Police: Man Drove Into Republican Stand Because He “Doesn’t Like Trump”

(RightWingAmericans.com) – Remember the story of the man who drove into a Republican voter registration stand?

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the man responsible was quickly arrested and appeared in court. Now, thanks to a police report, we know exactly why he did it.

And it’s what we expected.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the motive behind the attack was that the suspect did not like the president, and risked Republican activists’ lives because “someone had to take a stand.”

The incident, which occurred last weekend, saw a 27-year-old man plow a truck into a tent in a Walmart parking lot in Florida. He was accused of criminal mischief, driving without a license, and two counts of aggravated assault on a person over the age of 65.

The report explains how Republican activists noticed a vehicle slowly driving towards them before “Victim 1” began walking up to the driver’s side to talk to the suspect. “Victim 2” stood on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Then, according to those in attendance, the vehicle quickly began accelerating towards them both.

“They both stated that the vehicle then accelerated towards them and the tent,” the report explained. “Both victims had to move out of the way quickly in order to prevent themselves from being struck by the vehicle.”

The report also revealed:

“The suspect also advised that he does not like President Trump and that is part of [REDACTED]. He also advised the other reason was because ‘it’s like someone sh*tting on your grave.’”

Violence against Republicans and supporters of the president has gotten out of hand in recent years. On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that a former NYPD cop was punched and injured during his birthday party when his red party hat was mistaken for a MAGA hat.

Despite the admission that the attack was done on purpose and because of a hatred for President Trump, the only media outlets covering the story appear to be local news stations and conservative news websites.

I wonder if we’ll hear any of the Democratic Party presidential candidates condemn this act of political violence?

Don’t hold your breath.

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31 thoughts on “Police: Man Drove Into Republican Stand Because He “Doesn’t Like Trump”

    1. What was he, the driver, thinking? Was there any relationship between his actions, for which he should be executed, and “thinking”? Put this creature out of it’s misery.

  1. Hopefully he found out that he doesn’t like JAIL, either. That’s where NUTCASES like him belong, if not “Baker Acted” (Florida version of Committed to a “Loony Bin” for HIS safety and others as well). All LEFT WING Liberals SHOULD be BAKER ACTED, Starting with Maxine Waters. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Because he was a socialist democrat and that entitles him to their standard, not the standard applied to those who are not communists.

    2. No ignorant fool: while I do not approve of what he did, I can understand his frustration over the policies and behavior of a man who is a criminal, liar, traitor, led by the devil, ego maniac, bully, instills fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism as is evidenced by Jews murdered in their synagogue, Mexicans in a mall and
      Afro-Americans in their church all perpetrated by members of a Neo-Nazi hate groups who support trump.
      if anyone is a terrorist it is your buddy trump because he is trying to destroy our democracy and if he succeeds, welcome to the Nazi State of America and concentration camps.

      1. You must be referring to the “Black Hebrew Israelites”, that murdered the Jews in the Kosher Market last December in New Jersey .
        Or were you referring to the Black Guy , that attacked the Rabbi and his family, during the Hanukkah Celebration in their home with a machete , before trying to attack the Synagogue next door , in Brooklyn ? Or maybe you were just confused by the rage you were feeling towards Barrack Hussein Obama , after all of those poor innocent Mexicans that were MURDERED along with Border Agent Brian Terry at the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels that received ILLEGALLY SMUGGLED WEAPONS
        from the “International Crime Syndicate”, also known as the “Obama Administration” !?!?
        Or was it the actions of that NUTBAG homosexual that attempted to murder 15 people at the “Family Research Council”, and stuff Chick-fIL-A sandwiches in each of their dead mouths ? Or MAYBE it was the guy with the shotgun in the White Settlement Church , that was “put down” like a rabid dog , right where he stood , THANKS to the ARMED Security gaurd who also happened to be a retired Sheriff deputy that owned his own shooting range , nearby !! You see , MORONS LIKE YOU , that keep insisting that Trump , who has a Jewish Daughter and Grandchildren , is an ANTISEMITIC RACIST , should be hauled up on violating the Civil Rights of Conservative American Citizens , by inciting OTHER like minded NUTBAGS to act out in a violent manner AGAINST innocent people like the ones in Florida by a guy that at the VERY LEAST , should have his driving privileges PERMANENTLY REVOKED AFTER HE IS RELEASED FROM PRISON IN THE DISTANT FUTURE !!!

