Trump Exposes Pelosi’s “TERRIBLE” Coronavirus Bill

(RightWingAmericans.Com) – In case you hadn’t heard, the Democrats threw a wrench into the works on Sunday and Monday when all but ONE of their Senators voted against the bipartisan bill designed to relieve pressure on the economy and send money to American workers.

On Tuesday, during a Fox News town hall, President Donald Trump took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional colleagues for denying American people the support they need. He also exposed the “terrible” nature of the bill Democrats proposed in its place.

Specifically, Trump exposed how the proposed replacement legislation is packed full of measures that the Democrats have been trying to get passed for years, but have consistently failed to do.

Why do the Democrats think the American people want their insane proposals at a time of national crisis?

“I cancelled the deal last night, I said, ‘I’m not gonna sign that deal,’ because Nancy Pelosi came in and put a lot of things in the deal that had nothing to do with the workers,” Trump told Fox. “It had to do with an agenda that they’ve been trying to get passed for 10 years. And, I came in, I told Mike [Pence], I told a lot of people, ‘there’s no way I’m signing that deal.’”

The president also explained how he had received calls from Republican Senator for Louisiana John Kennedy, Republican Senator for Nebraska Ben Sasse, and various other people who told him “This deal is terrible, what they’ve done.”

During the town hall event, Trump also explained how the Republicans had worked on a bipartisan basis to construct a bill that could be supported on both sides of the aisle. Despite working in good faith with the Democrats, however, it was shot down when it came to the vote. Trump said they “almost had a deal” on the stimulus bill.

“They took a deal, you know we almost had a deal the day before and it was between Schumer and Mitch and it was really a good solid deal,” President Trump explained. “All of a sudden they start throwing all of the little Green New Deal stuff in, right? And the boardrooms, what they look like, and we want green energy, we want all this stuff…they had things in there that were terrible.”

So what does this mean?

Well, Americans shouldn’t expect any support from the government until the Democrats decided to stop playing games. Had Pelosi and the Democrats supported the legislation, Americans who earn under $75,000 per year would have been given $1,200 to help navigate through the coronavirus pandemic.

Who knows if or when the Democrats will decide to play ball?

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68 thoughts on “Trump Exposes Pelosi’s “TERRIBLE” Coronavirus Bill

  1. America knows she and all democrats are our enemies. Question is WHY WONT POTUS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. THEY ALL BELONG IN PRISON NOT OFFICE.

    1. Because the media is on their side for some stupid reason and can spin their BS to fit their pathetic agenda

      1. Biden could have been in the car with Teddy and Mary Jo and the media would give him the Pulitzer for his story

      2. the media supports the “deep state” because they are part of it. the press has always been controlled by the elite of the deep state. they are all totally against what Trump represents. Sad, but true.

      3. They get paid by Democrats on the side to support them and destroy America. I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR THEM. DEMOCRATS AND MEDIA WILL NOT STOP AMERICAN PEOPLE. GOD LOVES US AND WILL PROTECT US FROM THEM.

    2. How true. As far as we know the Democrates and their continued hate and BS against Trump and his supporters may have started the coronavirus by going behind Trumps back. If that’s the case and it’s found true then I hope they suffer from their wickedness. The Democrates are lying, thieves who can’t face the fact that we don’t care for their political, treasonous antics. They all should be extracted from Congress and charged with treason and bribery. Tired of their foolish, arrogant behaviors. I want to see them suffer like the American people have to because of them. Amazing even Pelosi’s children are as vile and arrogant as their mama.

    3. Obama filled the White House and Agencies with Progressive supporters. They are well rooted in our Government and will take time to expose if they ever are. Also, President Trump represents only one of the three parts of our Government. Our Government has checks and balances. President Trump can’t just start throwing people out that he thinks is bad. He would then be a dictator.

    4. It it a shame you think someone who is American as you to be enemy. It is foolish. The bill that was signed was crafted by both republicans and democrats. Calm down your call for prison is both foolish and childish.

    5. Its time for the DERANGED AND DELUSIONAL OLD HAG TO BE CAST OUT. She is vile, evil and a disgrace to the position she holds. She needs a RUDE WAKE UP CALL, and her trying to pad this bill with more left wing PORK. She does not care that there are people in the COUNTRY suffering and needing help she hates this COUNTRY. She should be forced to go back to San Francisco and take care of the homeless people destroying a once beautiful city. It doesn’t effect her in her gated mansion so its doesnt matter to her. She is a parasite.

