Apparent History Expert Alec Baldwin Thinks Donald Trump Is The Same As Hitler

( – Actor Alec Baldwin is one of the most famous actors in the world. He’s also one of the most outspoken liberal actors, and has a huge audience for his thoughts, with almost 280,000 followers on Twitter.

Baldwin is one of the most outspoken critics of President Donald Trump. He even gets a lot of notoriety for his impersonations of the president on Saturday Night Live.

Baldwin certainly has a right to his own opinion about Trump and the administration, but what he said recently about the president crossed a new line. A series of three tweets he sent in a span of 24 hours compared Trump and his administration to that of Hitler.

First came this, at 2:48 p.m. on February 12: “It’s official. The United States government is as lawless as the malignant dictatorships we’ve hated in our foreign policy since WWII.”

Then came this, at 11:18 p.m. that day: “Remember that fascist thinking takes hold when a standard of living is threatened consistently. People think that things are changing, and downward for most Americans. And that this will become the new normal. They are wholly directed by $.”

The final tweet, at 8:24 a.m. on February 13, leaped way across the line, though: “You wonder how Hitler took control of a once great country. For those of you too young to recall the War or its aftermath, simply watch how this GOP-controlled Senate behaves. Their sniveling fealty and lack of courage. And you begin to get it.”

There are a number of things that can be said in response to this apparent rant by Baldwin. It’s funny, though, how the 61-year-old Baldwin — born a full 13 years after the end of World War II — thinks he is some sort of authority on Hitler. “Those … too young to recall the War of its aftermath” would seemingly include Baldwin, since he didn’t even become an adult until the Vietnam War was already over for a full year.

Baldwin was apparently incensed at recent developments in Washington, D.C., including Trump’s acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial and the belief of liberals that the president somehow influenced the Department of Justice and Attorney General William Barr to step in and help his friend Roger Stone by reducing the federal prison sentence recommendation.

Liberals like Baldwin are certainly entitled to their opinion, no matter how much it differs from your own thoughts and beliefs. That’s a basic American right, without a doubt. But comparing President Trump’s actions to a man who was the leader responsible for the deaths of approximately 6 million Jews in the Holocaust and another 11 million deaths worldwide as part of World War II is another thing entirely.

This sort of over-the-top messaging is exactly what grabs the attention of people, though, regardless of whether it’s based in any real fact or if it comes from someone who has any clue what he’s talking about.

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147 thoughts on “Apparent History Expert Alec Baldwin Thinks Donald Trump Is The Same As Hitler

  1. Thank you RightWing for not allowing me to defend President Trump and give my opinion about Baldwin and his inappropriate comments and actions. Especially since I just looked at what has been posted under your story about the wall!! Really? THIS is what you allowed to be posted?????

    1. Gee alicia Baldwin really doesnt know much about history! I guess little rich kids dont need schooling. Germany was in shambles after ww1 and it was not great. It sucked libing in germany until the nazi’s ignored the treaties and started rebuilding.

      The one thing Hitler did do was outlaw private gun ownership. If that sounds familiar take a look at alec Baldwin’s democrat / liberal platform.

      Yup alec is a socialist calling the republicans socialist: clearly too many drugs in that tiny brain.

      1. He is a Worthless crap and a worst star (sic). If he was a real man then he would step back and look at all his remarks and apologize for them. He sounds like he gets his remarks from Whoopsie Stupid… You should be thanking Trump for getting the market back on a growing thing…

  2. Hey Nimrod Baldwin the first thing that HITLER did was to DISARM the people!!
    WHO in the heck is trying to DISARM the people?? Here’s the answer it’s the DEMOCRAT’S!!!!!!! So I would venture to say that the Democrat’s are the Communist Party!!!!

