Sanders Campaign Uses NON-AMERICAN Volunteers – Isn’t This Foreign Interference?

( – A report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has found that the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has used a team of foreign nationals to contact prospective voters.

The report found that since October 2019, a group of 40 Australian volunteers had been working for the campaign for free, sending out thousands of text messages to supporters and even making phone calls urging Americans to support the Senator in the next presidential election.

One volunteer identified in the report, a 23-year-old from Sydney named Rob, told Australian media that he feels like what happens in America “is essential to the rest of the world.” He further justified his campaign activity by stating, “Their politics has such a big impact on our politics here.”

The report described a texting program using by Rob, which he learned about through a 20-minute YouTube training video. After learning the ropes, he was added to a campaign Slack group run by other, American, volunteers.

Rob described the Slack as having thousands of people active at any one time, with hundreds of posts being made every few minutes.

“If you have an issue with someone you’re texting you post it in the group and a more experienced volunteer assists you with it,” he explained.

Technically no laws are being broken. It is legal for non-American citizens to volunteer for a presidential campaign, as long as they are not being paid. The Federal Election Commission, therefore, has not taken action. The report, while shocking, does not describe any activity that could be deemed illegal.

However, with much being said about alleged foreign interference in the last election, this story must surely become a focus for Republicans and Democrats concerned about protecting the integrity of American elections.

While the Sanders campaign hasn’t fallen foul of any rules in this instance, he has been fined by the FEC before. Back in 2016, the Sanders campaign was fined $14,500 for accepting in-kind foreign contributions from the Australian Labor Party, which is an offense.

Sanders seems to have an interesting connection with Australia. A Facebook group titled “Australians Supporting Bernie Sanders”, which has more than 4,200 followers, published its own guide for foreign volunteers who want to work in the Sanders phone bank from their home country. It directs people to a training video and other resources, preparing them to get involved with the campaign on their own schedule.

How is this not classified as foreign election interference?

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80 thoughts on “Sanders Campaign Uses NON-AMERICAN Volunteers – Isn’t This Foreign Interference?

  1. This is only the same old double standard for Democrats. A former Democrat presidential candidate involved in the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia accused President Trump of collusion with the Russians. But , it’s okay if the husband of that person negosiates a deal for our uranium. Which likely went from Russia to Iran for their nuclear program. Simply the same old Democrat flim flam. Our U.S. President simply talks with the leader of another country and the Democrats demand an invesitgation. More flim flam ! The liberals engage in violence , at times extreme violence against Republicans And the Republicans are lamed for it. What is wrong with these liberals ?
    Recently I read a comment in a local newspaper where the person called President Trump a war monger. Just look at the history of Democrat presidents regarding WW1 , WW!! , the Korean War , the Vietnam War , etc and compare that to President Trump. Where the hell is the intelligence of that liberal person ?? Can they really be that brainwashed ??

        1. Stop getting mad because all the criminals going to jail are from trumpzilla’s administration.
          For the first time in your life face the facts and the truth that RETARDicans are the enemy of America and it’s people.
          It’s been this way for 50 years now going back to the crook Nixion, then Reagen attacked unions and labor and committed Treason with the Iran contra affair, Bush Sr took us to war in the middle East for the Saudis and the oil, then Bush jr/Cheney attacked us on 911 cost us trillions more for the Bush’s war chest all for the Saudis again, and now Trumpzilla is protecting and helping the Saudis and Putin’s Russia.
          After 50 years of corruption wars and murder of Americans from the RETARDican party when is enough enough how much more proof do you need to see before you wake up and realize you’re voting for America’s enemy THE RETARDICAN PARTY.

          1. How about Obama said he would cut the deficit in half after his 1st term and The truth is that he has given us more new debt than all previous presidents combined.

            Remember Obama telling us there would be no earmarks in his 2009 stimulus package? He lied. The bill had over 9,000 earmarks in it; and of course, it failed to deliver even a small improvement for our economy.

            Benghazi was a major scandal, IRS targeting conservatives, VA waiting list, GSA spending spree, Clinton EMAILS, Fast and Furious Gun Walking, Solyndra subsidies and many more.
            The DEMS like to spend your hard earned money and look at any City run by DEMS and you see they have done nothing to help the constituents, crime is up, look at CA where people are defacating in the streets, homelessness is up, all run by DEMS.

