Ugh: Kaepernick Has Annoying New Plans For Woke Publishing Company

( – Everyone has had enough of hearing about Colin Kaepernick, but he doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. Made famous for his kneeling during the national anthem (and less so his football career), Kaepernick has announced plans for a memoir and a woke publishing company.

The publishing company, he says, will focus its attention on “black and brown writers and authors,” as if black and brown people aren’t already selling books with normal publishing houses.

USA TODAY Sports reported that Kaepernick’s memoir is still untitled, but that his publishing company is coming together and will be part of his campaign “against systematic oppression, dehumanization and colonization.”

Colonization of where?

Kaepernick, speaking to USA Today, said, “I learned early on that in fighting against systematic oppression, dehumanization and colonization, who controls the narrative shapes the reality of how the world views society.”

Again, colonization of where?

The left-wing former football star also said, “It controls who’s loved, who’s hated, who’s degraded and who’s celebrated.”

His latest move may be a result of his desire to keep facilitating change, or it may be a result of the fact that he was unsigned by NFL teams ever since he took a knee during the national anthem in 2017. No matter his excuses, showing disrespect for the American national anthem and for all that it represents doesn’t go down well with fans.

USA Today writer Jarrett Bell claimed Kaepernick’s planned memoir will “fill in the gaps of the past few years, as well as provide more insight on the motivation and methods behind his activism.”

Interestingly, Bell also said, “Undoubtedly, many will want to hear from Kaepernick, who despite being shunned by NFL teams has become a prominent cultural figure.”

The uncomfortable truth for Kaepernick, though, is that the majority of Americans disagree with his protest. His upcoming memoir may be welcomed by social justice warriors and radical Democrats, but multiple polls conducted by reputable polling companies found that most Americans just think he is wrong.

One Reuters poll showed 72% of Americans saying his behavior was “unpatriotic.” The same poll found that 61% of Americans explicitly did not support his actions.

Let’s be honest; most people will see this memoir for exactly what it is. After losing work in the NFL and becoming one of the most divisive figures in American politics, an autobiography allows Kaepernick to set the story straight…or just come up with more wild excuses for why he feels the need to call decent, normal American citizens “racist.”

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54 thoughts on “Ugh: Kaepernick Has Annoying New Plans For Woke Publishing Company

        1. So is stupidity. Kapernick seems to belive that being a football player gives him superpowers and people are supposed to bow down to his alleged intellect. I suspect his book won’t even sell at Costco…

        2. delores; So tell us delores are you getting professional help for YOUR mental illness? Because anybody that can plainly see what the demon party supports and endorses and you support them anyway are REALLY need of help!!NO NWO for our great country!!!!!

    1. If all those multi multi mil/billionaire people who play around in so-called “sports” and all the so-called people who “act” or “sing” or “dance” or whatever donated a third of the money they spend on luxurious homes, cars, clothes, drugs, etc., to all the people without basic needs, medical care, and the multitudinous needs in this country alone —not to mention the countries whose governments let their people starve to death every day-especially the African and mid eastern countries, THEN I would admire them and all the other Kaepernicks, Fondas, Deniros, and the list goes on to include all the overpaid so-called politicians-Hey AOC, how ’bout YOU and all the useless politicians make $15.00/hr. How bout EVERYBODY make $15/hr except those people like doctors, research scientists, teachers, nurses, soldiers and the many other professions that REALLY contribute to society, that get their hands dirty, that actually WORK EVERYDAY for the betterment of someone besides themselves. I wouldn’t pay 1 cent to go to any “game”. I stopped going to see movies a long time ago-filth, degradation of women, relationships, and violence can be repeated just so many times and it becomes much more obviously what it is-garbage. As a society we must stop idolizing and glamorizing these mediocre “professions” . Giving them our hard earned money to live their lives of indulgence. If somebody wants to participate in a sport that has a short life span, go right ahead-and make $15/hr. A lot of jobs are really physically hard for a lot longer and pay less money. One has to have acquired some wisdom in a lifetime to be wise or “woke” (????). Some people live all their lives and never get there. Kaepernick joins the ranks of the Deniros, Fondas Miley Cyrus’s, the list is endless-they will always be “unwoke” and stupid.

  1. Will someone tell this udiot we don’t care. He made his money now he needs to shut his ungrateful mouth and go back were he came from.