      1. DITTO! Looks like Democrat/communists are pandering to get votes from anywhere and anyone. They have NO logical, realistic, consistent or concrete platform. They are in disarray and flighty state. They are irresponsible. There is no way USA or World will exist in any semblance of logical order IF anyone on Dem ticket becomes POTUS. Dems are trying to get Sanders and all other candidate’s votes. Not one has sense enough to realize that the American People have the sense to see through their facade. Their practice is telling Americans anything they think will con them. Wish we could get ride of most Dems in party as well as RHINOs and turncoats in GOP. The distrust the Dems display is evidence of their mindset. IT IS TIME that most in Congress get out. Now we have Joe Biden “running”for Senator? How can any Party keep senile, ill people in a seat- -period. Biden and Bloomberg are early senility! Both display symptoms of Senility. Many people think Hitler invented Nazism. Stalin practiced Nazism 10 years before Hitler got into politics. Actually every one of the dictators- -no matter what title they used- -were Nazis! They all used Nazism to run a country.

    1. The “Democratic Socialist” Party…Bernie. It’s funny the Dems try to put Trump down by calling a fascist, dictator, etc yet they are the party entertaining a Democratic Socialist as their representative 🙁

  3. Baldwin may have something here: in her book, Fascism, a warning, Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State under Clinton, offers some insight into how Fascism becomes the national ideology of a country. She is Jewish and was born in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia and at age four, her father immigrated to England. She, then, follows fascism under Hitler, Mussolini, Putin, Stalin, the leader of Hungry and Trump. At the conclusion of her book she list 10 warning signs of fascism: attack the press, attack democratic institutions such as the FBI and Department of Justice and worst of all you instill fear, anger, hatred, racism and violence. FACTS; the FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since Trump took office, the murders of Jews in their synagogue, Mexicans in a mall, and Afro-Americans in their church all perpetrated by members of a Neo-Nazi hate group, trump’s statement that there are good people (including Nazi) on both sides, encouraging violence at his campaign rallies, lying about asylum seekers on our southern borders being all criminals, KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups support him. As much as people wish to malign Baldwin, there is a great deal of truth in what he says. The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

    1. You are wrong Joseph. Unlike Hitler and the other fascists and communists, Donald Trump stands firm in protecting The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Trump protects FREEDOM OF SPEECH, THE RIGHT TO HOLD AND BEAR ARMS, AND THE RIGHT TO PRACTICE RELIGION OF ONE’S CHOICE. Trump has refrained from invading other countries, and wants to bring all of our troops home from the Mideast. Trump is a proponent of capitalism; he is not a socialist. If Madeline Albright said all of those things, she is just flat out wrong.

      1. James, I am afraid you are the blind and incorrect person in this case. Madeleine Albright LIVED among the pro-Nazi changes going on in Europe, and she certainly should know. My husband and I have had two dozen Jewish friends and family members who witnessed the same processes and spent most of their lives warning against the dangers of dictators and fascists.

      2. Trump has thumbed his nose at the rule of law and the constitution. The cowardly republicans in the senate have made him emboldened and now he thinks he is a king. He is the most corrupt disrespectful lawless ignorant person to ever be president.

        1. Your full of crap he does not think like that you and your party are the ones who in history past have done that you dont have to look any further than those Democratic zones they have been in charge of for 50 years they were dead on arrival until Trump now the people have a real champion one that’s on there side one that wants to help even you do better under this President there are more millionaires than ever before people’s retirement accounts are getting larger than ever before I can’t hardly wait until the next four years if we give him the house and senate I believe he will do things for all of us no one ever thought possible four more years four more years ya!!!

    2. Joe
      You are completely out of your mind. Truly lost.
      One thing that stands out is your take on hate crimes.
      All of that started w/Obama. On his watch we got Antifa, Black Lives Matter,War on Cops, Caliphate, and last but not least Isis. So do your homework b4 u type.

        1. He is just what you say. If these people wake up on November 4, 2020 and the DemoRATS are in control (God Forbid) my guess is they will wonder where their freedom went. Morons one and all.

      1. The hate did start under Obama because people like Rick James couldn’t stand seeing a black president with his black family living in WHITIES house simple as that. Racism is alive and well in the RETARDican party as seen by so many that post on this site defending the KKK neo Nazis backed Trumpzilla. And as a matter of fact look who controls the racist south right now the RETARDican party.