          2. First you need to understand that Reagan was a democrat in disguise. He declared this country Bilingual and removed border patrol from our southern border. Bush Sr. was left with a mess that Reagan caused. He had no choice but to go into Iraq. That “war” wasn’t about oil, it was about counterfeit american money being printed by Iraq. Oil and Kuwait were just a cover up for the American public to see and provide an acceptable reason for going into Iraq. The real reason was because Reagan gave Iraq the ink, paper, printing presses, and even trained their people to engrave the printing plates used to print American money. Which they then happily counterfeited billions of American $100.bills. Bush Jr. had to go back in and get rid of all the counterfeit money left behind from the first “war”. Don’t believe me go heck back issues of USA Today. search Counterfeit money found in Iraq palaces…….

          3. Sir, you are entitled to your obviously very flawed and incorrect opinion. But it is a fact that the democrat/socialist party with their failed impeachment attempt of our president Trump, has enlightened most Americans to how corrupt the democrat/socialist party is today. Trump has done more great things for this country in three years than Oboma did in eight years. Open your eyes, sober up, and try to activate a brain cell if you can, Trump is the best president the USA has ever seen in modern times ! FYI, I am not a registered republican, I am an independent voter, that supports Trump, because of the great things he has done, and will continue to do as President of the USA !

          4. There are many criminals in the US Government and Congress! WHY shouldn’t they be in jail?
            Are you saying there are NO Democrats,Communists Socialists that need to be in jail? Maybe you should be in jail!
            WHO made you Judge, jury and executioner?
            Just because YOUR choice did not get the votes to be in WH means Others are RETARDS?? You should know what RETARD is- – you are so simple minded you qualify.

          5. flush Trump hasn’t been home for the last 100 years. 4 major wars thanks to the Demonocrats. Illegal spying on the the presidential candidate in 2016, and 2017. Fake charges for impeachment in 2019. continuing non-support of the voters by the Demonocrats while the pursue to change the 2016 election results. And in spite of all this the country is doing great thanks to the President Trump. What have the Demo/liberals done for the voters lately???? zero ZERO

          6. Flush Trump, whoever you are you must stop taking whatever drugs you are using and immediately seek professional help!!
            It will take heroic effort to salvage what title remains of your mind!!!

        2. And you have to understand , Bernie is a freaking COMMUNIST ! He could care less about American laws and regulations . He’s only sorry he can’t do this like Lenin when he took power in Russia .

          1. Wyatt, you are absolutely correct! Bernie is an admitted Communist and he refuses to admit the colossal failures of communism wherever it has been employed.
            He should travel to Cuba and Venezuela where he can see the reality of Communism.

      1. It is everyday the truth is exposed and you trump- turds deny it, problem is you hate the truth, so please stop asking for the truth.

          1. Wyatt,
            Don’t bother You can talk until you’re blue in the face and it wouldn’t help because the other truth is “you just can’t fix STUPID”!

        1. Knock it off with the rhetoric— hard working Americans are not going to pay for all the free stuff you think you are getting—-so get to work

          1. Excellent idea! Despite what the Democrats would have you believe
            There is NO FREE LUNCH!!!
            Democrats would give you a free lunch if the Republicans paid for it!
            You can bet that very wealthy Nancy Pelosi is not going to pick up the check!

    1. They are not brainwashed but braindead . Do not want to make a solid investigation nor decision plus think that with communism that their live would be better . Too many movies to be watched nowadays that show false ideals about it . They need to know about the people locked away for expressing feelings and thoughts on communism also many slaughtered for wanting freedom . Many are uneducated on real life scenarios to realize the truth

      1. Actually, that’s not a true statement. Both parties share responsibility for wars.
        So who started them, and who ended them?
        World War I began under Democrat Woodrow Wilson and ended under Harry S Truman another democrat.
        World War II began under Democrat Franklin D Roosevelt and ended during his successor and previous vice president Democrat Harry S Truman.
        The Korean War began and was fought under a Democrat. It was ended by a Republican.
        The Vietnam War began under one Democrat, escalated and spread beyond Vietnam under his Democratic successor, and then under a Republican. It was ended by another Republican.
        The Persian Gulf War was entirely a Republican affair.
        The Bosnian war and the bombing of Serbia were overseen by a Democrat.
        The “war on terror” was started by a Republican who invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and has continued for nearly 8 more years under a Democrat

      2. I’m a stranger, so don’t know clearly American history. Can you, Sir, let me know what party are presidents Roosevelt,Truman and Kennedy. Forgive my incorrect and limited English and thank you in advance.
        Your respectfully yours,
        Lao Do

      3. That’s not what history says ! Civil War , Democrats in South . WWI , Woodrow Wilson , Democrat . WWII FDR Democrat , Korea , Harry Truman , Democrat . Viet Nam , LBJ , Democrat ! Afghanistan BarCrap Obama , Democrat !
        Perhaps you need to read some history books .

