Trump’s Former Campaign Advisor Hit With HARSH Recommended Sentencing From DOJ

( – Department of Justice prosecutors recommended a stiff federal prison sentence of seven to nine years for Roger Stone — President Donald Trump’s former campaign advisor — but DOJ officials say they are likely to reduce that recommendation.

In fact, one DOJ source said on Fox News the recommendation was “extreme, excessive and grossly disproportionate” and had left senior department officials “shocked.” According to the source, “The department was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation in the filing in the Stone case last night. The sentencing recommendation was not what had been briefed to the department.”

Following the announcement of sentencing recommendation for Stone — for charges of obstructing justice, lying to Congress and witness tampering — Trump responded by calling it a “miscarriage of justice.”

All the charges against Stone stem from a testimony given to the House Intelligence Committee back in 2018. During that testimony, Stone denied that he spoke to anyone with the Trump campaign regarding WikiLeaks. Steve Bannon and other former officials of the Trump campaign have said it’s not true.

Robert Mueller, the former special counsel, also found a complete lack of evidence Stone coordinated with either WikiLeaks or Russia as part of a plot to release emails from Democrats.

Because of all this, Trump called the recommendation of such a lengthy federal prison term to be “unreasonably harsh” as well as motivated by politics.

Despite the past evidence, or lack thereof, prosecutors still sent quite a stern message during the sentence recommendation. In part, they said:

“Investigations into election interference concern our national security, the integrity of our democratic processes and the enforcement of our nation’s criminal laws. These are issues of paramount concern to every citizen of the United States. Obstructing such critical investigations thus strikes at the very heart of our American democracy.”

At this point, Stone and everyone else with skin in the game are waiting with baited breath to see if the Department of Justice does indeed come back with a revised sentencing recommendation, and if so, what it will be. Obviously, with such evidence against the fact, everyone would seem to hope that it would be much less than the original recommendation.

According to Fox News, there was no communication between Trump, other White House officials and the Department of Justice regarding Stone’s sentencing recommendation.

Stone is set to be sentenced on February 20 at this point in time.

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20 thoughts on “Trump’s Former Campaign Advisor Hit With HARSH Recommended Sentencing From DOJ

  1. This was a SETUP!!!

    1) If the Judge has a history with the Jury Foreman, that in itself means it is NOT legal for that woman to even be on the Jury- – let alone the foreman!
    2) Who chose that woman to be the LEADER for that jury?
    3) When it was public that the Jury Foreman was LEAKING about the case on the internet- – the Judge should have relieved her and chose a new jury!
    This is an automatic MISTRIAL and there has to be a new trial – a new Judge and anything else is illegal!

    WHY are people in US judicial system allowed to commit errors/crimes,TAMPERING and committing illegal activities??
    Someone should be dealing with Judges, lawyers and Jury members involved with Tampering in any case!
    DOJ: If the people in the DOJ do not accept the AG chosen by the POTUS–they all have to be removed!
    ALL of us have had to accept POTUS we did not vote for, some who tried to destroy this Country ans ones that we did not LIKE!!
    THE Difference now is: the Communist Democrats wanted Hillary Clinton to finish destroying the US Economy- – started by Barack Obama thus destroy the Free USA-. Their set up for her to BE THE POTUS FAILED- – and this is a slap in the face of the LEGAL AMERICAN VOTERS!
    PAST TIME to SHOW the socialist, communists and Democrats that “they ARE NOT WELCOME” in the FREE USA! Just as Maxine Watters told their supporters!

    TIME TO RID US Government of CLINTON, BUSH AND OBAMA henchmen/enforcers!!!

    If we do not CLEAN HOUSE and JUDICIAL SYSTEM of evil doers- – we are NO longer free or the Leader of the free world!!
    USA is simply the laughing stock of the World and that is why we have terrorism and hate crimes against Americans!

    Get rid of the Communists Democrats and all Communists/Socialists in the US Government and the USA!