        1. Racist south? You’re a retard. I live here people get along fine ALL COLORS we don’t judge each other by skin color, so before you go running your yap get your facts straight….oh I forgot your a libtard.

    3. Joseph, I agree with you completely, having noticed the similarities between Hitler and Trump from the very beginning. My husband and I have had about two dozen Jewish friends and relatives who were affected by the Holocaust in some way and were blessed in being able to survive or to escape Nazi-occupied Europe altogether. Yes, Mr. Trump certainly is leading everyone down the path to fascism, as our friends and family could tell you. Thank you for pointing out the truth to everyone.

        1. Trump has thumbed his nose at the rule of law and the constitution. The cowardly republicans in the senate have made him emboldened and now he thinks he is a king. He is the most corrupt disrespectful lawless ignorant person to ever be president.

          1. Bo; Well you are a true Leftist by your repeated comment. Tell the lie long enough and it becomes the truth, huh?? NOT!! YOUR party want to dismantle the Constitution you ignorant fool!! Just like this Shelia Beers woman disrespecting our president who SUPPORTS Israel, but yet she calls our president another Hitler! How really stupid and blind can anyone be ?!!!

          2. BO Blow yourself, give me one concrete piece of evidence that proves what you said about the President is true, because your fellow dumacrats couldn’t do it after 3 years, you knuckle head

      1. The only ones doing Hitler like activities are Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and Schumer, besides other Democrats. These people have violated the Constitution, thrown out the rule of law, constantly trying to dismantle the Constitution, creating division between races, political parties,trying to instill Communist Doctrine in our Nation. Democrats are pure EVIL. We are the great Nation we are due to the wisdom put into our Constitution, we are a free and prosperous people why change what has worked for the past 240 years. Our Nation is a symbol of freedom and prosperity known world wide. That’s why so many want to come here.

      2. Trump is the president of the USA . with that being explained , He has powers the people do not or want to understand . If you would take the cotton out of your ears and blinders from the eyes and learn something besides hate for Trump You just might wake up and see the truth in front of you instead of talking about things you know nothing to little about. He is using the laws of The USA. and that is why many “pole titions” are ramming crazy and illegal laws in Washington specifically “The democrats” .Put that in the pipe and smoke it instead of the drugs it seems you are on.

        1. You say you are a former marine did you not learn anything while serving like never condone disrespect lies lawlessness corruption truth everything that trump is. We patriots do not want to be ruled by a dictator and this is coming from another marine 1966 to 1971 6th Marines 7th fleet Vietnam Vet

          1. Bo; DON’T use the word patriot when referring to yourself while slamming our sitting president that has done nothing wrong against our great nation or it’s citizens!. Your party represents hate and has thrown out GOD. And wants our great nation to become part of the NWO. And if you stand behind that, then you are a traitor and not a patriot!!

      3. Sheila, your Jewish friends are ok with Obama importing tens of thousands of Muslims and the Democrat party being influenced by the new anti-Israel Muslins in Congress. The Democrat party is now heading toward Socialism and Communism and your Jewish friends are ok with that. I might add that President Trumps’ son in law is Jewish and his daughter is a convert.

        1. I agree with you BO just read any of Linda’s post’s and all her crony cultist friends they’re all full of hatred for anybody that’s against Heil Trump the fuhrer. They just hate the fact that Obama did far more for everybody not just the 1%. If Moscow Mitch had worked for America instead of against Obama it could have been incredible for everybody, but we all know the RETARDican party just hates it when poor people actually can improve their lives, with RETARDicans it’s all about oppression and suppression attack and destroy tax and take from the poor and give trillions of free money to the 1%. They still can’t get over the fact that the majority of Americans voted twice to put and keep Obama as president, and the best they could do was get the electoral college vote for Bush jr. and Heil Trump the fuhrer, it’s been eating at them since 2008 that a black family actually lived in WHITTIES HOUSE for 8 years, how could a black man and family do that after 232 years of WHITIE RULE. Come November 3rd I will flush the turd I’ll help flip the Senate and increase the majority in the house, and if it’s Bernie I’m voting for him not because they think he’s a socialist but because he’s more American then any RETARDican could ever be, I’ll vote for Bernie because I want him to stop RETARDican socialism of take from the poor give to the rich, I’ll vote for any Democrat that will stop RETARDican socialism I’ll vote blue no matter who because I hate SOCIALISM.