    2. Let’s see, non citizens getting a socialist elected to change the constitution to make it or at least part of it illegitimate.
      Sounds like sedition to me.
      Bernie Sanders is a traitor, let him hang with the rest of the Democrats.

      1. Hang ? Why waste good rope . Strap him face down on a table stuff a funnel up his butt and pour in some molten lead ! A good old fashion hot lead enema will clear his mind

        1. Nah! A wood chipper….feet first then at least he could do some good by acting as fertilizer for some colorful flowers.I’ll bet a lot more people would like him that way……..

    3. 10-4, and i might add: to understand Old Bernie You have to know His communist (open borders—except in China & Russia) roots that “spit in the faces” of Legal American Citizens and Their CONSTITUTION.
      Bernie’s followers are clueless about the 200 million lives lost via Socialist Dictatorships in the 20th Century.

    4. There is no one as blind as the one that just won’t see. Demoncraps will destroy this nation if left to their own folly. They’re like children playing with a loaded gun only harm can come of it. We must not let them behind the steering wheel for we surely will crash and burn. They are desperate grabbing at straws as they sink in their own pitiful estate they have created.

  2. Firstly, he cant find enough real “americans to buy into his marxists agenda, secondly,Bernie has never let any silly little laws get in his way.

    1. These ‘foreigners will do anything to begin FREE AMERICA. Many of the immigrants in our country are warning that Sanders is Americas WORST enemy, trying to turn America Socialist/Communist. They fled these kind of countries for Freedom. Don’t make the mistake of Trashing FREE AMERICA. Bernie is talking ‘FREE STUFF”–Paid for by US Tax Payers. Lazy Young people hear “FREE STUFF” and don’t understand that Doctors, Teachers, Builders don’t work for Free. WE THE PEOPLE will Pay for their ‘FREE STUFF” We do not want to pay the way for the lazy. I would rather PAY MY OWN WAY for what I need rather than give my money to big government to re-distribute to those who DONT want to pay their own way. We can’t let Socialism happen in our country. Once it happens, we will never be able to get out from under it. The Lib Turds want it because they don’t want to lose the Gravy Train they are on. They will stay Rich while WE the People PAY through the nose for those who don’t want to work and earn their own way. Wake up America!

  3. Yes, its deep state @ its best!!!! This why they hate Trump. That old saying you lie down with dogs, you going to get fleas. But, whats happen to American, much worst its acts of treason. Our government needs a huge cleaning out of the traitors.

  4. Bernie Sanders is training whistleblowers, and hit men from the
    Country Obama was taught. Democrats got clout, they stay here,
    But they not really here.

  5. Unfortunately for you dumb deplorable democrats the group of morons that are trying to be the next president of the USA are the stupidest immoral deplorable racist communist lowlife people they are repulsive
    Warren’s dress code is cheeper than the bag lady
    Klobuchar dresses like a slob
    Pette is a freek
    Sanders is a drug addict
    Biden is nothing but stupid
    Bloomberg is a self centered rich man
    All above are nothing but lying mfn politicians

    1. Well said!!!!!! But maybe we could find more despicable adjectives to more accurately describe these low life po feces. But look at butt face he is the first governor and First Lady at the same time that truly is an honor. Not!!!!

    2. You know what Jerry you just explained the RETARDicans to a tee, every word you typed pertains to your party, I like a guy that knows what he’s talking about, keep up the good work exposing RETARDicans for who they really are.

      1. Hey Flush, if it weren’t for people like you , (apparently someone who does NO research ). We would have no fun and have a great laugh at your expense because people like you ( the ones with no brains). Are the ones who will suffer once PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ELECTED AGAIN IN 2020 for 4 more years.

  6. Bernie needs to go back to the dirt floored first house that he and his first wife stayed in when she was supporting him. Or maybe he should get a blue collar job for the first time in his life. He has always been able to avoid the military and the work that most of learned by as we matured. B.S. DOESN’T get it with me.

  7. Today February 21, 2020 I watched the Five program on FOX is was worse than watching the last Democratic debate and that was like having a bowel movement

  8. Noticed today that the deplorable Eric the deplorable worthless obammie yes boy is shouting his ignorant mouth off about what Barr should do what a mfing joke coming from a racist communist black stupid bastard
    His opinion is worth less than a bucket of garbage

    1. Yes that why Obama kept him around . He was court jester , they kept him for laughs .
      Now this is for Eric himself . Shut it Eric , when we want your opinion , we will tell you what it is . Eric Holder folks , America’s first Affirmative Action AG . But for the Affirmative Action Program , Holder would never have graduated Collage . In fact , I doubt he would have gotten into collage .