    6. What in his power says that he can do something except not sign the bills. These people are voted in by their supporters Most American citizens/Democrats do not pay attention and will blame the Republicans for not signing the bill. The DOJ needs to do something.

    7. The US, under the leadership of “Dear Leader” Trump, has been recognized by world leaders. They awarded the TRUMP SUPER HATCHERY prize to our LUCKY country.

  2. We can fire a missal from a drone. and hit a target, in the back seat of a moving vehicle, from, almost anywhere in the world. So, why is this treasonous peace of Sh–, still here ? Can, just, ONE DEMOCRAT explain to me, what giving amnesty to illegal immigrants has to do, with or economy, or the current virus ? I know ONE BAD VIRUS, that we can cure instantly, with NO HELP, from the government. This is what happens, when a rancher doesn’t thin his herd ! You end up with Pelosischifschumer C D_20, (one Ugly Virus), running uncontrolled, through out our country, infecting Millions, a Millions of, innocent, Men, woman, and children, and laying waste, just like San Francisco, to our great land ! Pelosischifschumer CD-20, must be eradicated, and it must be done immediately, anyway possible. The Curse, cannot be worse, than the cure ! We, the People, must, all come together, against this rabid disease, and Stop it, once and for all !

    1. Agree. One hit is a warning. Two if they don’t get it, and 3rd strikes seals the deal.

      Dems said they would destroy the economy to take out Trump. So, this way they take him out and destroy the economy.

        1. No rock, the dems said they would get rid of trump by any means necessary regardless of the good he’s accomplished. They hate him plain and simple and they could care less about THE PEOPLE! Just take a look around the districts and states the represent. It’s disgusting!

    2. Thank you, evety thing you said was true and see my response above yours. Get these two parasites out and soon

  3. It’s the Demorat way – we are first and the country and US citizens are second, but if you are an ILLEGAL, you move up to first along with the DSP (Demorat Socialist Party).

    1. What is wrong with the Democrats. If they don’t like our country or trump see ya. Get the hell outta here. Don’t come back. Your ridiculous and a shame to our country. You don’t belong in office ! Disgrace to the American People. Nothing but trouble. Actually. You are all quite mentally gone.

  4. Pelosi is an idiot. CA has several insane representatives that should be voted out. Pelosi has no concern for the American people or cooperating across the aisle for the people of America’s benefit. Much rather flaunt her birthday celebration, she is a spoiled brat. She is wealthy so why should she care that people are in a health and economic crisis? What is sad is that she is considered very good at what she does. She needed to retire 20 years ago. She can’t even read a sentence without shaking her hand around and stammering…obviously dementia. Too old and selfish for the job at hand…just loves the attention. Maybe her husband doesn’t give her enough attention!!!

      1. Schitt for brains and so do we if we let her get away with it.

        Shut it down. It’s a bad deal. Better to have no deal.

    1. Think you are wrong. Pelosi is not an idiot. She is very smart. Problem is, in my opinion, she , and her husband, are as crooked as Hillary and Bill! What is good for the country does not matter to her if it is not also good for her, politically or financially. A “rich person” that gets into public service does not bother me, but a person that “GETS RICH” AS a public servant does!

      1. Right on Sharkey. Pelosi is no dummy, but she is selfish and egocentric. She figures she has Trump and the GOP over a barrel and is looking to take advantage by blackmailing them into agreeing to a pot full of pork in order to get a much needed stimulus package going. She is an evil, opportunistic bottom feeder and cares less about the American people than she does about her own personal power in Washington. She needs to be impeached along with her loyal puppy dog Chuck.

        1. Comrade Pelosi is a good Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Democrat. She and all her Progressive Socialist Communist Democrat Comrades are achieving what our enemies could not do, destroy our Republic that gives us freedom. We fought wars against enemies that were less dangerous than this party. They are destroying our country from within. They control and indoctrinate
          Citizens With the News Media, social media, education system, talk shows and entertainment. They own and control 80% of them and real history tells us that majority of the entertainers were and are Progressive Socialist Communists.

  5. Somebody needs to put a piece of duct tape over Pelosi’s big fat mouth to shut her the hell up, and get on with things for once!! She is nothing but a wet blanket to Pres Trump and all of us U.S. Citizens!!!!

  6. Let’s face it, when watching Pelosi fumbling for words and on the verge of hyperventilating, it becomes more obvious this woman is no longer fit to hold the office.

    She has contracted Bidenosis !

