Stocks Plummet Amidst Coronavirus Chaos, President Trump Takes Action

( – Even the Trump economy couldn’t withstand the impact of the coronavirus. As the virus, which originated in China, continues to spread across the United States, the financial markets took a tumble. On Monday, American stocks suffered the worst day since the financial crash in 2008.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was soaring before the virus broke out, dropped by 2014 points (or 7.8%). Every single stock on the blue-chip index was down throughout the day, with Exxon Mobil, J.P. Morgan Chase, Chevron, and Boeing suffered the most. Each company dropped more than 12% throughout the day.

While Democrats may choose to take this opportunity to bash the president and claim he’s responsible, the facts show otherwise. European and Asian countries took a similar battering, and oil prices dropped significantly in Russia and Saudi Arabia. Analysts have said the day was “utter carnage.”

In the United States, the indexes fell so badly at the beginning of trading that for 15 minutes, selling and buying shares was completely halted while a “circuit breaker” was implemented.

Following the crash, left-wing activists took to Twitter to share fake screenshots of the president’s Twitter account, along with the hashtag #TrumpCrash.

The fake Twitter screenshot showed the president saying:

“If the Dow Joans ever falls more than 1000 “points” in a Single Day the sitting president should be “loaded” into a very big cannon and Shot into the sun at TREMENDOUS SPEED! No Excuses!”

The fact that Democrats and anti-Trump activists couldn’t recognize a clear parody is a story in itself!

Blue checkmarks on Twitter also chose to use. The event as a signal that the president is hurting the economy.

Facts don’t seem to matter to Democrats! The economy is hurting because of widespread panic and disruption to businessesall over the world. This may continue for some weeks or months, and so the president announced on Monday that he would seek to offer major financial relief to American workers.

The economy might be hurting temporarily, but the Trump administration is doing everything it can to keep things ticking over smoothly. Now, we wait and see whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want to work together with the Republicans to mitigate damage or not.

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26 thoughts on “Stocks Plummet Amidst Coronavirus Chaos, President Trump Takes Action

  1. We need to reinstate the uptick rule. It worked when it was in place for over 60 years. When it was eliminated in 2007 the market crashed during 2008 & 2009. This was at least in part because of the short seller attack. We are now experiencing a really bad short seller attack on our market. This is devastating to our retirement accounts. The greed of the short sellers has to be controlled. Is this part of the lefts way of forcing socialism on us? Make one wonder.

    1. Now is the best time to buy stock. Anyone with any sense will buy as much as possible. You will make a fortune when the panic is over. Trump’s economy is strong and stocks will surge back. Don’t let the media keep pushing your fear button.

  2. Who’s getting tired of all this winning?
    Who’s loving their 401’s now?
    This is going to be great for those low unemployment numbers!
    Just remember those tax cuts that over 80% went to the top 1%, well he sure could have used it right now to help all Americans instead all that free money is off shore already in tax shelters for the rich, but yeah tell me again how the RETARDicans really care about the people in this country.
    Ain’t socialism for the rich great, their doing just wonderful right now life for them couldn’t be better they’ll just sit around and wait for another trillion dollar bail out while you worry about how to keep your house or feed yourself.
    Yep like so many of you say Trumpzilla is the greatest president ever how you figure that I’ll never know but for the time being I’m LMAO!!!

    1. Sir you are truly a moron, Our system supports people that work hard and get ahead, occasionally the crap hits the fan, we will survive and prosper !!!!! Trump is doing all that is possible to be done to alleviate the suffering for all americans !!!!!!

    2. Somebody should flush you – you’re the freakin turd. What did Trump have to do with the virus? He didn’t start it, he actually kept us from becoming Italy or Iran when he shut down travel on Jan. 31, and then from Europe last week. Stock markets all around the world are suffering, not just the USA. so shut your freakin mouth and use your brain for once, if you’ve got one, you moron.

  3. We will see when the dust settles and the truth of this entire situation is reveled. President Trump had nothing to do with the virus epidemic, other than manage it with great instinctive responses.

    1. William Miller I think you have a point. Instead of blaming someone people we need to turn back to God. I really think he is our only answer!!


  5. Please educate me. We have a coronavirus to deal with. What the hell does it have to do with buying, or selling stocks? Get with it people, this too shall end for crying out loud folks. if God says it is our time to die .it will be our time. It could be an accident or some other cause or this Coronavirus. I have COPD and 77 yrs old. and I refuse to live in fear.

    1. Thank you J. This virus does not control of my life. My God does and when He deems my time is up, who am I
      to deny Him that power

    2. oh yeah, like when God said we would all die on May 21, 2011? Yeah man, your belief in God will get you so far in life. Maybe if you pray to Him for a sign that your beliefs are justified he would respond? Go ahead. Call me back when He does.

  6. Tommie, Trump is fanning the flames by his inactivity and less than truthful narcissistic comments. Every thing is the “biggest and the best” he is quite clearly referring to his over inflated ego.
    The sooner the Republicans return to traditional Republican values of sound money, honesty, integrity and a little humility the better for the 99% of us.

    1. Mike, Inactivity? Where have you been? Why are you buying into hating Trump over something like this? Maybe if you research it just a little more, you’ll find what he’s been doing – Leading this country through thick and thin, without any help from the liberals, both democrats and republicans. Sounds to me though like the truth may not matter to you though although I may be wrong about you

  7. The stock market does not effect me. I’m disabled on fixed income pension. Whether God takes me or spares me is up for grabs. China deliberately caused this epidemic to oust Trump in 2020. China has a poor economy and wants to share the misery worldwide. Can’t tolerate tariffs, can’t tolerate fair trade deals. Additional human rights abuses and global murder is not beyond communist global players.I was never a GLOBALIST with communist countries.Why can’t Democrats join in the solutions but no they must continue to pick scabs with this President.

    1. Share the misery by worsening their own economy, destroying their public’s health, and creating widespread racism towards anyone who looks Asian? Yeah, sounds plausible.

  8. When someone’s mind is MADE UP, the FACTS don’t matter . . . and NEITHER does the TRUTH. And, the Democrats don’t deal in either one, since they deal in ONLY LIES and HOAXES. This is what TREASONISTIC TRAITORS do. Don’t vote for ANYONE who deals ONLY in LIES. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Pot calling the kettle black, eh? How bout you cite your sources of how “true” you are — or maybe you cant trust science because it never agrees with you, o supreme leader of correctness and facts?

  9. I am 87 and this coroervuirs or what ever you call it, doesn’t run my life I just following what the President and doctors tell me to do. It seems like people are going nuts over this and running out and buying things they do not need like TP

    1. Following what the president does? You mean, like touching the mic 32 times, shaking hands, and patting people on the back during his address on how you shouldn’t do that?

  10. Just like 9/11 we have a market that is irrational and trading on panic. The exchange should suspend trading until next Monday so everyone can calm down.

  11. The problem is that Trump’s so called “great economy” was not. Richard Wolff, the economist, predicted months ago that any crisis, large or small, would expose Trump’s house of cards economy for the sham it was. I don’t know why so many idiots continue to believe in this 5 time loser, but you can’t fix stupid.

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