          1. Flush Trump: Changed your posting name AGAIN I see?? What happened to Patriot( ha) ??? Or Jack? Linda and all her cronies are not full of hate. Perhaps you haters can’t stand to here the truth and just like your sick party does, twist the truth and try to put the blame on us!! And Obama did what??? Your great Muslim leader pulled this country down in EVERY way he could and still is!!
            You and your little toadie BO are racist bigots. ALWAYS making everything about color, when it’s your party that keeps stirring the pot of hate and division. And if you hate SOCIALISM, DON”T vote blue because they truly want a NWO, fool…..

        2. Bo: Yes please read our posts closely , you might learn something and learn they are not full of hate. Just stating the REAL truth. Which to the Leftists ,it’s like pouring holy water on your hearts and souls, isn’t it?!!! Oh, and before you and your buddy Flush Trump throw back at me about listening to the Fox channel to get my info. I don’t watch any regular news channels . But I do have a lot of common sense. Something you both are sorely lacking….

          1. Where dose your information come from if you don’t watch the news. I certainly hope it’s not from the illiterate fools on this website

          2. Common sense I find that extraordinary that you say you have common sense and yet you support Trumpzilla because those things don’t match up in a world of reality.

    4. Sir, your comment is probably the most ignorant, absurd, self degrading, comment I’ve ever read ! What were you thinking ! First I, and Trump certainly do not support neo-nazi hate groups, the KKK, or criminals. But the democrat/socialist party supports sanctuary states, city, and towns, letting illegal immigrant criminals out of detention, allowing them to get drivers licenses, vote, collect welfare, etc, etc. Our Great President Trump is the man trying make America great, We must support him any way we can ! Regarding Baldwin, he is another ignorant, absurd, self degrading fool, he is a violent nasty person, who deserves no respect !

      1. Bill don’t you ever call that POS a great POTUS.
        That’s a total disrespect to all former president’s, even the very worst like Nixion, Reagen, the Bush,s even they weren’t as bad as this POS although I’d put them in as a close second. RETARDican tax cuts are the epitome of socialism, when 85% of a tax cut goes to the top 1% you can’t call it anything else but socialism, and the neo Nazis KKK and all hate groups like the Confederates and white supremacists all voted for Heil Trump the fuhrer. If I was a socialist I’d vote for Trumpzilla the ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER but I’m an American first and foremost I’m a patriot not a communist traitor and I’ll vote blue to stop the commie RETARDican party from destroying MY country and handing over to Russia and Putin, if you don’t like it get out of MY country.

    5. Hey little JOEY change your diaper.

        1. Bo; You asked me where I get my info. from if not from regular news channels. Then you went on tho state you hope I don’t get it from”the illiterate fools posting here”, correct? Well Bo, there are only a few illiterate fools posting here and it’s certainly not the Conservatives!! So my answer is no. I don’t listen to fools like you …

          1. Jim you’re showing how racist and retarded you are again ever heard of open mouth insert foot well that’s you to a tee.
            Remember it’s always better to remain silent and only appear to be stupid, then to openly post that way and remove all doubt.

    6. Joseph, Baldwin has it all wrong.
      I figure the Dem party problems are brought on more by the Americans who love America than by President Trump. By this I mean,
      ” WE” WOKE UP JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE MESS THAT LIBERAL/SOCIALISTS DEMOCRATS WERE MAKING OF OUR COUNTRY, SCHOOLS, ECONOMY AND OUR FUTURE AS A FREE PEOPLE. And Since President Trump’s policies and actions support and follow the Constitution and our laws, we support President Trump and have come to greatly admire him.
      Calling the President Hitler, says more about Baldwin”s unhappy, disjointed mindset than the President’s “God Given Right” to Twitter his.

