MSNBC Analyst Wants Trump Prosecuted for HOMICIDE

( – MSNBC Analyst Glenn Kirschner went further than any biased, fake news commentator so far when he suggested President Donald Trump should be prosecuted for homicide on Tuesday.

In a series of tweets, Kirschner explained his radical proposition that the president be prosecuted for “negligent homicide” over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The president’s handling of this pandemic, by the way, has received praise from Democrats and Republicans alike. Even New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo, no fan of the president, praised the Trump administration’s responsiveness during a press conference this week.

Despite this, Kirschner chose to remain partisan over the issue, and explained that the president “may have criminal exposure for some level of negligent homicide or voluntary/involuntary manslaughter for the way he’s mishandled the Coronavirus crisis.”

Referencing his career as a prosecutor, Kirschner also explained that he was always looking for “novel ways to apply homicide…liability in an attempt to appropriately and ethically hold accountable those who were responsible for taking the life of a fellow human being.”

He admitted he was looking for “novel” ways to find people guilty of a crime that, particularly in this case, they did not commit.

He ended his Twitter tirade by accusing the president of “negligent/grossly negligent (and/or possibly intentional) mishandling” of the coronavirus outbreak response, and claimed the issue was “thorny.”

It’s thorny, all right!

Can you imagine being so vindictive that even during a time of national crisis, you refuse to work with political opponents and would rather try and encourage prosecutors to lock up the president for murder?

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204 thoughts on “MSNBC Analyst Wants Trump Prosecuted for HOMICIDE

    1. AMEN!! Kirschner is an ignorant leftist that does not have the foresight to understand that President Trump reacted the way he dhould have so as not to feed the fear and panic. You can bet he was on it from the very start.

      1. I agree 100 %. How do we get this Commie out of this country. On a one way only. I watched this on TV. This loser did not get his way. So this is his answer.

        1. start making a list of these Anti-Americans and maybe just maybe after the election we as a nation will be able to remove these commies from our great country for once and for all…….

      2. I agree 100 %. How do we get this Commie out of this country. On a one way only. I watched this on TV. This loser did not get his way. So this is his answer.

        1. The stick he uses measure will be used against him, would love to see this happen, and it will happen sooner or later.

      3. wrong – trump minimized the threat of coronavirus, provided false hope and made a false claim about malaria drug capable of helping victims – his own doctor who specializes in infectious diseases stated the results of this treatment are anecdotal not scientific – it may help but there is no solid scientific evidence. trump thinks he is so smart but really is so ignorant.

        1. The doctor said Predators Trump has hope that it works. He also said there is nothing wrong with hoping it works. The doctor wants to prove it. Much more than obumer did. 12,500 Americans died on his watch

        2. Trump didn’t minimize the threat, He said he didn’t know how serious the threat was because China refused to allow a US Team that were our specialist on infectious diseases to enter China. China had also denied US Media reporters from China. He said it could just be a hoax because we only had a report from China that it was Bad. But, he then banned all travelers from China to enter the USA except USA citizens. He later banned all travelers from Europe except UK and any other country that had infected China Virus patients. After information from Canadian Team that China Problem was real that he then went on TV and warned our citizens that we had a serious problem. His decision to ban Travel from China really helped to decrease the number of Pts affected in the USA. He was honest when He said he didn’t know how serious the problem was until he got the report from the Canada Team. What would you have thought after our citizens had Panicked and the stock market crash had occurred. Then he came back and said I have now found out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I think that was the thing to do. Wait until you know what the problem is before you really cause a Panic. He said he had been informed that a drug to treat Malaria had had some good results in treating the patients would the coronavirus. That was not a lie. It really has been helpful. Would you not tell your citizens that news. Just to give them some hope when it was true, My Liberal Friend it appears to me that the person who believes he is Smart. BUt, is ignorant is not Trump. But, when you shave the next time. If you look closely you may see who that description of the guilty party describes very well.

        3. President Trump is the only one who acted right away. That is not ignorance, that is smart. The ignorant one is this MSNBC person and anyone else that doesn’t see how smart President Trump is.

          1. Agreed. This is lunacy. Hey, Glenn Kirschner, why do you think vehement anti-Trumpers, such as Ilham Omar, Gov Mario Coumo, Gov Gavin Newsom have praised Trump’s response to Coronavirus? This is more than a “novel” application of homicide laws; this represents an illegal attempt at threatening the President of the United States; you and I both know this is the case. You are attempting to subvert the legal system. We the people will not stand for it. Wake up fool, and get your head out of your butt. Come Nov 3rd, justice will be served.

