Biden May Have Dealt A Death Blow To Sanders’ Chances

( – Joe Biden continued his surge in the Democratic primary Tuesday night, capturing wins in four of six the states that held votes that day, including the ever-important Michigan.

According to the New York Times, Biden captured 178 delegates on Tuesday compared to Bernie Sanders’ 111, while there are still 63 delegates up for grab. Washington only has 67% of precincts reporting right now, and Sanders has a slight lead over Biden.

In total now, Biden has 858 delegates compared to Sanders’ 709. Just a few weeks ago, before Super Tuesday, Biden hardly had any and Sanders was looking like not only the frontrunner but possibly the runaway winner.

How quickly things have changed.

On Tuesday, Biden captured Idaho (20 total delegates), Mississippi (36) and Missouri (68) — all states he was projected to do well in. But the big catch of the night was Michigan, where Biden won and claimed the majority of the 125 delegates. That was a state that Bernie was perhaps counting on, or at least needed, to re-ignite his campaign.

Back in 2016, he surprised Hillary Clinton by winning Michigan, which eventually foreshadowed her difficulties in picking up working-class voters in the general election. This time around, however, Sanders’ message apparently wasn’t heard as much.

The only state that Sanders won Tuesday night was North Dakota, which had 14 total delegates.

A lot of political pundits were saying that Michigan was Sanders’ last real hope to try to claim the Democratic nomination for president. Famous analysts and a former strategist for the Clintons, James Carville, had this to say on MSNBC following the results:

“This thing is decided. There’s not any reason to keep it going even a day longer. The Democratic voters have spoken.”

Carville may be right, too. While Sanders hasn’t dropped out of the race just yet, his path to capture the nomination may be all but closed. It’ll be hard for him to dig back out of this hole he’s in, especially as both candidates are cancelling planned trips and public rallies due to concern about the coronavirus.

Following his victories Tuesday night, Biden addressed a relatively small group of his staffers and some supporters in Philadelphia. He thanked Sanders’ supporters for showing “tireless energy and their passion,” urging those who didn’t vote for him in the primary to support him and his “common goal” of “restoring decency, dignity and honor to the White House.”

One can only guess how long it will take Sanders to drop out of the race this time around. Back in 2016 against Clinton, Sanders seemed to fight tooth and nail to the end, and he may decide to do the same again this year.

Democrats would love for him to just step aside right away, so that Biden and the party can turn their focus — and their ire — to President Donald Trump and the Republicans. The longer Sanders stays in the race, the more he is actually likely to help Trump by attacking Biden and campaigning against him.

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52 thoughts on “Biden May Have Dealt A Death Blow To Sanders’ Chances

  1. The Democrats fighting is disgusting. This country needs a Democratic Party which will
    cooperate to beat Trump, our worst President. Democratic scraping is ONLY helping Trump.

    1. I think you got that wrong big time! Obama was the worst president in my life time! Jimmy carter was even better than obama. The problem is that you democrats hate trump because he is actually doing what he said he was going to do. I hate to admit obama Aldo did what he said he was going to do. He wanted to fundamentally change america. He almost succeeded in destroying america as we know it! Look at all the swamp creature, basically roaches have been exposed since trump has taken office! These are mostly liberal bureaucrats that were trying to take out an american president to be! Its sad that this has happened in this country!

      1. You’re right all the way Calvin!!!! Obama did so much damage to America because he hates us, all the while acting so cool and lying through his teeth. Pretending he was for us while he stabbed us in the back. Barack Hussein Obama worked for his bosom buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood.

    2. I agree with your thoughts that the democrat party is disgusting ! But just look around, smell the coffee, President Trump is the BEST president this country has ever seen in modern time !!!!!!!!! President Trump will be reelected !!!!!!

    3. The worst “president” was the Kenyan born fraud who was never the legitimate President and everything he did was anti American and illegal. The DEMONrats are just a bunch of satanic acolytes disguised in human flesh: empty puppets whose twisted strings are pulled by evil.