          1. WAKE UP Bo, In the last 3 years, the Democrats have no better alternative policies to offer to American public and the economy instead they have chosen to obstruct and becoming Trump haters. What policies do you have to empower the people with more opportunities to make a living and becoming more independent from government social programs?

          2. Chuck you people always say that on every single article that comes out, he’s draining the swamp of rats.
            Then please because you people seem to be so intelligent or at least always claim you’re intelligent how come all the rats in jail have come from his administration, not one of them a Democrat, please offer us your best analogy of why that is.

      1. Jeff Karas: Oh look, another ignorant hater! If anyone babbles and shows how really stupid they are, it’s anyone that supports the Nazi party.!! That would be you pal!

          1. Bo : When you come to do a battle of wits, make sure you are equipped! Which you are sorely lacking!Every one of your posts are child like and completely without any merit or facts. But being a demon party supporter, what does anyone else expect.. Isn’t it time for you to attend an Antifa meeting?? MORON……

          1. Flush Trump; You call others racist and retards but have you actually read your childish comments sparky? You are the one that is truly mentally challenged and a racists! But keep fishing sparky. Try adhering to your own pathetic advice you left for me, will you? No wait, don’t . We are all having a good laugh at your expense sparky, every time you put your foot in your mouth !!!

    7. Ssssuuurrreee…. rrrrriiight. So all those attacks on trump rally goers both trump made the comment about both side having good people were just the liberals patting trump rally goers on the back too hard right Joseph?

      Joseph you know you are a moron right? Ok if you dont know …. Joseph your a moron.

    8. What she said is fundamentally wrong, the first thing they do is disarm the citizenry, that’s the only way they can stay in power.

      1. Yeah you get back to us later when they unleash the military on you and tell us how well your little pea shooter held up against the army’s best.
        Imagine a little pea shooter against a tank, I wonder who’s going to win.
        But then again try explaining that to a little child that still likes to play army with the other neighborhood kids, it’s like taking a rubber band gun to a real gun fight, how childish some people are, but you know the old saying some people’s kids never grow up they just become stupid RETARDican voters.

  4. I wonder about his educational background. These are the type of responses you get when you have not had to study world history or American government. Both used to be a high school and college requirement. He must have gone to a private school and majored in theater arts or basket weaving. Or maybe he’s been drinking coastal water too long and it’s affected his judgement. As I recall he also has anger management issues.

    1. I think he already attempted to sell his young daughter. The entire country watched him completely annihilate his young daughter. He should have been sent to jail for about at lease several months until he learns to zip his trap.

  5. I think that Donald Trump would put Hitler to shame. HE IS LOWER THAN LIFE IT SELF. I pray that the people of this great country vote him out of office. I will be first in line to vote against him and his party.

  6. Nadine you wouldn’t know hitler and any other dictator if they bit you in the a$$ Trump put this country back on the right path and if the people who call themselves Americans don’t vote him back into officer they deserve everything that happens to them.

    1. Trumpzilla put us right back on the path to racism that’s why you white Supremacist like him so much. And the real Americans that love this country will flush the turd November 3rd.

    2. Yeah the Nazi fuhrer put us back on the track to more explosive hatred and racism that’s why white supremacists like you Dennis like him so much, he makes people like you embolden and empowered to freely show who you truly are, A RACIST BIGOT.

  7. Fascism is the manifestation of the regulatory state, centralizing power in the government rather than diffusing it among the people. As in “I have a pen and I have a ‘phone” Obama. As in Paris Accords WITHOUT advice and consent of Congress. As in militarized regulatory agencies not answerable to voters. As in using the FBI to promote his personal dictatorial political agenda, to manipulate the election in favor of his preferred candidate. As in control of speech and, by extension, thought through intimidation by the Progressive Sturmabteilung, by the Antifa and BLM. The Progressives are corporatists. They are Fascists by another name.