        4. Hey Joe, seem like an all knowing Trump hater so maybe you can answer why when Trump ordered the stopping of the flights from China and a few other countries did you and the other libs call him a racist and then say he should have done it sooner?
          Why is it that when 22,000 people die from the flu the country was still running but with all the hype from the left the country is shut down? Why is it that when a few people were helped by the Quinine you would write it off just because the President thinks it provide hope? Maybe you would like a year study to make up your mind up about something that is so readily available.
          And nobody said it doesn’t work.
          Time will tell and we will know soon not a year or two from now!

        5. OK, Joseph one vowel…Rather than pointing a finger (BTW 3 are pointing back at you) how about telling us what you would do with all your expertise in this crisis situation!

        6. I bet you would be willing to take the treatment if you had the coronavirus. Stop spouting so much hate toward our President. Why didn’t you run for president. Maybe you would have been the one that had to make all these decisions. I sure am glad it was P resident Trump, not you.

      4. sooo true William leftest a$$hole is a FOOL what about the hundreds of Clinton friends and business partners that have turned up DEAD of SUICIDE..??.. mostly from 2 bullets to the back of the head. If ANYONE needs to be prosecuted it should start with 0bozo and all the rest of demorat party.

    2. He’s another crazy Dem looking for national liberal fame.
      He knows that his statement will never go to court But
      He got what he wanted, he made national news.

      1. STOP calling him names HE loves the attention
        WHY? Because the more you call him nasty names the happier he gets.
        And then he says even more outrageous things.
        He likes to upset apple carts that’s why his comment is so outrageous –
        he’s just another arrogant, liberal who loves taunting conservatives
        Good chance his wife wears a PINK nasty hat when she marchers against Pres Trump.

    3. So according to Kirschner, Obama needs to be arrested. In 2009 he refused to do anything about the H1N1 virus. It was only after six months and 1k deaths and 100k plus infected, he decided he needed to do something.

    4. The hate these people have are measured by how ignorant the jerks are! It is amazing how anyone would listen to the lies and hate the DemocRAT media is!

    5. Sick and getting sicker out there. Why do lawyers think they are above the law? Lawyers are who have screwed up our whole political system and lined their pockets. . They should be bared from holding office on either side of the Isles.

    6. I feel the entire Democratic party and 95% of the left wing Democratic media is and has always demented. Trust me America the thoughtless Democrats are going to make this wonderful America of ours a socialist 3rd world country, if we vot them into any political office

    1. your comment is stupid: trump minimized the threat of this pandemic initially, gave false hope and was ignorant when he claimed a malaria drug was helpful – his own specialist, a infectious disease doctor, rebutted the last statement when he said there is only anecdotal evidence not scientific for this phenomenon. this journalist is correct in accusing trump of lying about the threat. the governors of our country were quickly to react than trump – Governor Cuomo has been honest in giving information and did not give any false hope. I heard trump backed down from his initial reaction because in a conference call to the governors, they took him to task on what he initially said. trump is so much into himself that he thinks he knows everything – in today’s gospel, Jesus tells the story of two men who enter the temple; a pharisee tells how great he is and all the good he does putting down the tax collector while the latter simply says Lord, have mercy on me a sinner. trump is the pharisee here since he always blows his own horn and even lies to obtain the adulation he so desperately needs from his gang since he has such a weak ego.

      1. Joseph, Are you aware tht Governor Cuomo said today that Trump and his staff were doing a “GREAT JOB” on protecting our country from the Virus, Check it out. Then, say I am sorry for my false statements. Then say I will wait until I really know the facts like Trump did before he made the correct decision on what he knew he needed to do. Before, I condemn Trump or anyone else again.

        1. Please don’t respond to these communist trolls, whether they are aware or not they are propagating communist rhetoric! It’s always the same ones trolling conservative sights trying to anger people for their own amusement, how pathetic! Ignore these lunatics and don’t give them the attention these basement dwellers crave. Their own families have locked them away because they’re incapable of maturing. We have more important things to discuss than letting these uneducated children control the narrative! Rock on President Trump!