      2. You just described the liberal Democrats. Put on a hat that says MAGA and watch how fast your peace loving cohorts beat your butt because of a hat you are wearing. If we would have voted Hillary in, than your description would be spot on!

      3. That is PRESIDENT TRUMP, and he is not the problem. The problem is the Democratic party, aka the New Amerikan Communist Party. It is the communist party that wants to destroy American society and values. You communist vermin want to transform America into a Marxist country. There are millions upon millions of AMERICAN VETERANS AND PATRIOTS that are waiting to defend America against you communist vermin.

  2. I really don’t understand whats the problem with this, after all no RETARDican had a problem with Mexicans being murdered last summer, now you want to make a big thing out of nothing, all you people truly are SNOWFLAKES.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up too bad !! There’s so much more that you don’t understand , like , shoes that have strings instead of Velcro and manually operated door locks or howcome the moon takes thirty days to go around the world , when it’s over your mom’s house almost every night !!! There’s a GALLOP POLL out that shows 1 in 3 Liberals are just as STUPID as the OTHER 2 !!! Can you tell me which one was YOU , and which one was Joseph Strychasz , WITHOUT getting a headache ?

      1. Marion
        At least you could challenge me, the only stupid ones are you and the other RETARDican voters, there’s a poll out that shows that 6 out of 3 RETARDicans are just as stupid as the other 6 out of 3 which means for you stupid people that can’t figure it out makes RETARDicans twice as dumb as the others, so the more RETARDicans you poll the stupidity only multiplies.

        1. Flush Trump: So it took you two full days to respond to Marion’s very truthful evaluation of you and how childish you really are, right sparky? And this is the best you could come up with??? There’s a poll out that shows how stupid Republicans are . Oh my god, how pathetic you are!!!
          Thanks sparky. You never disappoint us with the laughs!!!

  3. Why wasn’t he charged with attempted first murder, with a motor vehicle. It was premeditated. This is the kind of idiot that will do something down the road maybe with a gun next time. Keep him locked up.

    1. Yeah kinda like that kid in Texas that drove all knight to El Paso Texas to murder Mexicans because Trumpzilla got him all worked up about those INVADERS.
      Now you want to make a big deal about a silly thing like scaring some idiot Trumpzilla supporters, you’re all a bunch of hypocrites.
      I’d like to see more people like him, as a matter of fact if I was president I’d give him the medal of freedom just like racist RUSHBO got for being a life long member of the KKK.

  4. Keep the punk locked up for own safety he is a sick individual who desperately needs help before someone helps him permanently.

  5. Socialistic Democrats do not care about what they do to people who are not like them nor do they care about any laws. They all believe that they are above and the laws only reply to people that they claim are inferior to them. Just like the Nazi-socialistic party in Germany under Adolf Hitler, reread your history and you will see the correlation between the Nazi-socialist party and the new world order of the socialistic demoparty, THEY ARE THE SAME!

  6. I agree with Don’s reply. The Socialistic Democrats, like Obama, would sell our nation out if possible. I am 90 years old
    and our country really went down hill the past few years, more than I have experienced for several years. Sure glad Trump
    is bringing us back and recognizing God as our leader.

  7. RC route and him up by his testicles how would you feel if someone done him like that but it goes to show you the manner of some nationalities are people well he can’t be in his right mind anybody that like Trump and for anyone that voted for black white blue purple polka dot. Etc

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