Is Buttigieg FAKING A Military Past?

( – After unexpectedly rising in the polls and becoming the main contender to socialist Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential nominee candidate Pete Buttigieg has begun leaning more on his military service to win over potential voters.

After leaving the Iowa campaign behind and moving on to New Hampshire, the former Indiana Mayor has started highlighting his military service in Afghanistan in 2014.

Buttigieg’s first TV ad in Iowa made specific reference to his tour in Afghanistan, showing the candidate holding a rifle and explicitly referring to himself as a veteran. However, military veterans are taking Buttigieg to task for misrepresenting, or exaggerating, his military service.

It turns out that not only did Buttigieg not see any action during his time in Afghanistan, he didn’t actually complete any training.

Buttigieg found himself in the United States military through a shortcut that isn’t often used. Usually, a person would need to go through four years of training, but Buttigieg skipped all that and simply filled in some paperwork, had a medical check, and was sent out to Afghanistan as an officer.

This method of joining forces, known as the Direct Commission route, has long been controversial. Combat veterans take issue with it and often label those who use it as “Pomeranian princes.” It’s hard not to understand why when you consider the fact that Buttigieg was simply sent to work in an office, away from much of the danger, working eight hours a day as soldiers went out to fight.

However important the role may have been, combat veterans take issue when Buttigieg claims to be a veteran on television.

In a debate in November 2019, Buttigieg explained, “I have the experience of being commanded into a war zone by an American president.”

During his time serving, Buttigieg even claims to have had more time for reflection than he’d had at home, and would often take his “laptop and a cigar up to the roof at midnight to pick up a Wi-Fi signal and patch via Skype into a staff meeting at home.”

Despite this, the strategy of presenting himself as a combat veteran is reportedly working. In early voting states, voters have told CNN that his military service is a “key factor in their decision making process.”

Peggy Casper, a 75-year-old voter in Winterset, Iowa, told CNN, “He knows what war is like and I don’t. think he will get us into one…I just think he seems cool. Like he would take everything into consideration and not fly off the handle and do something rash. We need someone like that.”

But would voters react the same if they knew the real nature of his service?

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150 thoughts on “Is Buttigieg FAKING A Military Past?

  1. It is really sad and pathetic that Buttigieg just keeps lying and lying about anything and everything hoping to get more supporters . First, he lies about being a Christian and misquotes the bible to fit HIS agenda.The bible clearly states his lifestyle is clearly an abomination in GOD’s eyes and is forbidden . Now he’s exaggerating on what his Actual job was in the military ? Trying to convince the public he’s a combat veteran? Please don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to berate anyone who served in the military and just praise those that saw actual combat.But he is. Those brave men and women faced death everyday they served and now Buttigieg is riding on their coat tails , just to appear more important??? Is it really that hard for these Leftists to be up front and truthful about anything?? Look at Warren. I lost track. Is she still claiming to be part Native American? Or did she drop that act? I know several Democrats that now have switched parties because they can see clearly now what their party stands for now, and they are totally disgusted.They may not like Trump’s personality flaws. But they can see he stands for our country and its citizens.Let’s hope more will see it that way as well.

    1. I hate fakes like this young punk displays. I do not agree with his life style either. Hopefully he will not get any of the religous vote. Send him home to his partner.

      1. But would voters react the same if they knew the real nature of his service?
        So, get a PAC to advertise this fact.
        If buttgag was in charge of anything it was the powdered soap program.
        In the showers.
        For anyone too young to understand –
        Hey pal, can you pick up the soap?

        1. Read the book of life, everything God made was good! He made man and made woman to be fruitful. God never made man to lay with man, man took it upon their selves. But then again, man said they came from Apes, WRONG! Time to read the BOOK of LIFE, it has all the answers of life. THE BIBLE!

          1. Moses Galletes: Just as I have done with Clint Blossey, I am responding to you. Where in my posting am I agreeing with Buttigieg’s lifestyle or his so called marriage to a man?? I am condemning him for lying about what the bible clearly states. His lifestyle is an abomination in God’s eyes and so is his fake marriage. Mr. George understood my posting. I don’t think i could have be more clearly on my position ..
            Thank you.

        2. Linda,

          “What is your point, please”…okay, the point is a marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman – period. If two men or two women wish to have such a relationship – no problem, but call it anything other than a marriage!

          Thank you for asking

          1. Clint Blossey; Please reread my posting I clearly stated his lifestyle is an abomination in GOD’s eyes!! I am calling him a liar for twisting the bible’s meaning to fit his agenda!!! I DO NOT support the alphabet’s lifestyle
            Thank you….

        3. Linda M. The point is that the “man’ is a phony especially about his military service. He had a safe job in an office without ever going through the training of a combat soldier, and before the ink is dry on the enlistment forms he is awarded the rank of officer, and goes to work in an office far away from home. What is there to brag about.

        1. Linda, not everyone is responding directly to you, as if they were speaking directly with you. Thus, it is not necessary for you to repeat yourself repeatedly to everyone who also comments on this same thread. People are voicing their opinions in support, not against, on a common thread. As I am well aware of your opinion on the matter, it will not be necessary for you to respond individually to my posting. Just understand that I too agree 100% with the clear understandable teachings of God, as He had recorded in Bible regarding Mr. Buttigieg’s ill chosen behavior and lifestyle.

      1. My Father had a saying about people like ‘butt boy’. A queer is a queer IS a queer! This was back in the eariy 60’s, where you called it like it was!

          1. Buttkisser is showing STOLEN VALOR. That is the worst atrocity he can do against the military and civilian population. We know Obama served in the hood dodging bullets as a community organizer.

        1. hehehe. we called them faggots and queers. Buttf##k is nothing butt a Buttf##k Queer who wants to be a hero veteran bragging about his military stint in the army in which all he did was a bookkeeper.

