White House Press Corps Slashed in HALF for Briefing Room “Social Distancing”

(RightWingAmericans.com) – Not only is the White House encouraging people to take “social distancing” seriously as the coronavirus spreads across the United States, but they are setting an example by slashing the Press Corps in half. The tiny White House briefing room could potentially allow for easy spreading of the virus if someone in attendance was infected, leading officials to slash the attendees in half and seat people further away from one another.

Usually, reporters are made to sit very closely together in seven rows. A total of 49 people can sit down, but photographers and journalists are typically seen standing at either side of the seats.

To encourage “social distancing,” a measure encouraged by world governments to reduce human interaction and the spread of the virus, the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) adjusted the seating chart for the room and reduced the number of attendees significantly.

I guess that just means less fake news journalists in attendance!

The new policy was put in place on Sunday following the advice set out by doctors. The association also encouraged journalists to start working from home where possible, and for news organizations to send fewer journalists to the White House.

CBS journalist Weijia Jiang commented on the decision on Twitter, describing it as the “new normal.”

“This is the White House briefing room where @VP @realDonaldTrump, and officials give us the latest on #CoronavirusOutbreak,” she said, showing an image of the empty briefing room and large notices attached the back of every other seat.

The signs attached to the seats read:

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31 thoughts on “White House Press Corps Slashed in HALF for Briefing Room “Social Distancing”

    1. Let all of Fake News go.. They probably are the ones with the virus anyway.
      Only let in Fox News because they report the DATA. not liberal opinions.
      The American People want real DATA in their news shows
      not the rehashed lib party opinions of FAKE NEWS.

  1. delete cnn a guy with last name beginning with agusta, or something like that bias abc woman there should be a way to have each take a questonar as to their level of bias and the level of true journalism no fake news or lies on any information, would be a good thing.

  2. Upon hearing some stupid questions asked, I say don’t deal with reporters. They are taking up your valuable time. Your priority is dealing with the crisis.

  3. Stop the yelling out to be recognized. Regardless of personal opinions, need to be quiet listen and attempt to report what was actually stated minus your own personal bias and we are not interested in your speculation. Treat our elected president with respect if you even know how that should be done.

    1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one offended by their shouting and yelling. I agree, they need to be given a number for when it’s their turn to ask a question. Then there will be order instead of everyone trying to ask questions all at once.

  4. This action is long overdue and absolutely necessary. Hopefully all the over-talkers and rude ones will not attend. Watching the raucous press conferences is enough to give one a headache.

  5. All the mainstream media is trying to do is a gotcha to the president they’re nasty horrible human beings a truly should be fine in great amounts for their condescending ignorant questions. They are absolutely worthless.
    It should be an empty room if they have a question they need to write it down presented and never walk in that room again leave it in a box outside of The Press Room.

    I am really serious that the networks and the reporters themselves need to be find severely for their ignorance.

  6. You can seat them … crazy, boisterous CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS … in the Rose Garden and have them their questions and answers through loudspeakers.

  7. Wonderful! Cut the slime in half! Those people are a mouth piece paid to manipulate and make implications to make their “wide-eyed” innocence look like they have no malice in what they say! They are paid to make the President look bad!

      1. I think he’s doing pretty good. Soooo much better than the previous POTUS. Obama had really bad policies, hated Americans, and couldn’t wait to go on Apology tours.

  8. just cut the entire noise-producers ABC,CBS,MSNBC,WAPO,TIMES ,NPR, the rest need a warning to not interrupt the speaker WHO-EVER IT IS. or they will be bounced to the street with a thirty day THINKABOUTIT.

  9. get rid of them all they are nothing but traitors anyway and also the biggest cause of the market taking the dive that it did on fake reporting

  10. who, decides who stays ? this must be a bitter pill to swallow for ABILIO JAMES ACOSTA, ki$$ a$$ of cnn ..
    oh well, let the other’s go else-where. HELL, would be great !

  11. Slash it in half again and it will still be full of left wing idiots trying to play “Gotcha” with someone orders of magnitude more intelligent. Start with Jimmy Accuser aka Acosta, Cecilia Vega and a bunch more!

  12. They are people that should be taken to the wood shade and spanked . They str like 2 year olde ar a birthday party

  13. Have the President & his team come out & each give their report to the press in the room then instruct the press to write down their questions telling them they will be read & answered at the next briefing. This eliminates them from speaking out & causing havic .Only questions written will be answered.

  14. The press should place their questions in a review box outside the briefing room. They should list their name and the news network along with their questions. This should be done 1 hour before the meeting. The President can select the questions that he will respond to along with the name and employer. These questions will be the only questions that will be answered. Any disrupted behavior will be asked to leave the room.
    I also think that President Trump should start each meeting with an announcement that goes like this. Ladies and gentlemen, I am the President of the United States of America. I will not tolerate any action of disrespect toward myself or my staff. In my opinion, if you cannot show respect to this office and the person duly elected by the people of this nation, I will not allow you to attend this meeting. In the future, any reporting by you that is not acceptable as meeting high standards of journalistic conduct will cancel your rights to attend these meetings. Thank you.

  15. The only one that looks like an idiot is the reporter who asks stupid questions. Like all the CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and sometimes even Fox. Have them write in their questions, don’t have them at the conference, and only read and answer the relevant questions. Don’t even read the personal and the “gotch you” questions.
    Just don’t give them a platform just like he did the weekly press conferences and DON’T show their faces.

  16. I don’t think it was a good idea to exclude 50% percent of them to slash them in half.
    I would like to see almost all of them slashed in half with a samurai sword!
    Who decides the half that gets removed?
    Is it the news agencies or the White House.
    Sure wish it were the White House. I know our PRESIDENT TRUMP would like to tell a lot of them YOU’RE FIRED!

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