      1. BO funny how they can explain themselves and the Nazi party they vote for to a tee in one sentence, and then turn around and ask us what Trumpzilla The Turd has done wrong in another. You just can’t fix stupidity that’s for sure. Just like he claimed he’d drain the SWAMP, funny how that’s worked out all the RATS in the swamp in jail sofar are from his administration, can I get another Nazi to ask me what’s he done wrong. LMAO! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  8. LOL!!! ALL you Hollyweird Idiots keep stirring the pot,when your bank accounts run dry due to us poor deplorables not viewing anything you are Acting in you will have wished you would have kept your thoughts to yourself and maybe actually researched the topics you lie about.Joke’s on you idiots,please keep it up.

  9. anyone whose is deceived by donald trump can be deceived by anyone all donald the duck trump is interested in making great again ,is donald trump he is an ignorant s.o.b and will always be an ignorant s.o.b. he has fooled many americans i am not fond of alec baldwin but i know what he is saying about trump is spot on donald trump is selling the american people out

    1. Just start learning how to raise your right arm up to about 45 degrees and saying Seig heil Herr Fuhrer Wannabe Bloomingturd for he is your god of the Fourth Reich.

  10. anyone whose is deceived by donald trump can be deceived by anyone ,all donald the duck trump is interested in making great again ,is donald trump he is an ignorant s.o.b and will always be an ignorant s.o.b. he has fooled many americans i am not fond of alec baldwin but i know what he is saying about trump is spot on, donald trump is selling the american people out,.no one is so blind except those who will not see , so many stupid americans in this country ,and they are all trumpites

      1. David and you still lost the majority vote, believe me it ain’t going to happen again, that’s what’s got you TURDSTERS panties in a bunch. Flush The Nazi TURD Nov. 3 Rd.

    1. Sorry for you . I think that it is you who are blind to the fact that we are better off than we were before.
      Just listened to some one from India who thought Trump was the best. Listen to One American news feed for the information you need Not cnn.

      1. What a joke Charles yeah I’m going to watch some news that comes from an Islamic owned channel. Flush The Nazi TURD Nov. 3 Rd.

  11. Baldwin is a just a Wallywood wannabe for himself as most have forgotten him. He is a complete a hole with a mouth that is a sewer.

  12. wish we could send Alec Baldwin to Hitler’s time in Germany and let him see for himself what a real dictator is like and what Germany was like!!!

    1. Nancy we don’t have to we’ve been living it ever since I’m Not A Crook Nixion. With every RETARDican since we’ve been building up for the arrival of the Biblical beast that is Trumpzilla. It’s like having termites in your house sooner or later the house will collapse, you’ve just been asleep all this time as RETARDicans have been setting america up for the collapse. Flush The Nazi TURD Nov. 3rd.

  13. This comes from Alec the “wife beater” or Alec the “lousy actor”? How do you think Kim got so good at screaming in all her roles?

  14. Leftists do not know they are behaving like White Supremacists because they are Racist.
    We need Marshal Law right now!
    Democrats are Anti Semitic and Fascistic…
    The Democrat party and its members have loss all honor and respect for themselves and America.
    The Democrats & leftists are going after our weakest supporters! Precisely, how the Nazi’s started and succeeded, simply by imprisoning and murdering the disabled and mentally ill.
    If you don’t stop them immediately with extreme prejudice. They will win just as the Nazis did. Leading to a Nazi style Government. (Nazi’s were leftist’s they came from National Socialist German Workers’ Party)
    Do the Democrats want to start opening concentration camps again?
    Robin Rosenblatt
    650-631-9270 See the book “A Man Called Intrepid”, Intrepid fought the same battle with the left during, World War Two, that we are fighting today. The Democrats were Nazi supporters?

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
    The UN….
    First they came after Israel, and I did not speak out.
    Then they came after America….
    democrats are working with and for the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist controlling group. Why are you not using Citizen Arrest on them to put them all in prison…?
    Glazov Gang: Muslim Brotherhood’s Info Op Against

    1. Nazi Germany was decidedly right wing. Hitler jailed socialists as early as 1933. The moniker “National Socialist” was meant to appeal to German worker’s unions and is no more valid than The Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea or The People’s Republic of China. Stop listening to idiots like Dinesh D’Souza. Fascism is, and always will be, a right wing ideology, as is white nationalism. Trump is playing Hitler’s game. Goebbels whispers in your ears.

