Jeb Bush LOVED Raunchy Halftime Show With POLE DANCING And Twerking

( – In a Tweet that was almost as cringeworthy as the time he appeared in a Vine clip wearing a hoodie, former Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush declared that he loved the racy Super Bowl halftime show.

On Sunday night, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said that the halftime show, which was marred by controversy over the sexual nature of multiple performances, was the best ever.

His tweet was immediately liked and retweeted by thousands of other Twitter users, with political accounts mocking his reaction or questioning why a Republican politician would approve of sexually charged performances during what should be a family show.

Surprisingly, Bush wasn’t alone. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio joined him in congratulating singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for their “A+” performance.

The halftime show was arguably one of the most controversial and risqué ever seen at the Super Bowl. It drew criticism from conservatives and concerned parents who believed the semi-nudity, pole dancing, and racy performances by 50-year-old Lopez and 43-year-old Shakira were inappropriate.

Watching the footage back, it is clearly a departure from performances of the past. Lopez spun around a stripper’s pole while half-naked women danced around her. Shakira drew controversy for wagging her tongue in a suggestive manner.

The show caused a huge online debate about whether performances like this are empowering or objectifying.

Twitter user @dory_jackson wrote, “Jennifer Lopez showing off that Hustlers pole dance training, letting the Academy know that they done messed up.”

Another, @brittneyzivcsak wrote, “pole dancing is HARD and takes IMMENSE AMOUNTS OF STRENGTH, it’s empowering and honestly something I admired from KLO tonight.”

Inappropriate or not, the Latin influence over the performance was undeniable. Bush is famously a fan of all things Latin America. His wife, Columba Bush, is a Mexican-American philanthropist and played a significant role in his campaign for President. Bush even became a meme during his race against Donald Trump for his conflicting views over Mexican immigration and the Wall. His campaign website famously sold a $75 guac bowl emblazoned with the “Jeb!” logo.

Perhaps it was the Latin American influence and not J.Lo’s saucy moves that Jeb loved so much. At least…that’s what he’ll have to tell his wife.

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52 thoughts on “Jeb Bush LOVED Raunchy Halftime Show With POLE DANCING And Twerking

  1. We are watching America degrade to below the level of the countries from which these “influences” are coming from. Apparently if women use sexploitation to pimp themselves, its ok. But to push it on the young girls of America as “empowerment” only empowers evil. Since when do we accept such immorality in women as “wise role models”? Really?

    1. AGREE 100%!!!!! 😠😡🥵💣💥🤯
      Terrible disgraceful degrading examples for young females of America, as well as young males! And people are surprised when young people grow up with no moral respect and decency and are sexually active at a young age, when parents have done their best to teach their children!
      Shame on Jeb and Marco! I wonder if they would like to see their daughters 85% naked, pole dancing, humping and bumping on stage in front of the whole world! No, it is different when it get personal, right?

      1. Yeah the Meathead we all know what flotus did and how she worked it to get what she wanted but since they were Hispanic now all of a sudden you have a problem you know what they call people like you sick hypocrites.

    2. Probably since you morons believe it’s AOK for Melania to do it now it’s AOK for everybody. Well you only have a problem with it only because they are Hispanic women, just shows your racism Melania white women AOK, Jennifer Lopez brown women OMG the world is coming to the end. Such hypocrites and ra.cist you RETARDicans are

      1. When did Melania dance suggestively and half dressed in a very public and widely watched public show? Times and places and dates needed.

        1. She didn’t she did it completely naked big difference and you can still buy that men’s magazine on line it should give you Mary a big thrill a burning in your loins a flicker from your tongue.

    3. gh
      Why don’t you have a problem with Trump’s wife selling her body to a men’s magazine laying in bed naked rubbing another women since when and how is that AOK with you, maybe you’re just jealous?

    1. Janice and you’re probably a fat and DISCUSTING you can’t even see yourself so you keep the lights out and no mirrors in the house HA HA HA LMAO.

  2. Most politicians are on the same level as the Hollywood crowd, or even lower. All Democrats that are running need to
    keep running into the Pacific Ocean!

      1. Imagine that someone who voted for Trumpzilla and knows that HO flotus posed for men’s magazines making a comment about MORALS kinda like Ted Bundy living in a girls college dorm telling us he’s not who we know he is.

      1. I actually do not watch much TV. Sponsers take note , when Alex B or that other big mouth N.Y. actor comes on , I turn the channel or even turn the TV off .

  3. If Ms. Barbara Bush was alive, Jeb would have been taken out behind the shed to get the whipping of his life! Jeb was raised better than that. I’m a Florida resident and I thought Jeb made a good governor….but either Jeb & Rubio are smoking pot or lost their minds! I, for one, have lost respect for both of them.!!!

    1. You’re the one smoking pot if you think anybody in the bush family was worth anything but corruption but with RETARDicans you sure can’t fix or stop stupidity.

  4. please applaud jeb just doesn’t get it and it’s no wonder why trump made short work of this loser. president trump single handedly got rid of the bush’s and the Clinton’s. but now mini mike dooms berg is trying to bring back crooked Hillary by making her his VP. hopefully president trump will get rid of mini mike as well and with our help he will along with the socialist democrat bastards running to ruin this country, so get out and vote like your future depends on it because it does.

  5. Didn’t see the show, but heard it was very risque for family members to see. There’s a place for that type of entertainment, half time on super bowl is not the place.

    1. Why thank you Carolyn recognition means alot to me, now go grab you men’s magazine and see your flotus laying naked with another girl using their youngest.

  6. I didn’t appreciate J Lo’s behind appearing in my living room without invitation – same with her crotch!!!
    If her career has gotten so low she should take it to a club where she will be appreciated. It has nothing
    to do with color – it is a matter of taste and personal preference. (Even if her behind looks pretty darn good)

  7. gh
    Why don’t you have a problem with Trump’s wife selling her body to a men’s magazine laying in bed naked rubbing another women since when and how is that AOK with you, maybe you’re just jealous?

    1. She didn’t do it on national tv with all the family watching. She was a professional model, aww hell why am I even discussing this with a moron.

    2. Hey Flush, you seem to have a problem with the English language. You should have said “another woman” – if there was more than one other woman in that bed, you would be correct in using the plural of woman, which is women! To help get the singular & pleural of men & women straightened out is very simple; One member of the adult male human being is is singular = man – 2 or more = men
      One member of adult female human being = woman – 2 or more adult females = women! hOPE THIS IS HELPFUL.

  8. Hey Flush, Why don’t you do like your name is, flush your mouth and your brain. You obviously don’t have any children with morals either.

  9. We had previously emailed our thoughts on this half time. We wanted to also state that we will not be watching anything in the future that features J Lo in it. Be talent shows, tv or movies, etc. Guess you would say we will do our “family boycott “.

  10. Why as a matter of fact I’ve got grandkids and tell them they’re not allowed to see Trump his ho of a wife or criminal family because their disgusting oinks and vulgar racist commie’s.

      1. I was about to say Flush has a hang up on ho’s, which he does. After that last remark of is, that you responded to, imo, he has a much greater problem, He has lost his grasp on reality. Hopeless case! Wish him a speedy recovery, but doubt that he will have time to recover, if he truly has grandchiildren.

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