        2. Doesn’t matter what Cuomo said. He just needs the supplies and , if feeding the narcissist is necessary, then he did it!
          Joseph Strychasz is a realist. There a mostly two types of people on this post. The ones who don’t really know what happened and the stupid. FOX “NEWS” will not put anything detrimental to Trump on the air. I have switched from CNN to FOX and the events are just ignored if they are detrimental to Trump. The stupid ones won’t even look further. They just want to be loyal to “Dear Leader” and FOX supports their values.

      2. Bayer Is Donating Its Malaria Drug That Could Help Coronavirus – WUHAN VIRUS – Patients In The U. S. That is just one of many articles PROVING YOU are a LIAR! You’re stupid and ignorant! You have a weak … ummm.. I was going to say mind, but you’re a brainless @ss!

      3. Joseph do you SUPPORT Democrat or are you for SOCIALISM? But first why you LYING so much? Hate for AMERICA and Trump? Feel free to leave the only free country in the world! Did you ATTACK Obama during the swine flu? More people died then! But you like any fool who is a LIBERAL can’t accept the Truth! If you are for SOCIALISM throw your computer in the trash can! Due to the person who invented it did it by CAPITALISM. And you brought it by CAPITALISM! Under SOCIALISM CONTROL you won’t be able to post your HATE AND lies!

  1. Why didn’t this clown call for Obama and Clinton to be prosecuted for Benghazi. Lets face it this began in China. We should be holding the Chinese’s responsible not Trump.

    1. How about Obama who was the head of the coup, only Obama could guarantee a insurance policy if the criminal Hillary lost the election! He criminalized many federal employees in the FBI, DOJ, NSA, IRS and other agencies. Even Clapper said on CNN he might go to prison for doing what the Predident ask him to do! I guess Clapper and the rest of the group do not know rightbftprom wrong and of today they have won, because they have not been prosecuted! So it will just promote more criminal activity if another Obama like person makes it to the Presidency! Only getting those criminals prosecuted and sent to jail for ten years except for the leaders that should get 20; years no early release, no presidential pardons, loss of any licenses, benefits and when released never work for a company that does business with the government, that would clean up the federal employees!

      1. Obama is not the president, but he did anticipate this happening and formed a pandemic force because he knew this would happen again. He knew it would take quick action once an epidemic began somewhere in the world. Trump dismantled it his first year in office.
        Has anything like that been discussed on FOX? That is a rhetorical question.

    1. Sounds right to me. And BTW “Federal Prosecuter” these days is a label one step below baby rapist. This guy is a perfect example. Lets get the rope!

    2. I agree to that one, Miles ……,kirschner a real idiot,he should be prosecuted with the rest of the cabal

      1. He seems to have gotten away with many of the criminal things he did throughout his life. Having unlimited access to the legal system because of his wealth protected him or he just could have been lucky.

    3. Would love to meet him in person! I will school him before I beat him! His lies is all the fame he got! Didn’t attack Obama during the SWINE FLU! More people had died during the swine flu than coronavirus. He nothing but a LIBERAL COWARD!

      1. Wrong bo you are posting to. Trump was briefed long before the Coronavirus got to the U S He held information back in hopes the stock market and economy would not be damaged to help in his reelection. He only thinks of himself. And should be held responsible

          1. You all are good at name calling try using some facts but you can’t because all the facts will prove you wrong

        1. Bo;Commie stench all the way to treason is in your posted stupidity of facts truth that Our POTUS has done more than any world leader to destroy the coronavirus ! Take you and your type to a dictated commie s..t hole nation !

        2. You are so wrong! He is the only one in a long time that has been doing the best for the country and the people. The last pres. Did everything he could to ruin the country, but so many are so stupid they thought he was doing a good job! We can surely see how bad it got under him if you weren’t all so biased you could see it also.

  2. Bo is correct! The party responsible is CHINA! There is no doubt in our minds! Then the next question should be, what are we going to do to punish them for denying responsibility and for waiting too long to respond?

    1. Anyone negatively impacting our sitting Presidents valiant and heroic efforts to put Americans and their welfare first during this unprecedented crisis should be jailed for treason

      You are creating dissension . You are fear mongering. You are therefore an enemy of the American people

      This is not a joke of an opportunity for you to make a name for yourself. If you are not able or willing to get on board as a team player with a brilliant leader, then just sit this one out quietly.

