Eric Boehlert Accuses Fox News Of KILLING People

( – Political commentator Eric Boehlert made the incredible claim on Sunday, during an episode of AM Joy on MSNBC, that Fox News has been “getting people killed for years.”

Speaking about the Fox News network, he described it as a “cancer on this country,” and then said, without a hint of irony, that “their programming is to vilify, stir hatred and paranoia.”

Is he…serious?

The comment came after Joy Reid referenced a Washington Post article that claimed Rupert Murdoch could save lives “by forcing Fox News to tell the truth about the coronavirus right, now.”

“As a media analyst for a very long time, do you see any possibility that Fox may want to try to save its own viewers by forcing this narrative to change? Because it’s true, if they change their narrative, it’s not true if they follow Trump or Trump follows them, but they will act together,” Reid said.

Boehlert, clearly angry with the network, responded by saying, “Right. Anyone waiting for Rupert Murdoch to do the honorable thing is going to wait a very, very long time, after someone who’s watched him for 20 years.”

“Look, Fox News has been getting people killed for years,” he added.

Incredibly, even after he’d cooled down, Boehlert made the same insane accusations online. Taking to Twitter after the interview, he claimed, “Fox News brainwashes people, plain and simple.”

In what world is Fox News responsible for killing people, and in what world do the Democrats and left-wing activists think it is acceptable to make such wild claims? For all the talk of President Trump saying mean things online, it’s funny that the likes of Boehlert think it’s perfectly normal to make wild and unsubstantiated claims on live television.

In a sane universe, the assertion would have been challenged by Joy Reid…but she didn’t seem to care!

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62 thoughts on “Eric Boehlert Accuses Fox News Of KILLING People

    1. Worse than a Fool, his stupid game is played by Elem children on playgrounds all over the world every day.
      Dim Dems are using this Opposite Game tactics to mess with Fox and taking it to ridiculous extreams.
      This is because they are so worried about their lies. They have nothing to loose- because they have nothing.
      This frantic running around Dems game reminds me of watching my Aunt SIS ring Chicken necks in the back yard.
      and the chicks running around with NO HEADs.

    1. The only reason is because he hides behind joy the queen of deplorable racist communist he is nothing but a punk boy coward
      He will hide behind or under any women’s dress especially slobs

  1. What kind of STUPID is he??? MSNBC and all those Liberal/Socialist/Communists main stream media reporters should listen more to President Trump and his Medical Team than create LIES about everyone and everything!!! If not, they should all go to Hell and the sooner the better! They only make the World worse and have never contributed any good to our Society!

    1. Maria Wade:
      You are a 100% correct! A lot of us agree with you! Erick Boehlert, is As DUMB AS HE CAN BE. NO BRAINS AT ALL!

    2. MSNBC WILL LET ANYONE SPOUT HATRED AND OUT RIGHT LIES. They are as bad as CNN. I never watch any of these programs and never will.

    3. Trying to reason with a liberal is like trying to reason with a person with an IQ of below 50. But, believes their IQ is above 140.In other words. It is impossible. Don’t waste your time.

    4. Trump should listen to the medical team instead of telling everyone that everything is wonderful and we’re doing great. And it will be gone soon. My advice to everyone is not to listen to Trump. Just listen to all the doctors, which is the opposite of what Trump is saying.

      1. Cynthia has a voice of reasoning in a sea of lies and misinformation from brainwashed Trumpzilla cult followers drunk and drugged from the orange Kool aid poison.
        Thank You Cynthia keep the faith we’ll soon dispose of this moronavirus threat to America.

        1. See what did I tell you all, Jerry has that moronavirus, it’s spread from that orange Kool aid poison so many cult followers are drinking or snorting however drug addicts do it, maybe they inject it, I don’t know all I do know because of Trumpzilla we have a serious epidemic in our country.

  2. Yes you are right, but you need to look in the mirror and the reflection is Stupid and one with no Common Sense, sort of like the station of misery you work with. At least we have commons sense and you and some of the others will never reach what Fox has. No one there is a match and definitely not you. Now go join the other miserables and we will make our own beliefs on the way we as Common Sensors have.

    1. Robert “Common Sense and Fake Fox News”.
      Now that’s really a big joke.
      I’ll save that one when I need to say a funny joke.

    1. Bill my intelligence really doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I’m not dumb enough to believe anything Trumpzilla says or watch Fake Faux News. Have a nice day with that moronavirus you have.

  3. Fox News is virtually the only channel I get my news from. Eric Boehlert has probably never watched Fox News. This article should never have seen the light of day. Enough said.

    1. I KNOW !!! Stop watching that bile “MsNBC” !!! JOY REID IS A TALKING TURD MORON !!! JUST like ROACHEL MADCOW !!! Their guests (like their viewers) are ALL MORONS !!!!

  4. Boehlert is a true Communist Comrade and is against anyone that tells the truth. Sadly people that can’t think for themselves can’t understand this. When you have no wisdom you cannot logically reason what to believe. You believe the indoctrination by the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. They are very good at deceiving people. They have changed real history, they lie and blame everyone who opposes them for what they are. People have been deliberately indoctrinated in our education system. To rely only on the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party on what to think and freebies. They are willing to give up freedom, opportunity and even their souls, As long as they are taken care of by Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. This is an evil form of Slavery and the Democrat Slave Party of the past has returned but is more evil. They are following Hitler and Stalin playbook on how to conquer and control a nation.