    1. Wow look everybody Mary thinks she’s an expert on judicial law, funny how ever since Trumpzilla got illeagley elected by the out dated electoral college all retardicans are experts on everything. You morons need to realize you’re not the majority of “we the people” we’re sick and tired of all your crying over this POS you call president, he’s not president of the majority, he’s nothing but a self serving CRY BABY BOO HOO everybody feel sorry for me, I’m an a##hole and those mean Democrats are picking on me, BOO HOO HOO. Stone has been another career criminal his whole life, he got caught and he got sentenced to do time in jail, how is that really going to affect your life in the slightest, it’s not going to affect me at all, it makes me happy that it just proves if you break the law you go to jail, but ever since Trumpzilla committing a crime isn’t supposed to be punishable anymore. Nobody is above the law not even that POS TRUMPZILLA I’ve got a novel approach how about you demand your supreme leader and all his cronies stop breaking the law, did you ever think about that, stop whining like a bunch a little CRY BABY’S YOU SNOWFLAKES.

      1. Sounds to me like you’re the cry baby POS. Dems have gotten away with so much so many times they think they are above the law. They
        take a swing at the elected president over anything and everything. That’s right, he is your president even if you dont like it. Hold the Democrats feet to the fire for the same crimes and laws they break just to smear the president. Look at the clown shows they put on telling us how bad he is and they are committing worse crimes than that just to accuse him. And please stop using we the people, because you dont represent me in any way, hypocrite MF.

  2. This is, indeed, very true! We, the People are very tired of the deliberate, illegal hypocrisy that is so openly used against our POTUS on every aspect of his hard work! He has already accomplished more in 3 1/2 yrs of service than any other Presidents! He has had to almost completely remake our government’s agenda because the previous administration had attempted to totally change the entire meaning of the Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights and all amendments! We were way too close to being a part of the NWO/OWO! We are a Constitutional Republic and that is what we expect to continue to be!!!! Our Country is on the edge of some unwanted changes and we need to keep Trump in order to maintain our values! We do NOT want Socialism, Communism, a Dictator, Government run healthcare, schools, open borders, or total subsidies! Wake up American Citizens, make sure you understand what the intentions of the people who are running for placement in our Congress and Senate really mean with their promises and intentions! Many of them are making promises that are absolutely impossible! Everyone should ALWAYS remember that there is NO SUCH thing as a FREE LUNCH! Remember Margaret Thatcher’s famous line which has been proven in other countries over and over, “the problem with Socialism is that you soon run out of other people’s money”! Wake Up AMERICANS, KAG!!!!

    1. Wow another expert Elizabeth just like Mary thinks she knows it all. You idiots voted for and our out dated electoral college put a career criminal in as president. Just what part of breaking the law and being sentenced to jail don’t you understand? You morons use the words traitor, treason, communist, crook, and others like all of a sudden since Trumpzilla you think you know what those words mean. The RETARDican party has been like this since the famous I’m not a crook Nixion, get over it already this is what happens when criminals take over your government. The sad part is you idiots won’t shut up until “we the people” vote you morons out in Nov. 3rd when we flush that TURD and all his enablers in covering up his crimes.

  3. While Not one of the people who worked for the FBI, and got illegal FISA Warrants to spy on Trump during his 2016 campaign, who are Demon-Rats, get No charges whatsoever, brought against them!

    We now have 2 sets of laws in this country, one for the Corrupt Demo-Rats, who get away with everything, and one for the Republicans, who get convicted of everything, because they are connected to Trump!

      1. You need to change your channel, and do some research to find the truth.You won’t ever know it if you continue to hateful MSM News Media.They tell the same lies the Demorats spit out almost daily.When the Demorats say it,they repeat it!

  4. People who actually know a lot about the law and the Constitution agree with Mary those that do not are with the Swamp, God knows who they are and “oh boy” are they in trouble.

      1. Are you the alligator? Glenda’s right and I don’t watch tv. I do watch all the committees and congress on line. The warrant laws have been changed though because of it. I do wish that Nancy and Adam could learn a few more lines of the constitution. I get tired of hearing the same two lines.

    1. Yes, they do agree with Mary, because like myself, she and many,many others have searched for, and found the truth. She doesn’t take the word of the mockingbird MSM News Media.

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