  15. Just a note but believe it or not God actually loves Alec Baldwin just as much as he loves the rest of us. It is a shame that Alec Baldwin can not see he is fighting on the losing team.
    If I were Baldwin, I would have a difficult time going to sleep at night not knowing where I would wake up “if” I stepped into another realm not knowing where I would spend ETERNITY.
    The way Baldwin acts would make one think he does not care about other people much less himself.
    Mr. Alec Baldwin, God loves you and I am asking you to make things right before you meet your Creator, otherwise you will not need heat where you will spend eternity.

  16. I don’t understand this guy is way younger then me and I was born 5 years after WWII which at the time when I went to school the war was taught to all of us. I was in Viet Nam in 1967 and Baldwin wasn’t even old enough to be in that war. How can he make these kind of statements without any real knowledge about Hitler who was one of the sickest men who ever lived.

  17. So, Alec says the Republicans are Communists. Boy, how wrong can he be? Bernie Sanders is all but screaming “I AM A SOCIALIST -DEMOCRAT!! There’s his Hitler!
    Demonrat-Communists will take away our guns so we can defend this country or ourselves; they are expert racists; they disrespect our Flag, our Pledge of Allegiance, and our National Anthem.
    I could literally go on and on and on etc. But, this is a true warning: to vote for Democrats is telling Putin to move his Kremlin from Moscow to Washington D.C.
    Baldwin is not a patriotic American; he’s a traitor.

    1. Marsha I’ve got a pet rock smarter then you. But since you didn’t pay attention to what’s going on, thanks to Moscow Mitch Putin had his oligarchs already set up shop in Kentucky so between Trumpzilla and Moscow Mitch and the enablers in the Senate Russia has already moved in, can you say welcome comrade.

  18. Who really gives a s___ what “Adolph” Baldwin thinks? His luck in a few Tom
    Clancy movies made him popular! He has since become one arrogant, opinionated a__.!

  19. Whenever someone tells the truth about Trump and the GOP, the little children that support the idiot throw their lunatic tantrums. Attacking Alec Baldwin will not change the fact that he’s right. It (the tantrums) supports the commonly held thesis that the line of demarcation between the Trump supporter and those of us who oppose his fascist tendencies, is intelligence. You can revel all you want in Lard Donald’s declaration of his love of the uneducated, but that doesn’t make your stupidity any less stunning. Another commonly held belief is that the desire for a dictatorial leader like Lard Trump has its foundation in early abuse. Interesting that those few friends I have who support Lard grew up in chaotic homes with violent and racist parents. We had best treat our children with more love and succor lest we produce another Nazi Germany.

    1. If you really believe what the left tells you, you’re either a communist or someone lacking the intelligence to find out what the truth really is. As far as Alec Baldwin being right, he’s never been right other than to sell out to the left for the dollar bill! That’s the only way he thought he could make it in Hollywood.
      By the way, do you know how two of our sworn enemies acquired their nuclear capabilities? Your side gave it to them.

  20. when is alec baldwin going to realize that he’s a washed up hack and the only work he can get is on snl. he’s a joke a very bad one at that. the only other thing he’s seems to be good at is punching people in the face. he is a moron and a disgrace. he needs to fade off into the sunset or go in a nursing home and never be heard from again.

  21. Alex American doesn’t care what you think or spew because you are just another hollywood idiot trying to use a platform to spew your garbage on something you know little or nothing about never have or never will.

  22. I say let’s keep ole man balllint on Saturday night live, (and watch something else.)
    He knows nothing about Adolf hitler
    We know enough about hitler to know he doesn’t exist in 2020. Trump has made our lives more enjoyable, and the democratic party hates it.
    People like al-licker ballint can say anything that their drug infested mind thinks appropriate, but in the end they
    go home and forget about everyone.

  23. Alec Baldwin is a stupid, ignorant, pompous a*s. Suck it up Alec’s we have another 4 years to go. If you don’t like the Democratic system of our country drag your sorry a*s and immigrate to a socialist country.

    You may as well your just another falling movie star that is on your way out the door.


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