    1. Jo
      Thank You!
      Word for word you explained the RETARDican party to a tee.
      I couldn’t have said it better.
      If I feel the urge for brainwashing and Misinformation I’ll make sure to tune in to Fake Fox News.

        1. Unlike you Mari “I’m an INFORMED VOTER” because I don’t listen to Rush “The Cancer” Limbaugh.

      1. You are proof that the latest GALLUP POLL showing 1 in 3 LIBERALS are just as STUPID as the OTHER 2 , is for real !!!

        1. That’s funny I just saw a GALLOP POLL that showed ALL RETARDicans have the moronavirus. Must be something in that Orange Kool Aid poison.

  5. This is the most absurd piece I have ever read. This person who claims to be a journalist sounds like his panties are in a knot. As for me, I REFUSE TO WATCH MAIN STREAM FAKE NEWS OUTLETS EVER!!! I HAVE AND WILL ALWAYS BE A LOYAL FOX VIEWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And right there is your problem John, I’ll send you a bill for my psychiatric evaluation. And just as a common courtesy I’ll give you a free cure for your moronavirus, stop drinking the orange Kool Aid poison.

  6. If Fox News has idiots babbling like this then they must be doing their job. GO FOX NEWS. Just let the morons like Boehlert keep spewing their lies. It only make them look pathetic

  7. If FOX News is so bad why are they the # 1 News program on TV, they always give the pros & cons on every story, MSNBC gives only one side of a story. How is that fair!!!

    1. Roger if their #1 that only proves we have a major problem in this country with a brainwashed society.
      Just take one recent broadcast just not even three weeks ago, they “Fake Fox News” claiming COVID-19 a Democrat Hoax.
      Boy those Democrats are pretty good then because it sure spread around the world pretty fast.
      OH that’s right “Fake Fox News” was telling everybody there was nothing to worry about just continue to do whatever you want, travel, go on vacation, mingle, ignore it it’s just another Democrat Hoax to attack your supreme leader, remember the impeachment didn’t work so we’ll try this instead.
      That’s why I avoid anything connected to the radical right they’ll lie to you at the drop of a RED HAT.
      I know you RETARDicans find it hard to believe but we’re not all NEANDERTHALS like Trumpzilla voter’s drinking the Orange Kool-Aid.


        1. Nancy it’s your LIE and you can explain it how ever you wish.
          But that’s a tell tale sign you’re brainwashed when you deny what you actually hear.
          You really need to see a doctor for your moronavirus and believe me the cure is not drinking the orange Kool Aid poison like Trumpzilla is selling.

  8. Don’t be so negative !!! Eric Boehlert is and constantly and publically demonstrates he is as smart as a rock! And Flush the Turd Nov. 3rd is competing for the title “Smart as a Rock”, and I think he has a good shot at it. Sorry typo, “i” instead of “o” in that title for mr/mrs/ms turd

    1. I forgive you “I can’t believe” I really feel sorry for all you cult followers that have the moronavirus from drinking the orange Kool Aid poison.

  9. Trying to reason with a liberal is like trying to reason with a person with an IQ of below 50. But, believes their IQ is above 140. In other words. It is impossible. Don’t waste your time.

  10. So typical — another super liberal LONG on rhetoric, VOID on proof. Even parrots can talk, but it doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. Don’t fall for empty chatter. Listen only to the facts.

  11. Who is Eric???? Just someone who wants attention by telling lies and spreading fake news , he must be a newcomer . Now that his name is out there I won’t give him the time of day. HE’S AN IDIOT and will go down like the rest of the FAKE NEWS SPREADERS

  12. Fox is the only station that will tell us the truth!!!! CNN and MSNBC is major fake news the reporters at these stations just can’t stand that President Trump is AWESOME and the best President ever!!! And he will be our president for the next 4 years!!!

  13. How pathetic that some people still believe in fake news liberal media. They get surprised in 2016 when Trump became president just because they never got the accurate news from fake news liberals. The only news they get is Hilary for sure will be president when the media knew very well Hilary was doing poorly but hide just to make people think otherwise.

    Then, they came with Russia Russia Russia, promising their viewers that Trump will be impeached for sure, when the media knew very well that Russia dossier was paid by Hillary to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to frame Trump. At the end of the day, the Muller team with 19 democrats haters couldn’t come with anything to convict Trump. Again, the media knew that thing is nothing burger but misled their viewers anyway.

    Remember the Cavanaugh things, the media liberal went to great extent to sabotage this man, just because they hate Trump. Remember who they embraced at that time to finish Cavanaugh’s reputation? The corrupt, dishonest Michael Avanity that is now in jail for multiple dishonest actions. Again the liberal media knew very well those accusations were false.

    The latest, the Ukraine thing. Joe Biden and his son have overwhelming evidence of corruption in Ukraine, China and other places in the world. But the fake news media twisted it so well and make it look like Trump is the one to blame for asking for transparency.

    Common people, use your brain. You cannot swallow anything coming from those people that have their own agenda. Wake up USA. When are you going to realize you have been misled too many times.

    As Mark Twain once said “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”.

  14. Something sad I just read in the comments. Someone called Rush Limbaugh, “Rush, the cancer, Limbaugh” because the man has been diagnosed with cancer. How pathetic that can be?

    What that country has became? For that person, remember “cancer” is a disease that nobody is exempt from, not even you. So be careful, control your mouth. Don’t let your mouth control you.

    Just an advice, be wise.

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