  9. Bernie the Old Commie CheapSkate Bum Uses these outsiders to run his dirty work because he doesn’t have to pay them only under the table, remember he is In the Democratic group in congress with years of experience of money under the table. Looking at him you can easily see he is a Jewish cheapskate. Watch he his eyes bug out when he rants and his mouth jump from closed to WFO. HE IS A TRUE COMMIE pushing what he learned in Cuba and Russia
    off on us . Want to show your lack of knowledge on the history of America and our Constitutional type of Gov, just vote communist with Bernie as YOUR, not My Dictator. ,

  10. I did not vote for Obama but as president I did not want him to do bad
    My wishes did not happen he was not capable of being a good president even with all of his great so-called education
    Complete Failure

  11. If Bernie HATES America and LOVES RUSSIA, lets send him a one way ticket (Via DELTA, the WORSE airline) there, or Venezuela. Don’t vote for him. He’s not POTUS Material – maybe KOMRAD material, though. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Hillary Clinton is nothing but a deplorable buck toothed dk sucking communist whore and a disgrace to the female race
    She needs to be impeached and die in jail

  13. We’re trying to clean out the traitors and c#ck roaches but RETARDicans are blocking are every attempt to save America from the communist deep state. People like you keep supporting those rabid dogs that have ORANGE foam coming out of their mouths.

  14. I read about this a few days ago, and it really bothers me! I mean the Democrats have gone decon 5 on the GOP for any type of perceived interference, now we have actual interference and they have nothing to say? And these people actually said, that they are doing it because they want to influence how our politics go, this is absolutely the definition of FOREIGN INTERFERENCE!!!

  15. For all of you who believe gone with the wind was a racist movie you have been on bad drugs to long
    That movie makes the movies of today look like a bucket of sht
    The deplorables that says racist better be careful

  16. Donnie Fagott lemmon during his comment on Russian election interference was he setting on a sex toy vibrating device
    He is nothing but a queer

  17. Anyone loosing a child it is devastating to say the least
    But I personally loosing two children know how it feels
    Biden always bringing up his misfortunes is a degrading deplorable way to get voters to vote for him
    I personally think he is a deplorable phony creepy old man

  18. Foreigners getting involved in our elections is only illegal if you pay them That Makes Sense because everyone knows that foreigners Would Not interfere unless they are paid by our politicians that is about as stupid as it can get.

  19. Wyatt,
    Don’t bother You can talk until you’re blue in the face and it wouldn’t help because the other truth is “you just can’t fix STUPID”!

  20. We are still here on Turtle 🐢🐢Island America and We are Creator’s Own Chosen ⛺. Creator’s Please Protect Our Country and Military Personnel and President Donald J Trump 🌹Administration from the Devil’s Brood Cartel members of the Witches Coven Members of Hollywood Cursed with the DENIAL of The End.

  21. Creator’s Own Messenger, can tell the truth about the Government Allowing the Foreign intelligence agencies try to Destroy Our Country and Military Personnel and President Donald J Trump. Satan is in Denial because he will never be Worshipped by all. Nwo is done. We must exposed the Pedophiles, Gay Mafia, Clean up America

  22. Creator’s Own Messenger, can tell the truth about the Government Allowing the Foreign intelligence agencies try to Destroy Our Country and Military Personnel and President Donald J Trump. Satan is in Denial because he will never be Worshipped by all. Nwo is done. We must exposed the Pedophiles, Gay Mafia, Clean up America. We the People of this Country, have suffered 8 years of Obama, Clinton, BUSH. REAGAN WAS GOOD, CARTER WAS NOT….. WE LOST OUR HOMES, FREDDIE MAX, OBAMA, CLINTON.
    We now suffer PTSD, from Obama administration after, the bathroom 🚻. The Government Officials knew Obama was Placed into Our Country and Universities. Jesse Jackson, Wright, hooked up Michael the Football player with Barry. Obama came to the Wrong Land, this land will never be socialist, Communist. This land is Our Land. Made for us.

  23. Bernie is promising to give illegals, the same health care as what legal working Americans receive!
    He’s also promising citizenship to millions of illegals!

    I have never depended on the government or anybody else to pay for my health care, and I have never been on welfare.
    If you can’t afford a new car, then do not buy one.
    The same with health care, if you can not afford it, don’t expect me to pay for it, for you!

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