The Ragin’ Cajun Says Voters Don’t Care About This

( – James Carville, dubbed The Ragin’ Cajun, is a long-time political strategist. He has often found himself on the liberal side of most agendas, but recently, he went off on the Democrats running in 2020. He slammed the candidates that still remain in the Democratic Primary for tacking “off the damn radar screen”on certain issues.

“We don’t win elections because we talk about stuff that is not relevant,” he said on a recent appearance on MSNBC, following the ongoing debacle in the Iowa caucuses.

He said in part that “talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration” is not in the candidates’ best interests. He also said the candidates should stop focusing on progressive advocacy because that’s “not how you win a national election.”

Following the MSNBC appearance, Carville elaborated on his statements in an interview for Vox, saying Democrats often “get distracted” over issues that are far-left. He continued:

“We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalization illegal immigration. They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells. It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election. It’s not how you become a majoritarian party.”

Whether you like Carville or not, believe in what he believes or not, he makes some solid points. These issues that the Democratic candidates seem to be focusing don’t really affect most voters’ lives. And if they don’t affect most voters’ lives, why are these candidates focusing on these issues at all?

He continued:

“Most of the people aren’t into all of this distracting sh** about open borders and letting prisoners vote. They don’t care. They have lives to lead. They have kids. They have parents that are sick. That’s what we have to talk about. That’s all we should talk about.”

Seems like the traditional liberal Carville is suggesting that his party needs to do what Donald Trump did in 2016, and what he has continually done throughout his time in office — connect with the everyday people of America. Trump has a great pulse on the heartbeat of the American people, and that’s why he has received such positive feedback, both at the voting polls and in recent approval polls among Republican voters.

He’s likely to continue that message throughout the 2020 election cycle, as he cruises through the Republican Primary and into the General Election in November.

Will he face a solid challenger? If you ask Carville, that’ll only happen if the Democratic candidates change their focus … and fast.

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30 thoughts on “The Ragin’ Cajun Says Voters Don’t Care About This

  1. “Changing their focus and fast”. What exactly does that mean to the Democrats? Keep your TRUE agendas to yourself and lie differently to fool the voters? And once you get in, proceed with your sick plans???
    Yes indeed President Trump did connect with the everyday people. Only difference is he didn’t lie to us, just to get elected, but keep his word! Well, as best he could that is if not for the demented Leftists trying to block him every inch of the way, he could have achieved so much more!! Do I agree with everything President Trump has or will put forth? No. But I trust and believe in him a hell of a lot more than any Democrat running and what THEY want for our great nation. Our economy will surely crumble and fall if we do have open borders and allow all these ILLEGAL aliens to invade our country! Living off OUR hard earned tax dollars. I think not! i have posted this many times before, but stay in your own country and built a better country for yourselves there. Or follow the proper procedure of entering our country legally.

    1. I truly believe Carvel “Ragin Cajun is full of buffalo crap…big, smelly, and nobody wants it. People DO care about our borders, allowing prisoners (aka theives, rapists, murderers, etc) vote…THAT is a disgusting thought…bribery and payoffs would be MORE rampent that they already are. We DO care and DEMAND that illegals be kept out and do NOT use up the medical, aid and housing benefits that LEGAL CITIZENS pay for – for many, many years.
      These issues ARE important to us because they DO affect our daily lives…if not DIRECTLY then indirectly – increased insurance prices for vehicles, health, homes, etc.
      The people who think and demand everything without EARNING thr right to use them – who are illegals need to repay what they have ILLEGALY used – or we need to CHARGE THEIR COUNTRY of origin – or maybe even cutting out giving them “aid” until they take care of their own people and stop shoving these folks off on the US. When I needed help to feed my children as a single mother of two special needs babies, I couldn’t get any – – and I KNOW I’m not the only one who worked & suddenly left as a single mother who couldn’t afford food…If you don’t contribute in SOME WAY, you shouldn’t expect hand outs!

    2. I’m not a big fan of “Serpent Head” but he did manage to get Slick Willie elected twice. So let’s hope the D’Rats ignore his advice and go down in flames in November.

  2. Bloomberg needs to some of vast wealth that he has and HIRE the Cajun ASAP. He is the only Democratic spokesperson I have heard in many years that really knows what the Democrat Party really is. I am also prior USMC and we all think alike.

