Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Give ILLEGAL Aliens Driving Licenses

( – It looks like the trend of illegal aliens being given a free ride is continuing in Virginia after lawmakers pass legislation making it possible for them to obtain driving licenses. Legislation has passed through both chambers of the Virginia state Legislature that gives illegals the chance to obtain official United States identification cards.

State Senate and House of Delegates lawmakers passed HB 1211 and SB34.

State senators passed their legislation with a majority of four (22-18) and the House passed their respective legislation with a majority of 15 (57-42). Legislature passed in the Senate was introduced by Senator Scott Surovell, and it permits illegal aliens who live in the state to obtain a standard driving license.

In order to do so, illegal aliens simply need to prove that they have filed an income tax return. It does also come with the caveat that the card will come with text included stating that it is not a form of valid ID that can be used for public benefits or voting.

The House legislation, however, goes further by suggesting that the IDs should be conventional driving licenses, meaning they have all the same legitimacy as a card carried by a legal US citizen.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means that Virginia is set to officially become the next step that allows illegals to apply for a driver’s license. This is currently available in 14 other states, including New Jersey and New York.

Passing these laws appears to be a vigorous attempt to beat President Donald Trump’s promise to curb illegal immigration and fix the system once and for all. Proposals like this have been made in the past in Virginia, but this is the first time it has been successful.

The fact that Virginia is no longer under Republican control means that the Democrats have free rein to pass whatever crazy laws they like.

As well as making life easy for illegal aliens who bypassed the proper immigration system, Virginia Democrats are already engaged in legislative offensive passing LGBT rights, marijuana decriminalization, and union bills.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, the Virginia Republican spokesman John March said, “The United States needs to work on fixing the crisis at the southern border before we start granting rights to noncitizens.”

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56 thoughts on “Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Give ILLEGAL Aliens Driving Licenses

  1. OK Jose’ ! Here is your diver license, amigo ! No speak English ? OK ! But you must write “X” next to the donkey on you ballot. OK amigo. You understand ? “X” by the donkey.

        1. Donna Troy: just because I found Mr. Jackson comment funny., that does not mean I don’t take this situation seriously.But this has been going on in NYC since last year.And no one in our government has done anything to stop this very illegal situation.. We can get mad all we want, but unless President Trump gets someone involved , to stop all these illegals , becoming legal to vote, it will continue. I have written and called every one of my Senators and Congressmen to complain about this and in reality I am just being ignored….

          1. We should get a petition and send it around Facebook, and other social media sights so people can sign, demand it be stopped and not allowed in any states. Laws that have always been illegal and unlawful should be that way in every state, as Federal Laws.
            , so they couldn’t be changed by State legislators. If states are allowed to change Federal laws, soon America will have no laws except for criminal illegals, to roam free in, or wherever they choose to roam.

          2. Linda M, you DO realize that your Senators ARE Congressmen, right?

            ALL Senators are members of CONGRESS, but NOT ALL members of Congress are SENIORS!!

            Congress is made up of the Senate = SENATORS.

            The House of Representatives = REPRESENTATIVES!!

    1. That happened right here in Gouverneur N.Y. thanks to “emperor” cuomo. I saw this happen FIRST-HAND as I was renewing MY license. This person brought an interpreter with him to show him how to do it, and where to sign up to VOTE.
      NOT a “joke” this is serious and the “governors” of these states should be arrested . (but because they have a “D” after their title “emperors” like cuomo can do as they want.)

      1. We the people who believe in the Federal laws we have always had, should get a petition started and send it around Facebook, or other Social media sights for people to sign to stop states from being able to change the law to entice more illegals to come in and get privileges Americans can’t get unless they are a citizen. This has always been a Federal law and if states are allowed to change Federal laws, pretty soon, we will have no laws, except to appease the Demorats, and the illegals.The taxpayers woill be expected to foot the bills for them, also.It won’t stop unless enough taxpayers and other citizens demand it to be stopped.We have strength in numbers ,more than some know.We have all the power against criminal actions by our own government,both state and Federal.

      1. James, in a way they do. The new Real ID act that made the new licenses require allot of ID for American citizens to obtain in order to get the new REAL-ID drivers license. Problem is is that not all states are compliant and as of October of this year, no one can fly domestic or international without one. What states are doing is having different license levels instead of complying with the federal mandate. These dem states will continue to resist the mandate and their real american citizens will be denied flight ability.


  2. Nullify any state who is COMMITTING this type of voter fraud. THERE ELECTORALS are tainted, jaded, fraudulent and CRIMINAL. They want to cheat, REMOVE THEM FORM ELECTORAL COLLEGE

    1. Yes. You break the law you pay. ILLEGAL, that’s exactly what it means. All you have coming is the long arm of the law. To think other wish shows how mildewed your gray matter is.

      1. Great idea, but when these ‘elites” have a “D” after their title you can forget about the “LAW” doing anything to them.
        (double standards)

    2. Agree with your statement completely. Anyone who gives illegals a driver’s license in these UNITED STATES should be put in jail . They need to become citizens and learn our laws before they earn a driver’s license!

  3. Well folks,
    That is what you get when you vote in corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS. Same thing happened right here in COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y. when “emperor” cuomo and the communist “representatives” (that are supposedly listening to their LEGAL constituents) did the same exact thing, then, magically, by “royal decree” those illegals can now vote for using those new licenses as they are “signed up” AUTOMATICALLY. More democommunist cheating to pump up the voter rolls for the democommunists. Hope you are all happy now with your “New country” filled with criminal illegals, that bring their “customs” (and diseases) right along with them, that will suck every last dollar. (as well as YOUR jobs, that is IF they don’t go on welfare immediately)

    1. You got it and thanks for your comment!! The stupid demo communist thinks that us republicans want to destroy our country and looks like they might succeed unless we get out and vote all of them out of office!! MAGA

  4. Our country is being destroyed by these morons that call them selves members of congress.


    1. Dennis, next thing will be to allow illegals to carry guns, so they can defend themselves from illegal ISC arresting them. The Virginia was is not as bad as California, illegals don’t need a license to drive or to have insurance. I guess in California if an illegal runs a stop sign and causes a wreck, the legal will claim it was your fault and you will have to pay for all damages.