      1. Diane, the CPUSA and their Front organization the DNC along with a few Rinos fall into the description you condemned so well. Thank You.

      2. facts are facts trump initially minimized the impact of this threat, gave people false hope – he deserves to be criticized but the problem he and his followers think he is doing such a great job and trump being a good liar his sheep believe him. Governor Cuomo of New York has done a great job of informing his people and has done everything he can as governor to contain this virus while trump muddles through this crisis and being ignorant of what to do – has insisted on companies to make more masks for people, more ventilators, more hospital beds? Cuomo has ordered the building of four 250 hospital beds for his people, asked the Army Corps of Engineers to build more. why has not trump more since he has more power = governors of other states have also done more for their people and acted quicker. You will call me a liberal which I am not I choose to call myself Christian and tell the truth rather than believe in trump’s lies. you and your radical right followers have learned well from trump lie, name call, encourage violence, hate and be a racist.

          1. He did not act before anyone else. He was briefed long before he acted but his re-election depends on the economy and the stock market so he lied to try to prop these up

  3. You are a traitor. Instead of helping in our crisis, you are creating it.
    The dems do anything to upstart our Pres. We should be helping him. He did everything right the start of go. You people and this kirschner are so stupid and sick in the head.

    1. Marie: your ignorance shows when you cannot accept the fact that trump initially minimized this threat and gave false hope to our people. the governors have done a better job in admitting the danger and did what they had to do to contain this pandemic. As my old philosophy professor once said you cannot reason with a person who is biased and you are certainly biased when you believe in trump’s lies like a good sheep who does not use her God given intelligence to seek the truth. Your hate will only cause you physical, mental and spiritual suffering and when you meet Jesus you will have to answer for that hate because He commanded us to love one another even our enemies. the love of Christ will eventually conquer the hate trump, you and his right wing followers are disseminating causing an increase in hate crimes, racism and divisiveness. No other president has done this to our country like he has and is the laughing stock of our allies whom he has alienated.

      1. Joseph,
        Your are the ignorant one. Obama was the worst president this country has ever had. He made race relations worse. He ruined healthcare, I am in the field. He is the one who has alienated people in this country and sold us out to the rest of the world.
        PRESIDENT Trump has improved race relations, the economy and immigration.

        1. We’re not talking about Obama stupid we are talking about the idiot in the White House Obama has been gone for 31/2 years. Let’s talk about the stupidity going on in the whitehouse at present

  4. What kind of a fool appointed this guy as a prosecutor in the first place. These morons need to be removed from the public arena for their own safety they belong and institutions set up for the most ignorant in our society.

  5. MSNBC better watch where they go, they might just have a reminder of What goes around comes around. Don’t think so? People, like this Terrorist supporter in my opinion , is with the rest going to meet their maker and it won’t be in heaven. We can tell the Dems (DDROTG) have from day one done every thing they could to Make America Die, They just fail and fail and fail so people like this critic, who love to be in their company of Miserable’s love it so much they dream at night of the Wins we keep on making just so they can miserable on. I have never seen so many miserable people, that want you to join in, but it just is not going to happen. Watch for you win tomorrow. Dream on, Dream on! MAGA!

      1. All I know is that somehow we need to learn how to work together to be able to accomplish success in America. Even if you don’t agree with our president, as a Christian we are called to pray for him
        1Timothy 2:1First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered on behalf of all men 2for kings and all those in authority, so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity.
        No one is perfect as a human person so nether are the people that run our nation especially if there’s Only name calling, finger pointing, accusations that can not be proven. We are like little brats trying to get our way by throwing a fit. God also tells us that there is life and death in our words Proverb 18:21 so it’s important to pray for our leaders before we criticize them and each other. If you are a parent, I’m sure you don’t encourage or allow your children to criticize, put down, call each other names that are not very nice. That’s exactly how we are all acting. Yes we are all different and have different opinions but to show disrespect towards one another shows a lack of maturity.
        That’s all I’m going to say but I do hope you who call yourselves Christians will start to pray for whoever is president at the time

  6. During Obama’s presidency 10,000 people in the United States from H1N1 the swine flu. Obama reacted several months late. Should we have prosecuted him? I think not.

  7. This guy is ignorant as F**k! Aside from that why the Hell would any media give this Moron a platform to spew his hatred. I hope and 🙏🏻 That Karma comes back at him, the world would be a better place.

