California Dem. Loans $250k To Campaign While Owing $185k In Unpaid Taxes

(RightWingAmericans.Com)- What would you do if the IRS was after you for unpaid back taxes? Would you work out a payment plan? Would you plead with the IRS for leniency? Would you ask friends and family for help?

If you’re T.J. Cox, a Democratic representative from California, you would loan your own election in excess of $250,000.

The IRS has filed liens against Cox for federal unpaid income taxes for both 2016 and 2017 in the amount of $145,000. The state of California has also slapped him with a lien of $30,000 more for unpaid personal income taxes for 2017.

But that apparently didn’t scare Cox straight. Instead, reports show he loaned his campaign $250,000 between July 2017 and March 2018 as he was trying to defeat California Republican David Valadao. He defeated Valadao, who was then the incumbent, by less than 1 point in that election, and the two will again face off in an election this year.

If the primary results translate to the General Election in November, things could bode well for Valadao in his search to re-claim the seat. California has an open primary, and vote tallies saw Valadao receive 53% of the vote compared to Cox, who got only 36%.

This isn’t Cox’s first run-in with the IRS, either. He paid a $48,000 to the IRS in 2017 for unpaid income taxes, a lien he blamed on the IRS, saying:

“I have lived through basically bureaucratic incompetence. My check was stuck on the back of somebody else’s payment.”

Cox is no stranger to economic issues in other areas of his life, either. His two business — which process nuts — have been slapped with many liens in the past, and it was also the subject of a lawsuit filed in December that alleged both fraud and failure to repay loans that totaled $150,000. Of course, Cox claimed the suit was “politically motivated.”

It should come as a surprise to no one, after reading this, that Cox was one representative who voted against the Members of Congress Tax Liability and Garnishment Accountability Act of 2020. That proposed law would require all members of Congress to list all their back taxes as part of their financial disclosures. If any back taxes are owed, their wages would be garnished, with the money held in escrow until all the liens are satisfied.

That vote drew the ire of Vadao, who said Cox was “using his vote in Congress to protect himself.”

It certainly seems that Cox’s vote in this matter was motivated by a personal issue, one that some hypothesize may allow him to hide even more potential fraud — or at least keep the public’s eye off his financial situation.

Cox is the current representative from the 21st congressional district in California. His narrow victory over Vadao in 2018 was considered many to be a major upset. But Vadao is hoping to reverse that storyline in November.

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41 thoughts on “California Dem. Loans $250k To Campaign While Owing $185k In Unpaid Taxes

  1. Nobody but a Crooked Dirty Lying Pro Illegal Supporting California Demo-Rat, could get away with this!

    IRS should prosecute, prosecute, prosecute, and then lock him up!

    1. Yes!prosecute through the book at him!make him pay or take that money he donated and confiscate it. If it was a republican they would. No one is beyond the law!

    2. They all play the Weinstein trick; feign illness/injury to gain sympathy, or better yet, claim a bad childhood/mental illness. So hopes for REAL justice is a waste of time. As a psych nurse I’ve seen it all.

  2. The liberal democrats feel they are above the law and nothing will happen to them what is needed is jail time maybe then they will see the light and use the brain God gave them instead of another part of their anatomy

    1. I agree with you. The fact of the matter is and looks like always will be that nothing will be done to correct this matter since it has been going on for years

  3. If a citizen would do such a thing , We be in court shaking in fear ,This has got to stop or We will have no more of a nation or there will be a new civil war and it will not be pretty one iota .

  4. That is outrageous!!! That should not be legal, he won’t pay his taxes, federal and state, but he has at least a quarter of a million dollars laying around that he can lend to to others !!!! Wow what a low life he is !

    1. He didn’t lend that money to someone else.
      He landed that money to himself through his campaign. I wonder how much interest he charged his campaign?

  5. I feel the same. How can he get away with it? He feels he’s above the law. I dont have this kind of money and should be PROSECUTED FOR IT!!!!

    1. Do they owe back taxes and also declared on their return donations above the limit. Time for all people running for office show their tax return and a statement from the IRS that their back taxes are paid in full.

      1. That wasn’t a donation, that was a loan to his campaign fund meaning his fund would pay him back. And probably with high interest!

  6. The IRS has certainly been silent these days since President Trump has been in Office. The IRS Leaders, under Obama, were really very active in singling out Republicans and Conservative organizations-501 status, etc. Why would anyone think they woud do justice by dragging the DNC into Court or grab thr DNC’s valuables, or whatever is the correct words and methods to get the monies owed to IRS by the DNC?

  7. T. J. Cox a DEMOCRAT from California! OWN TAXES OF 185K! Ok, you COWARD that are call LIBERAL and leftist were the protests in front of his house or office? You want to talk and protests Trump for his TAXES BUT YOU ARE A COWARD WHEN IT COME TO THE CROOKED PEOPLE IN AMERICA! THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!

  8. Why in God’s name would a sane person vote for a candidate who has proven to be a liar, a tax fraud and already corrupt, but they will anyway because he has a (D) next to his name. So long as there is a D it’s a given, he’ll be elected again it’s all about the party affiliation with the democrats. My just so glad he’s got his priorities straight.

    1. The Civil Service Unions are huge in numbers in Ca, and will always vote (D) because the (D’s) will cater to them. The ones on the “Public Dole” outnumber those footing the bill so it will never end. Swartzenager tried and the Legislature beat him down. Jerry Brown “bought the Union vote and Newsome followed suit.

  9. democrats are always innocent even when guilty. When is someone going to have the balls to do something? I am waiting and hopefully before I die, it will be done.

  10. Haven’t you heard. Democrats don’t have to pay their taxes. They just keep ripping off Americans for their hard earned money. Democrats have written the Laws so that they are not under them.

  11. Any Congress person with past due federal income taxes should lose their elected position; plain and simple. If they are that irresponsible, they should not be representing the public.

  12. Why is the IRS not doing what they do to ordinary everyday Americans seize his bank accounts and Realestate property?

  13. These senators and congressman have to be held accountable for the same things we are accountable for. They get away with not paying taxes and insider trading and using campaign money and never are CHARGED this is got to STOP

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