  5. Might this latest be another indication of the kind of government people get when they fail to pay attention to who is running for elective, law making office?

  6. Fist, VIRGINIA tries to unsuccessfully attack the 2nd amendment by trying to remove CITIZENS right to bear arms. Now VIRGINIA wants to give NON-CITIZENS the privilege of driving instead of working with ICE and deporting them whereby they may then go through the proper channels to become citizens.VIRGINA seems to want to be a sanctuary state for illegals. Fine,let’s get a wall built around the state and the only people that May come and go are citizens.

  7. One additional thought/question comes to mind.How many doors might be opened to ILLEGAL ALIENS in possession of these drivers licenses, that should have been firmly closed?

  8. Maybe the CITIZENS of Virginia aught to stop paying state taxes so that program could be defunded..or maybe the CITIZENS of Virginia aught to start working with ICE on their own. Shouldn’t be too difficult..if you can’t speak don’t belong here.

  9. Warning. Putin wants all demorats to destroy America without him dropping a bomb. Virginia is now a Putin state like new York and California.
    Stand to arms.

  10. The state even thinking about voting on this is illegal . Our law saids must be a citizen to get a driver license . So even thinking about giving them to the illegals is against our laws . May as well through every law out the window so the illegals can vote for the delusional democrats . That’s what this is all about . Votes for pay . So if you want to break any laws … go ahead ….just have a bunch of friends vote on it and do it . Hell with the laws . I’ll tell you … it’s getting really f#cked up in our country cause of the delusional democrats breaking our laws at will for votes and power . Look how they tryed to take your guns . First your guns , then your rights , to control you . Vote the delusional democrats out of office befor it’s to late
    Trump – 2020 … make them cry again ( Approved by deplorables everywhere )

  11. Now under the laws of this USA anyone can get a Provisional drivers license if they live in the state, and with that provisional license which is only good to drive a car with, now those illegls could easily get an internation license for about $20 and use it here.

  12. You thumb sucking jerks or is it they think you people in Virginia are thumb sucking jerks. I think your intellIgence has just been insulted. You are going to be voted right out of your homes. YOUR FRONT PORCH LIGHT IS THE NEW STOP LIGHT AND THEY WILL RUN IT.

  13. How come illegals can get drivers license, when I had SUCH A HARD TIME GETTING A REPLACEMENT WHEN I LOST MINE? A couple of years ago, my wallet was pick-pocketed out of my purse, and my drivers license and all my credit cards were in it. I had to cancel all my cards, (I was vacationing in Arizona at the time), and when we got back to Oregon, I went to DMV to get my license replaced. They brought me up in the computer (the screen showed my license.. I saw it), and the clerk told me I had to have a CERTIFIED COPY of my birth certificate in order to get a replacement! I had to send to Sacramento Ca (I was born in Ca) and pay $15 for the copy. It took a month to get it. I went to the police station in Brookings, where I live, and told them the story, and that I would be driving without a license until my birth certificate arrived, and showed them my car, etc. They laughed, and said not to worry… that different government agencies don’t communicate. I guess I should have changed my name to LOPEZ! Either that, or (if it had happened nowadays) I could have said I identified as an illegal, and they would have given me a license, I guess! What a bunch of CRAP!

    1. Sandra Shoop; My only take on this very illegal move on the Democrat’s part is, they are trying to rig the votes in their favor. They want Trump gone, plain and simple. And you are quite right about how difficult it was for you( a natural born citizen) to replace your driver’s license.WE must jump through hoops for US to get anything replaced or done.Supposedly for our security and safety. But the demon party has bent the rules, ONCE AGAIN, to fit their needs and are allowing illegals to obtain driver’s licensees.Our laws, the Constitution means nothing to the Democratic party. Just power and control……

  14. What has happened to our democracy that we reward illegal immigrants, most of whom barely speak any English, with
    a driver’s license?? Next we will be allowing them to vote (we already waste tax dollars printing ballots in Spanish).
    What happened to enforcing laws regarding only LEGAL citizens can get a license and how about ENGLISH as the official and only language for voting? A horrible ploy to earn votes.

    1. Linda M. Oh good grief how petty on ARJAY’s part. We know what you meant.At least you are trying to take affirmative action voicing your concerns.I have done so myself, and just like you I get these very condescending letters thanking me for voicing my concern and that’s it.It makes no difference if they are Republicans or Democrats.
      Well keep up the good fight!!

  15. Are the State House and Senate going to pay the illigal’s car insurance? Why can’t you be content in giving them Virginia State ID”S? If they are given free car insurance then every person that drives needs the very same privledge! My insurance gets paid every month. What about their ability [the new ones] to read english? Do we need to make our road signs maulti-lingral now?

  16. It is another reason Virginia Patriot voters MUST not be complacent and VOTE THESE DONKEYS OUT!!! Another argument for those counties threatening to succeed to W Va.. . Better yet form the 51st state .

  17. In our state we have to provide several ORIGINAL PERFECT CONDITION FORMS of identification to obtain a Driver License. Our Elderly are having problems getting them and they need them for Medical reasons. But illegals can get DL with no problem not knowing who they are. We know illegals have many AKA’s. Here they get welfare and benefits under many different names, same person, raking in the dough. Wake up USA.

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