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Seems like the Pelosis family has a lot of skeltons and corruption in their closet.

  14. I could never be a politician. My father and mother taught me “Your word is your bond, if they can not trust your word, how would they trust you.” To this day I cannot look you in the eye and lie to you.

    1. Except his name is rand Paul. That’s how much republicans on this website know. NOTHING to get in hell they will have to stand in line behind trump and his entire administration

  15. When you say Vile ! We are talking about Christine, Right ????? Well, don’t forget her mother, and, you might as well throw in some Hillary, Cause Those apples, did not fall far, from the tree !

  16. How would Nancy like it if she or Christine were thrown to the ground and violently raped by Mandingo while onlookers cheered and clapped. What if the shoe was on the other foot. I imagine attitudes would be very different.

  17. With their comments from these vile, venomous, hateful, people these it simplify amplifies the terrible thoughts and hate these people have for Americans! The rift in our country is getting dangerously close to an armed civil conflict. They no longer will even acknowledge others rights and desires above their own quest for total domination of their fellow Americans…….I feel less intimidated by foreign power than our own Leftist Socialist Democrats!

    1. Anthony- hummm an Italian name, must be one of old Pelosi’s clan- maybe another useless nephew like Newsom in Ca.
      Sorry dear, but your family has met its monthly hate quota you may want to go with aunti Nan and have some prayerful moments to prove you are not the hater everyone accuses you of being…Won’t fool anyone but it will keep you children busy for a while and give everyone else some peace.

    1. Well aren’t you the depiction of a POS?
      I’m guessing that when I look up POS in the dictionary that your picture accompanies the description!

  18. It’s TIME that WE THE PEOPLE start fighting back against these corrupted Democrat leaders & their minions to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

      1. That’s what u think MORON & FYI, give it up cuz u trying to win a fight or an arguments against an ex-Democrat & ex-Liberal but u will LOSE !!!

        1. Hay RTC welcome to the light side, glad to see yet another former brainwashed Dem wake up and join the Rs we are so happy to have you with us…and unlike the Dems we will not hold your misguided past against you but instead praise you for coming out of the darkness 🙂

      2. Oh, wait, according to your dear leader Obama, the demigod, America was not great, we were not exceptional, we were in fact an evil country as most in your parties leaders like to say from the ground up, and he had to undertake a worldwide apology tour during his first year to grovel at the feet of our enemies and let them know how he was making sure America and her people were not busy self-flagellating to pay for our many sins!

        Now you decide we have always been great Bo?
        No, your side does not and has not believed that since JFK…
        Go back to the drawing board dear and try real hard to think of something original and relevant to say why don’t you…at least then it would be entertaining.

      1. OK Bo, prove it why don’t you- here we have evidence of the hate emanating from the Pelosi clan, now show us actual factual words from Trump or his family, real not imagined, not fabricated or manipulated, not taken out of context (if you are capable of recognizing the difference) cus I am so sick of vague accusations based on nothing more then personal animus and vile bias- the left is always showing their hate- then like a good leftist Marxist – accusing the other side of doing exactly what they are doing! NO Bo, we do not think like you- you and many dems like you have lost your sense of humanity and have fallen into the dark void, the abise of hate simply due to losing an election!

        Here is a novel idea, instead of showing how advanced your TDS is, you all just focus on getting that senile dementia addled pedophile Biden into office- instead of continuing your obvious Trump hate-that should keep you busy for a few decades!

        What a sad bunch of inhuman POSs the Dems have become.

        1. Well lzib out of all of trump’s campaign rallies show me one where he didn’t call dems names where he might have said anything civil about them. Even msnbc occasionally say something nice about him. But he’s to ignorant and selfish. He does nothing but divide this country for political gain

    1. And yet Ainslie, I have not once heard Trump praise the beating of a Dem, wish anyone Dead, he has been very gracious even to the Vile Evil Dems who have wished his own Death and said Hateful things about him and his entire Family- Including his Grandchildren! But sure dear, show your woke loving tolerance for the Hate on the Left as you I have no doubt will find a way to Justify it in your own evil little hate-filled Brain!

      It’s ok dear, we understand- after all, TDS is a far more dangerous and deadly disease than the coronavirus ever will be…sad…sigh…what has this world come to…I do hope you recover dear before you spread your disease.

  19. Well, seems the Vile Evil Nasty Apple doesn’t fall far from the Vile Evil Nasty Tree!

    Can’t say I am surprised coming from this clan- and I am sure she was very prayerful nonhateful about it!

  20. The Daughter of PELOSI aka POLLOCK is as DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE as she is. Peloski ‘s
    Son is a DELUSIONAL HABITUAL LIAR just like his Counter Parts Hunter Biden, John Kerry’s Step-son !!

  21. The Pelosi Family has a history with the Mafia.
    Expect nothing more from this family. It is a travesty that Pelosi ever shadowed USA! The Speaker of the House” has a new meaning!! Pelosi has tainted that title!!

  22. The whole Pelosi family, is lying trash!

    While California swarms in filth and disease, all the Sleazy Pelosi’s live in a nice big mansion, paid for by taxpayers, and Pelosi’s being paid by foreign governments, to Lobby Congress for taxpayer money!

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