    4. First- I also ‘totally agree’ & am very pleased that Joe, ‘overwhelmed & WON the Primaries! Bernie is a ‘threat to America! Joe has the ‘experience, knowledge & Contacts-to ‘Work Effectively for our Nation’s benefit! Bernie would ‘destroy us in a ‘Millisecond’! So, I state-GO JOE!

  2. I wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden in any instance. Biden has advanced senile dementia and one day he seems coherent and the next day, he doesn’t recognize his own wife. In addition, he started a fight with an auto worker over absolutely nothing. We have enough problems with the Corona Virus. We certainly don’t need a mentally deficient president.

    1. Suzanne News Flash Trumpzilla Is The Mentally Deficient President.
      Trumpzilla has proven to me on numerous occasions that he is extremely mentally ill and incapable of cognitive thinking.
      I’m just so thankful I’m not blind to his evilness and I truly can’t believe people are stupid enough to vote for the Antichrist the biblical beast the Orange ORRANGATANG MONSTER.
      But RETARDicans are a very strange species of sub-humans almost Neanderthal like.

      1. Flush . . . . you seem to have acquired your entire education from late night comedian/”educators”, but that’s evidently just normal for most of those on the Left.

        The “cute” part of the “debate” was when they were debating over Corvid-19, that is, when they could even name it.

        Their “debate” centered around “steps that President Trump has already taken”, but somehow they “debated” as to what they would do, if selected. Both seemed to have the same solution WHICH President Trump “has already initiated” . . . . the travel ban on China was done waaaaaaaaaaaay back when House Managers were attempting to sell their bogus impeachment charges to the Senate. 😊

      2. Your ignorance makes it sound like you would not have any idea anything at all biblical or antichrist.
        Scripture says that God puts into power those HE wants in power & HE also removes them, so my trust is in the Lord God Almighty who has the power to do what HE chooses, & I accept whatever that is, because HE is the one in control, & Donald Trump allows christians to pray for, & with him.
        Most Christians hated the time we had to spend with Barack Obama, but we never treated him with any kind of hatred like you democrats have Donald Trump. Scripture also says, He blinded their eyes, & gave them up to a reprobate mind, those who did not listen & obey the God of the universe.

  3. Both Bernie and Biden are dumbarse old bastardsboys with doodoo for brains. Nobody will vote for an ugly person for president. The Democrap’s best bet is Tulsi Gabbard but they hate her. We need another JFK.

    1. I could care less what ANYONE looks like for goodness sake’s! this isn’t about looks its about our RIGHTS AND FREEDOM! i WOULDN’T vote for either one because of THEIR PLATFORM! GOD HELP US IF THAT ALL YOU CAN MUSTER!

  4. Bernie = communist
    Biden= senile
    Enough said

    The Dims sure screwed the pooch again as they did in 16. God bless em.



    1. Strider how is Bernie communistic when it’s Trumpzilla that is Putin’s Puppet?
      Trumpzilla likes to name call everybody, but boy when it comes to Putin he’s got nothing but praise. He even loves Kim jeong Hoon claiming they send each other Love letters. And don’t forget president Chi from China don’t want to call him a special name, yes indeed Trumpzilla loves him some communistic leaders that’s for sure, but then again he wants to be a dictator or supreme leader just like them, and RETARDicans just love him for it.

      1. BERNIE even said he didn’t mind being called a communist! HE had his HONEYMOON in Russia! IF you all remember OBAMA was caught on ‘live mic” telling Putin things will be a lot different when I get re-elected! SO WHO was working with the RUSSIANS? LOL DEMOCRATS THATS WHO! People sure have a forgetful mind! RAHM EMMANUEL who wrote Obamacare also got caught on live mic calling THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STUPID! He must have been talking about the DEMOCRATS since they were the ones WHO WANTED OBAMACARE!


      1. JOE BIDEN is a puppet for democrats because they know he has something seriously wrong. HE MAKES way too many mistakes which is a sure sign he has mental problems and is probably dementia….