  8. Glenn KIrschner is a real trouble maker. President Trump has done a great job handling the coroavirus pandemic in this country. Even former trump haters, like Gov. Cuomo of New York, Gov. Newsom of California, and congresswoman Ilhan Omar, of all people, have praised President Trump for his handling of the coronavirus crises. At a time when Americans should all be pulling together to get though this, whether liberal or conservative, republican of democrat, Kirschner is being an ignorant hate monger, sewing hatred among people who are in the middle of a serious pandemic and have enough life and death problems. He ought to be fired, MSNBC is even worse than CNN.

  9. If he thinks we should indict the president for poor handling of the virus, let him enumerate where POTUS had been lacking. That kind of outcry makes me livid, especially when people are scared and suffer from faltering hope. Such a statement makes the crisis worse. Why not indict Obama for all the deaths of American soldiers on his watch? Kirschner’s comments are totally inappropriate and should be censured by his employers.

    1. initially minimized the threat and gave false hope to the people = the governors did a much better job in informing and reacting appropriately and quickly for their people = trump dropped the ball and it just shows his ignorance.

      1. Who do you think talked to the governor’s and gave them the info to go back to their states . The only idiot is You , you listen to the wrong media and the Fake news . You have no brain to do your own research you just listen to the Fake news stations .

    1. have your read Das Kapital by Marx, do you know why he wrote his manifesto and do you know what two philosophies he used for his theory – if not do not accuse someone of being something you know nothing about = just shows your hate and ignorance.

  10. This position that Pres Trump should be prosecuted for homicide is treasonous! Trump has done an outstanding job of working with governors, captains of all industries, other countries, the coronavirus task force, and the military w/o stealing freedom. Trump has taken a horrible situation of unpreparedness and pulled together the private sector and the fed to do the best for the American people! The media hyped hysteria and created levels of fear that led to our citizens fighting over toilet paper for goodness sakes!
    It is too bad this pandemic is here. However, our eyes have been opened to the lack of attention past administrations have paid to betterment of America. We have a president who loves freedom and America! Instead of wanting to execute him, we should push forward with support and stop the undermining of a great leader!!

    1. Talking about the toilet paper situation, I have it straight from stockers in teo different stores that every morning the same groups of people come in and buy thousands of dollars worth of food and supplies. It is not the apocalypse so, what are they going to do with all that stuff? If they contract COVID-19 and die who will benefit from their hoarding? It makes no sense to me considering we are all in the same boat on a violent ocean.

    2. wrong initially trump minimized the threat and gave people false hope = even my son who voted for him and is a physical therapist will agree that he did not react quickly and caused confusion but one cannot reason with a person who is biased such as you and are a good sheep protecting a man who is ignorant, a racist, bully, and need constant adulation from his fans because he has a weak ego and is opposed to the teachings of Jesus on the environment, care for the poor and immigrants.

      1. Fox News is just as prejudiced and is a radical right news media which is leaning towards Nazism which apparently you are okay with. as a vet how can you support a man who disrespects your service and uniform who interferes in the military’s execution of its sentence for the Navy seal, what he said about Senator McCain, a true patriot and hero, not a draft dodger, to support him is to dishonor your service and those of our military who died for our freedom and shows disrespect to them. What happened to the band of brothers. General Mathis, a four star general with the Marines, resigned his position in trump’s cabinet when trump told him he wants our troops out of Syria – once out the Russians filled in the gap and ISIS learned we were not in the fight when it becomes to long – since when did trump go through basic training, served in combat or went to one of the academies? He knows nothing of warfare. President F. Rooselvet had the sense to leave the fighting of the war to his generals and admirals he reserved the diplomacy to himself as it should be.

  11. Now even though Trump is an ignorant baffoon, most know the Constitution and the law prohibits any action against a President for any thing they do while in office.
    Now as a person who supports laws even though I might not agree with them, it is the law of this USA. Now anything they did before or after his presidency he cn be held accountble fro.

  12. President Trump is the best President the United States ever had and if you evil Democrats can,t see that you need to go be with your master Satan

  13. Was Obama prosecuted for murder in connection with the large amount of deaths from the swine flu? NO. There is my answer for this journalist. This is a politically motivated attack! SHAME ON YOU!