  3. It’s really quite simple. President Trump and the Republicans are winning on all of the issues. The only thing the Democrats have is to fabricate issues that are really irrelevant in the broad scheme of things.

  4. Sounds like pure politics for the purpose of getting power an money. Now that is something to worry about. Democrats are definitely not in the business to serve the people who voted for them.

    1. The only thing demorats worry about is taking over the country and continue too pack their pockets with uneducated liberals money .and only care about themselves not the people .

  5. Never trust Carville, or his wife, they are too connected to the Clintons. He wasn’t known as Serpent Head for nothing,
    All Democrats and RINOS are enemies of America!

    1. True, and Carville is a man you NEVER want to underestimate! He’s very intelligent and well informed, and has amazing insight. Even those, like myself, who disagree with his liberal philosophy, still respect the man as a formidable opponent!

  6. All lib er erals/ democrats are stupid fools all the time. The a portion issue is dead stop pushing it further out. No one with a mind agrees with yu ou anymore. The LGBTQ agenda is dead no one with a brain agrees with 5 year old picking their sex. Womens issues are dead tg here are no real womens issues. Black lives matter is a fraud and we all know it.

    The real issues? Fair trade, jobs, laws for ceo’s, a better healthcare solution, roads, cheap energy. Lower taxes, smaller government.

    1. What would the Demoncrats talk about besides open borders, abortion after birth, gay issues, letting illegals vote, and hating Trump? If they tried to say they’d improve the economy, create more jobs, strengthen the military, or anything that would really benefit America, trump already has those issues covered, and promises kept. For the Demoncrats, It’s like being the last to choose in the NFL draft, you have to take what’s left…

  7. Doesn’t matter what they talk about we all know they are lying and will do what they want if they are elected. It’s well known that democrats never keep their promises.If elected all they will do is raise taxes, take away rights and anything else that fills their pockets with money.

  8. I’ve listened to Carville speak for many years, and although I disagree with his liberal stand, I have the utmost respect for him as a strategist. He’s “smart as an outhouse rat” as my old grandpappy used to say. I would really enjoy being able to sit down with him and debate the issues relevant to America’s future. I just hope the Demoncrats ignore him and continue to wave the communist flag.

  9. “We don’t win elections because we talk about stuff that is not relevant,” he said. Right, you pick really glib candidates with disgusting personal habits and backgrounds, maybe totally unAmerican political views, then you don’t let anyone say anything bad about them. They lie through their teeth about what they will do for America. Your complicit and complying don’t do any investigation into their backgrounds and once they are elected it is too darn late.

    1. Obumfuk proved that. Absolutely no curiosity much less any background investigations. The MSM is nothing but the propaganda wing of the D’Rat party

  10. Yeah I agree the demon rats are so bad for America that’s why they won the house back, their so terrible they won Virgina BIGGLY, I mean their just horrible for winning state governors seats, they should be ashamed of themselves for standing up against our Supreme Leader The Self Proclaimed King And Dictator Of America. How could they think they can stop Putin’s communist take over of America with his inside men helping him every step of the way, we’re not blind, we can see what’s happening and we love it, Long Live Communism and I’m going to help Trump and Moscow Mitch and all the other enablers accomplish Putin’s goal. Go Putin/Trump 4 more years.

  11. In other words, act more Republican so you can get elected. SO the backstabbing lying Demoncrats can screw you again. Vote them all out. Get rid of the Rinos too. You know who they are from the farce impeachment witch hunt.

  12. Please for goodness sake quit calling Carville “the ragin cajun”!, theres nothing Cajun about him, not his name, not his accent, not his family, nothing!! Its an insult to those who are really of Cajun descent! Not everyone born in Louisiana is of Cajun descent either, it aggravates me so much because I’m half Cajun, I have the name, the heritage, the family, and way before it was cool to be Cajun!!
    This guy rants and raves in a Mardi Gras shirt that anyone can buy as a tourist in Louisiana or online and he gets called the ragin cajun!! I’m sick of it and I’m sick of his big mouth!! Most of my relatives in Louisiana voted for Trump and still support him!!!!

    1. Ms. Cutrell; Thank you for your comment and I’m so glad to hear your family supports President Trump!! I never heard of this man myself, and by your description, he is indeed a true Democrat ; has a big mouth and deceives people of who he really is.

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