  5. This is for K.
    I guess some people will always be blind when things are not going their way. Do you not read what little is allowed by the media that the jobless rate is at historic lows? What about the other things that are helping make America Great Again? Are Dems totally blind?

    1. Loren Democrats are not blind at all, as a matter of fact everyone of us will tell you the very exact same thing, We All Saw This Coming the recession has already started and this one is going to make Reagen’s recession look like a hick-up it could actually turn into a depression, are you getting tired of winning yet if not just wait the worst part of winning is yet to come, and none of this disaster can you blame on Obama or Clinton not even Carter although I’m sure Trumpzilla will try to blame him too after all he volunteer’s and helps habitat for humanity and the one thing RETARDicans hate the most is someone helping the people you only like giving free money to the 1%, I like to call it socialism for the rich you know corporate greed or subsidies.

      1. WE HAD a great economy ever since Trump took office! HE HAS done what the American people wanted and that’s why he won! The coronovirus has affected our economy but IT HAS ALSO AFFECTED ALL COUNTRIES! There were several recessions during OBAMA’S 8 years and there was a GDP of 1% when he left plus he gave our enemy Iran 850 billion dollars of CASH money so they could use it to make NUCLEAR BOMBS TO bomb us if they desire to. Trump is the only President we have had that had the NERVE to stand up to our enemies and show them he meant business! Obama BOWED TO THEM! HE didn’t have any guts!

  6. We do not want Biden . He cannot keep his thoughts together. Wake up America! Just keep our President Trump! We need someone with a clear mind like Mr Trump. He is great so keep him. Any thinking person would realize this. Biden has so many questions to answer for the American people. Do the right thing vote President Trump!

    1. News Flash Margaret in 2016 the majority voted against Trumpzilla and now his BS is only getting worse, but it’s still so cute I guess that you morons with moronavirus think he’s going to win anything other then jail time that’s what I’m betting on that the SDONY is going to charge him with major fraud, now that’s how you make America great lock up that entire corrupt family and throw away the key.

  7. To start off, I will vote for whatever candidate the Democrats nominate. It is too important to continue to be divided once the nomination happens. I think if Joe Biden is our candidate the Democrats will get behind him. They will then stop this fighting among themselves. I also think he will win the Presidency. He will follow our constitution and reset the things President Trump has overturned and put in place policies that are aligned with our constitution. He will select people in his cabinet who have a deep understanding of the constitution regarding the position he picks for them. He knows the foreign leaders and they trust him. He will overturn what President Trump has done regarding our relationship and treaties with foreign countries, etc. He will rebuild our status in the world and overturn those policies not in line with the constitution, which represents our American values. It will take time but I am confident he will do it. He will also deal with climate change and many other issues President Trump has done to harm us. Joe’s ability to put the right people in his cabinet, select other people that have the knowledge and experience to get things done where we can return to normal, for me, his age is not a problem. In addition, this issue with his mental capacity is not that big of a concern. If you will listen to the many more gaffes coming from Trump, I certainly can live with Joe’s occasional gaffe. I look to Biden’s track record and I am confident in his ability to get America back to the leadership role in the world and our own nation’s leadership.

    1. Well Barry, all I can say is that you and Uncle Joe may have adjoining rooms in the asylum. Yes Barry, you are a perfect
      example of the lame brain voters who have no idea of what this country needs. We need Trump or someone like him to
      Make America Great Again. There is not a democrat alive who can come close to that. You had better see your priest and confess. Tell him how you’ve been spreading lies wherever people will listen. Capeesh?

      1. John you really need to come out of mommy’s basement, there’s nothing but chaos out here in the real world. But this is what happens when you vote for somebody infected with moronavirus.

        1. WELL IF he sees a priest more than likely with what he believes he probably will not be given communion since the POPE WONT give communion to Pelosi for her unchristian values and lets face it most of the DEMOCRATS ARE CATHOLIC.