  14. Hey Glenn kocks$$$er
    Come to my house you punk bastard and I will personally bust your mouth and knock all you teeth out you lippy a$$hole
    You ain’t sht

  15. Sad our President has to fight the Democrates and Haters of America. Wake up people before God pours out his wrath on the world. Pray for each other instead of all the backbiting hate.

    1. Jesus would not like your hateful, racist and divisive attitude since he commanded us to love one another even our enemies; trump and his radical right wing followers will have to answer to Jesus for not caring for the poor, environment and migrants which mandates are in the Bible unless you have a radical right one which teaches you to hate and adore a man, not God. In Exodus, the Jewish people were worshiping a golden calf as Moses descended the mountain with the ten commandments and you and your followers are doing the same for which you will be condemned because only Jesus can save us not trump.

      1. Jesus is speaking thru TRUMP , he helped TRUMP get elected when Hillary thought she had the presidency in her pocket.

      2. The Bible does not tell anyone to worry about the environment! You’ve never read the Bible! SHOW the exact chapter and verse! You go around insulting people. lying and talking garbage and now you’re acting “holier-than-thou.” You are such a FAKE and LIAR! The Bible does not say allow people to break laws! That’s what illegal aliens do! If an illegal is in our border, it has committed a crime!

  16. Of all the issues and problems going on in the USA right now; this is what you come up with? Shame, this is one of the reasons why there is so much hate in our country. You only have to report the news vs. the President having to meet, listen, make decisions, etc. on a host of issues. You and others spend too much time trying to make him fail.

    1. we do not have to make him fail since he is doing such a great job, lies, cheats, encourages violence and is opposed to the teachings of Jesus on immigration, care for the poor and the environment check your bible and you will see the truth not the lies of trump.

      1. If you don’t have to make him fail , WHY ARE YOU TRY SO HARD TO DO IT , you idiot dems have run out of things and now you are trying to blame the President for this virus. Did you all loose your brains or did you all get the out of the same Cracker Jack box.

  17. This Glenn Kirshner is just another jerk wad that can’t keep his ignorance in check, come to think about it, he looks and talks like a certain “Pencil Neck” who Also has a hard on for the Commander in Chief…The resemblance to Adam Schiff for brains IS awful uncanny…Sit Down and Shut Up you Moron…

  18. Just substitute the nam Glen to Jimmie. That solves the question about this idiot !

    Jimmy is traditionally depicted as a bow tie -wearing, red-haired young man who works as a cub reporter and photographer for The Daily Planet, alongside Lois Lane and Clark Kent, whom he idolizes as career role models. In most depictions of the character, he has a strong friendship with Superman.

  19. MSNBC must search high and low to find so-called “humans” with the IQ of bear scratched tree bark. What worries me is people who don’t look at idiots like this, shake their heads, and laugh. The entire “left” has gone insane. Kirshner put the ANAL in analyst.

  20. I would be more interested what God thinks of you creating all this hate towards and individual that had done you no harm. In the End Satan will pay the price you are trying to place on President Trump.
    We all have a hell to loose and a heaven to win.


  22. OMG!!! You lunatic! YOU should be prosecuted for defamation of character,at the very least. Are you on drugs? To spew such venom from that orafice you call a mouth is sickening!! Geeze you can’t make up some of the trash talk these ,so called,journalist, spew!!!!

  23. I’m sorry to hear the “blame game” from Mr. Kirschner. And what has he done to HELP anything other than be critical? We WILL get through this, and will hopefully be better because of it. We are Americans! ! – Paul

  24. MSNBC should be held accountable for employing such a biased analyst. “Analyst” what a joke that is. He needs to be analyzed. MSNBC only reports their version of the news. Disgusting.

  25. How can MSNBC ( Marxist Socialist Network Broadcasting Communism ) stay on the air.
    They and CNN ( Communist News Network ) should only be televised in Russia, China and
    North Korea. These traitors and anyone who watches these Communist channels are also traitors should be deported to join their comrades in the Communist country of their choice.

  26. The Demonrats that have claimed Sanctuary states and Cities. That have refused to cooperate with ICE according to Federal law. That have supported open borders, infanticide and abortions ARE GUILTY OF MURDER. Pelosi, Waters, Schumer Fredericka Wilson, Warren, Sanders, Biden to name a few. You Mr. Glen Kirchner ” ANEL-LIST” ARE INSANE!!!! PERIOD BETTER PRACTICE EXPLAINING YOUR CASE AT GOD’S JUDGMENT BAR.