    1. Thank you, evety thing you said was true and see my response above yours. Get these two parasites out and soon

  7. To Fred and Frank Rice, You are both correct. Pelosi, Schumer, shift, Harry Reid, Boehner who now sells Pot, Patty Murry, Co0mely and many, many more including the Attorney General who sent weapons to he Cartels all should be in jail, for TREASON. when Obama Hilary Clinton for sure, many times over, We have two0 kinds of laws, Those for us, te common citizen who pays the bills, and them who lie and cheat every chance hey get.

  8. I agree with that fully all DUMBOCRATS need to be voted out of office, Let’s take our country back people.

  9. Pelosi s a home grown New World Order Cancer. She needs to be TRUIED FOR TREASON – She held up a RECOVERY PACKAGE to the American PUBLIC and CITIZENRY but she is worried about the UKRAINE who never had anything held up nor withheld.
    She needs to be tried and the sentence applied for being a Traitor to AMERICANS

    1. It’s Pol-something birthday today, could this be part of it? 03/26/1940 according to whats on google, 80 years old, I have problems thinking now and I’m just turning 68. Shorten the time you can be in office. Also I would like to see us bring up the 28th Amendment.


  11. “Why do the Democrats think the American people want their insane proposals at a time of national crisis?”

    Why do the Democrats think the American people want their insane proposals at ANY time? I hope they all get sick.

  12. Think about this if we dont do something and we loose Trump.]0 Biden has already said he wants Hillary as his Vice President so that means with them 2 and Pelosi I call that the 3 stooges we will be in serious trouble we need to keep Trump in office as long as we can or we are in serious trouble.

  13. Think about this if we dont do something and we loose Trump.Biden has already said he wants Hillary as his Vice President so that means with them 2 and Pelosi I call that the 3 stooges we will be in serious trouble we need to keep Trump in office as long as we can or we are in serious trouble.

  14. One thing about Pelosi is she hate AMERICA! Could care less if she Catholic! Because one are there any Catholic in heaven? Can’t find one in the Bible! I call them two face. I will always say we need to clean up the Democrat party and those RINOREPUBLICAN who are aganist the country! Don’t give a dam what their skins color is! They STOLE FROM ALL TAXPAYERS WHO HAD A RAX INCREASE IN THEIR PAYCHECK! Lot of these tax increase bills were NOT NEEDED! Just help their DONOR GET MORE FEDERAL MONEY!

  15. If American people don’t vote all democrats out America as we know it will be totally destroyed and all their crazy followers will be crying then. But it will be too late. Wake up and vote republican and Trump! !

  16. I hope that the republicans are watching the democrats very closely…they are rigging the voter fraud as i write this. They could not get trump with impeachment…they know he will win in november…they will master their craft of voter fraud.

  17. I just don’t understand why “our” President Trump can’t override some of this democrat crap. These people are just plain evil, with toooooooooo much money!!

  18. The president needs to get on television & read every extra the Dems have added to the bill to help ordinary people . Money for the Kennedy Center please…..what in the HELL does money for the Kennedy Center hsve to do with an emergency bill about the virus. He needs to make the American people understand just how,much the Democrats HATE the American people because we stand with our president.

    1. I think he should. Just to prove what this DERANGED OLD HAG cares about, and its not the COUNTRY or the PEOPLE. She needs to be booted out of Congress and soon.

  19. Send SENILE Pelosi and the Democrats responsible for their IMPEACHMENT sham (ILLEGAL COUP) to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution. They need to be REMOVED from Office ASAP in HANDCUFFS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  20. Pelosi should be jailed – pure and simple- I was once a Democrat in JFK’s time, but today’s Democrats are anti-American Socialists on the surface and Elitists who simply want to have power over the American people! She’s undermining A National Emergency by chooses law-breaking illegal aliens
    Shumer- he needs to have a sex-change and GROW A PAIR !!!

    1. Robert, I voted for JFK, the first presidential election I was eligible for. After what they did to him, I never ever voted for another DEMOCRAT. They have become vile, evil and full of HATE for this COUNTRY and the PEOPLE, and their HATRED OF TRUMP.

  21. Here is the best part – Pelosi, Schumer, and the other would SELL the members of the Democratic Party down the tube simply for power. They would sell their families for power. They would sell their spouses for power. But…but HERE is the best part. Those idiots would gladly be sold just so their LEADERS obtained power. sick and sad.

  22. Old Nancy just wants to get into her bunker and count Her Multi-Millions while Americans suffer—-what a elite pig—Animal Farm type PIG.


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