    2. Could you please tell me specifically what TRUMP has done that is unconstitutional? I need to know what YOU think he has done so please be SPECIFIC. FAKE NEWS has come out with so many things that has been twisted and if not an out and out lie it twisted on remarks he made that were NEVER meant they way the CLAIM it was. BIDEN know specific foreign leaders alright he placed his son on the board of BURISMA in the Ukraine and he didn’t have absolutely no training on any of it and he even admitted in an interview that if he wasn’t a BIDEN he didn’t think he would have got that position! People really need to check things out themselves since there is so much lying going on against our President. I don’t see how anyone could believe the FAKE NEWS STATIONS on anything without first checking out what is being said and I don’t mean reading it I mean watching on video what it is coming out of their own mouth! BIDEN is for abortion,.gun control unnecessary pollution control,funding a murder mill for babies, democrat party against Israel sovereignty, freedom of speech (he has attacked people asking him questions in town hall meeting that he doesn’t like what they asked so he gets really ugly) and as far as there being a division of parties why should republicans work with their lawlessness and agree to something that our Constitution is against? Dems want a socialist government to control us. IS that what you like; to be handed out a government :handout” ITS ALL ABOUT POWER with them! You will wake up one day IF they regain the White house and I promise you wont like what you get!

  8. Blowme another JFK why do you want that so RETARDicans can off him again. Oh and don’t forget his brother Bobby and MLK. RETARDicans sure have a fascination with offing people that’s for sure. But it comes with the territory when your heart is full of hate and racism, that’s why I’ll never vote RETARDican you people are just full of evil just look at who you call the supreme leader the supreme dictator the most vile sub-human to walk amongst us today.

    1. Hey Turd,
      I only hope that when you all promise to leave the USA after Trump is re-elected that you actually do it this time.
      Nobody has enjoyed having any of you crybaby losers around at all.
      Just go somewhere / anywhere else to be the miserable self hating failures that you are.
      We are done with you and all of your ilk and will be busy riding a Red Tsunami into greatness.

      1. Scott the only ones CRYING are you Trumpzilla freaks. Oh poor baby someone picking on your supreme leader. Oh poor baby someone say something bad about your supreme leader. Oh poor crybaby did I hurt your feelings? Oh poor crybaby you’re the one that can’t stand the heat you need to go somewhere like Russia where they love your supreme leader, we don’t like Putin’s Puppet here CRYBABY SCOTT.

  9. News Flash Margaret in 2016 the majority voted against Trumpzilla and now his BS is only getting worse, but it’s still so cute I guess that you morons with moronavirus think he’s going to win anything other then jail time that’s what I’m betting on that the SDONY is going to charge him with major fraud, now that’s how you make America great lock up that entire corrupt family and throw away the key.

  10. Are democrats blind or too emotional? Why are they ready to vote against their interest? Those 8 years of Obama/Biden were disastrous. The economy was crashing. They did nothing for the black communities. The recession was horrible. Millions of people lost their home, institutions spent years unable to give raise, unemployment terrible, more people on food stamps, national debt triple ECT.

    With Trump, all of these were corrected. So what exactly a citizen of a country needs. Guys, use your brain. Don’t let the media fool you. Compare and contrast then make your own judgment.

    As Mark Twain said: “it’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled”.

  11. OK I BROKE down last night and watched Laurel and Hardy perform their routine. Quite entertaining if you are totally insane. it was like watching 2 school brats fighting over the last ice cream Bar. However after watching the 2 hours I going to give free this and Free that I came to a conclusion: THANK GOD THAT DONALD J TRUMP IS IN OFFICE AS THE PRESIDENT, BECAUSE WITH THESE 2 CLOWNS WE ALL WOULD BE IN TROUBLE

    1. I agree with your thoughts that the democrat party is disgusting ! But just look around, smell the coffee, President Trump is the BEST president this country has ever seen in modern time !!!!!!!!! President Trump will be reelected !!!!!!

  12. Here’s another thing Pelosi and the Democratic party WILL NOT work with Trump on the coronvirus pandemic by helping our country by giving tax breaks to Americans and then she sneaked a bill in to FUND Planned Parenthood so they could Murder more helpless babies! WOW! what Koolaid do you drink?

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