    1. Thank you Miss Kat you are right and speak nothing but the truth why don’t people see what we see in this Liar he needs to be deported and sent back where he was adopted and Shot

  2. Krapyneck constant attitude of disrespect towards the national anthem is expected after all it’s common accurance especially in the south to see people connect to the African American group singing a song they call the black national anthem. I am looking for the nation to which it belong

    1. I believe that all this nonsense illustrates why I believe we spend far too much time adulating athletes and movie stars and not enough time paying attention to people who really accomplish
      something worthwhile, for example; scientists, doctors and nurses, outstanding teachers and professors, police, firemen , first responders and military personnel!!

      1. BINGO! I certainly do NOT want our youth idolizing this POS! I also plan to boycott the company publishing this drivel!

  3. But will he talk about all of his failures? Probably not, he will just continue to blame others for his faults and misdeeds as usual. Just another idiot trying to make money off of the print presses and it will bomb just like everything else he has done in his pathetic life. Even his adoptive parents said they didn’t raise him that way…..

  4. I wonder what his adoptive parents think of his behavior. I’m sure they did the best they could raising him, but what happened to make him such a controversial figure? He’s so hateful, but all I can do is pray for him.

  5. I came from Honduras at the age of 2 and have appreciated every minute that I have enjoyed in America. We have more freedom that ANY other country on earth.

  6. He even applied to the XFL. They told him that they didn’t believe in making the players millionaires. The most money paid to their players is $500,000. He wanted $20 million and he got laughed off the field. A player who couldn’t make it in the NFL and hasn’t had a ball in his hand for over three years, wanting $20 million. Baa Humbug good bye

  7. Just another headline for the racist to come running to, proving racism is exploding under Trumpzilla the racist king himself. That’s why Trumpzilla is going to lose bad in Nov. we the people don’t want a racist as POTUS you racist might but the majority is sick and tired of white Supremacy and all the racism that comes with it. FLUSH THE TURD NOV. 3RD VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO.


      thank you

      1. delores: You only wish you had the intelligence and education President Trump has! But being a supporter of the demon party and thanking a racist named Flush Trump, that shows the rest of us how ignorant and misguided YOU are….

          1. I don’t know about them but he had a great paying job. He was at work and broke the rules. All jobs have rules. He was warned and kept doing it. He was fired and shouldn’t have been able to collect pay.

  8. Anyone who would hire little boy Colin would be stupid
    He is absolutely nothing but a punk that would not follow any rules
    If he is so good why don’t he buy a team I’m sure he could get a lot of drug cartel investors

  9. We will be honest; let Colleen Kapernik write his memoirs better. than crawls on his knees in the stadiums. After all, few people are interested in his racist fabrications. And for those to whom he has not bothered yet, maybe he will read this nonsense.

  10. Haven’t watched a game since the jerk took a knee.
    Then the N F L gives him a bunch of money, then NIKE make him look like a hero, I say boycott NIKE
    & the National Felons League.

    1. I also do not buy nike or view any of their commercials. And if they are paying attention , I also no longer watch any football games. The nfl sold out Americas when they allowed and even endorsed this anti-American behavior.

  11. Now that he makes millions off the backs of little brown and black people in the Far East, perhaps he should just be honest and entitle his novel “OPPRESSOR.”

  12. I do love his reasoning for wanting to pen his memoirs;”Fill in the gaps of the last few years. As well as provide more insight on the motivation and methods behind his activism”. Well, Mr. Kaepernick you don’t need to write a book, which will be filled with lies no doubt, to state your fictional side of things. I will sum it up for you. You are a egotistical loser. Filled with grandeur of self-importance. That disrespected the very nation that provided you with a profession to pay you thousands of dollars in wages you did not earn.That cares nothing for the plight of people of color in this nation, to try and make it better for all of it’s citizens. But just wants to keep stirring the pot of racial divide and hate for your OWN benefit.That brought down the standards of the NFL by pulling your little stunt and by them allowing you to do so..Not to mention Nike indulging you . That has shamed and dishonored their own brand by supporting you.
    So you see, Mr. Kaepernick you don’t need to destroy more trees in order to print your “memoirs”. I just stated the true facts about you in a paragraph or two. You’re welcome!!!

  13. Kaepernick is an Anti-American Traitor who despises what America stands for, he was/is a coward who would not join the military to fright fo this country, but rather tear it apart with his disloyalty and anti-American remarks like the muslim squad in DC.

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