  27. How about prosecuting MSNBC and CNN for fake news without facts and lying to america people because corrupt George Soros owns most of them to brainwash people into voting for demorats so the deep state can screw america!!! Turn there lying channels off!! Send there poles into a new low! Who need there fake news!! They do nothing for America!

  28. It’s a pity that in our country they are not held accountable for stupidity, abomination and idiocy. If they were brought to justice for this, then one idiot MSNBC analyst Glenn Kirchner would become less.

  29. There is nothing under that polished dome of his. When can we see the shut down of all of these media stations that pump out their slime? These daytime comedy programs that spew out leftist rhetoric is not funny. One should stick to humor and the other report the news not make up fairytales.

  30. All I have read here is both sides accusing the other of stupidity as and using Christian beliefs as a crutch. We are all Americans, it is time to come together and quit the blame game. “United we stand or individually we fall”, Time to act like our predecessors, and unite under one flag. GOD bless America and save our world.

  31. We, the People, want you Glenn-IDIOT-Kirchner to face a death squad IMMEDIATELY for TREASON! You are a PARASITE on the face of this country and the earth!

  32. Kirshner should be prosecuted for defamation of character, false reports to law enforcement (simply because they too can read this and possibly have a duty to investigate) , and I’m sure any “decent” attorney could find several other charges to file against him, hopefully with high treason being one! MSNBC should be forced off the air along with CNN and others for allowing people like this to air “opinion” over FACTS. With all the REAL scandals happening within the dumbocratic party and the gvt, you would think they would go after REAL news. I honestly hope Kirschner goes to jail over this one. It makes me wonder how many INNOCENT lives he has ruined in his gloriously self inflated career!?!?

  33. Yet another moron who should be in solitary confinement and kept there. These left wing lunatics are responsible for promoting HATE and have done nothing to calm the anxiety of the American people. People are dying by the hundreds per day in places all over the world and this goon loon starts talking out of his anal cavity like his pal Schiff. It is very obvious morons like this clown are infected and cannot be healed.


  35. I want Maxine Waters prosecuted for encouraging, and inciting violence and physical attacks against everyone that has an opinion that doesn’t go along with left wing lies and socialist propoganda !…

  36. These people have no life and responding to these lunatics are giving them the attention they so desperately desire. I imagine it gets lonely living in mommies basement and drinking in every word the communist media has to say but we can ignore them! It’s clear they have bought in to the communist rhetoric and nothing you can say will change their mind. Just look at what they post it’s clear they have no clue of reality so don’t give them the satisfaction. Little babies!

  37. I am not blaming anyone but, I just hope that we get over this as soon as possible.
    I can’t believe that President Trump have so many idiots following him. He is a fool that can say and do nothing but idiot things. Wake up America, wake up, Trump followers. You are lost in your sleep. Right is Right and wrong is wrong. If you are poor you are going to die and if you are rich you are going to die anyway, so why not live and let live.

  38. This is unbelievable. They (MEDIA) should have thought about BENGHAZI that Hillary’s had abandoned hope for our men. She should be in Federal Prison.

  39. It is because of idiots like this that I no longer believe anything coming out of MSNBC or CNN. I refuse to even turn the TV to these channels. I hope advertisers enjoy not having anyone watching their ads. Keep promoting this drivel and we will stop buying your stuff too.

  40. I truly Believe that The “‘AOC virus”” STUPID IS STUPID DOES, is staring to spread among the Left. We Should Start thinking about Quaratine ,t The Left before the rest start loosing their minds

  41. Well if he thinks that Trump should be prosecuted, I’d suggest that he is looking at the wrong person. He should be going after Obama who allowed 17,000 people to die on his watch before even lifting a finger. Trump tried to block travel as the first step and that was resisted by the Democrats and liberal court judges. So before the crazy left points fingers, they ought to look in the mirror at themselves. Democrats blindly followed Obama for the 8 years that he was in an who allowed all sorts of riff-raff in. Including the ones who voted in Omar.

  42. If you don’t like what the idiots are saying why are you electing them. We as the backbone of this country its our responsibility to elect our leaders. If they don’t do what they say don’t elect them again. I feel term limits are the wah to go. They go in poor rip us off become rich while we are stupid enough to do it again. WAKE UP AMERICA OR WE WON’T HAVE A COUNTRY.

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