    2. Linda M: Just like the HAG clinton claiming she landed and WAS TAKING ON HEAVY GUNFIRE while embarking the plane. So why did you get off HAG…I’ll tell you why Just like any other demoRACIST if there mouth is moving “THEY ARE LYING!”

      1. This clown is a fraud like Sid Blumenthal who lied about even being in the military and serving in Viet Nam. Yet he was voted in by the people of his state which is why , as much as I am from the New England area, I despise liars. I guarantee one thing, he will not get my vote for President– maybe garbage collector.Rvn 68-69

        1. Blumenthal was a Marine Corps Reservist but lied about serving in Vietnam. He was never anywhere close. He’s the epitome of “Stolen Valor.”

        2. SO John Kerry also lies about his military service in Vietnam. The two of them ended up in our GOVERNMENT. i WONDER how many more in Congress have lied to get where they are. The DEMS are certainly lying their way through now…..pelosi, schumer nadler, shifty, and more.
          If only more citizens would SEARCH ONLINE and find the ”LIST OF MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WHO ARE COMMUNISTS”. I found the list by STATE; pelosi is in California, along with some others. BY STATE is totally frightening to me to have a need to publish that list!

    3. I Don’t like a liar )))) Especially someone who lies about military service — He does not deserve the respect — Just another Fraud Lefty POS

      1. The article I read stated that he had a desk job, and sometimes drove ”people” to somewhere. Sounds like Omar and her 911 statement? I believe he was only there for seven months. Not sure which stories we should believe anymore!

    4. He is a Libtard Officer material, of course he lies, they all do to advance their control and power over the other 98%…..They are 2nd rate Commies!

    5. First, it makes me sick to think that I was a Ranger and was in combat and this guy uses this for votes. And to say he is a Christian and can’t interpret the Bible. The Bible says a man should marry a woman and multiply, not a man marry a man and contract AIDS.

    6. This Buttigieg with his direct commissioning in the Army could never hack it as a young 2nd Lt. Marine Corp Rifle Platoon Leader. I went through 1 year of training at the USMC’s The Basic Officer School, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA to learn to be a “Grunt” Rifle Platoon/Company Commander . . . Ooh Rah…Major USMC Retired

      1. Thank you for your REAL service! I read that he was only there seven months, with a desk job, and sometimes drove military men to a destination not described……maybe to the officeer’s club? Sorry, but I have no respect for ”mayor pete”. What a disservice he does to those who serve, but votes are more important?

      1. At least our President made no pretenses about serving in the military during Viet Nam. I have a hell of a lot more respect for someone who tells the truth. As I said, I was not a hero, but served my year with the Big Red 1 in Lai Khe from Aug 68-Aug 69. A mighty shout out for the Marine who commented. Hoo Rah

    7. Linda M. I do not understand why these three posters are questioning your comment. You certainly were condemning Buttigieg’s lifestyle and you clearly stated it’s an abomination in God’s eyes. They really do owe you an apology..
      Thank you by the way for once again speaking the truth. Great comment!!

    8. It’s called stolen valor when walks on the graves of true American Heros like Audy Murphy, et al. Veterans like me know who is and isn’t real in their claims. John Kerry is another stolen valor moron. These people are nothing more than puck bags and dreggs of society.

      1. What about John McCain? What a lying 💩💩💩 pos he was! War Hero? POW? Why was he able to write letters to his wife and receive packages and goodies from her as if her were away at a resort on vacation? He was also pretty plump compared to his other POW buddies. Stolen valor makes me sick to my stomach. Anyone who is guilty of it, needs to be drawn and quartered, no exceptions whatsoever! Mr. Buttywhatever his name is, is pictured in a nice little leather getup with some of his “other buddies” at some sort of parade. I don’t really care which side of bread your bread is buttered on, just don’t lie about it!! Put all your cards on the table and let AMERICA decide what and who they, WE, want to vote for!

    9. Well said Linda! He certainly seems to embellish doesn’t he. Most politicians seem to do that but he’s not someone I would want to represent me either as a mayor or anything else and especially as my president; if he’d lie about his service, which can be easily verified, he’d lie about anything. Who he is is who he is and he’s proving himself to be a liar!

      1. rock: I don’t know who you are calling a liar but it’s butthead that’s lying here.No Conservative here. Read the article again.If you are capable. He claimed he was commended into a war zone. What does that mean to you?This story CLEARLY states he presenting himself as a combat vet. Please look up when he supposedly went into the service and when he was mayor.Doesn’t add up. Now crawl back under your rock…

    10. Frankly I served in the military for a vast majority of my life, starting in 1966. For almost my entire time, they would neither draft, allow too enlist and instantly discharge anyone with homosexual tendencies. The Discharge would an “Undesirable” discharge.
      Suddenly, the “undesirable” became OK. Suddenly, the AIDS disease became “impossible to transmit from one to another. Does anyone believe that?

    11. Here is my reply to all the desktop warriors who have never heard a shot fired in anger. I commanded units in 5 nations on 3 continents multiple times. I was later a Detective Supervisor in Narcotics with the LAPD.
      “Mayor Pete” has never heard a shot fired in anger. He’s a Rhinestone Cowboy.

  2. i really don’t care if he is a pitcher or a catcher but he isn’t qualified to go up against any other Foreign Leader ,no matter what Country they are from , Male or Female, straight or Gay !

    1. I don’t think any of the Democrats running are qualified to go up against any Foreign leader or to lead our country. They all want to change our country for worst.

  3. He was a leader for a very short time in Afghanistan and got removed by my friend a Lite Colonel directed by his CO a two star general. He did not know how to install confidence in his men and lost some due to his lack of leadership

  4. I wonder how many ex military turned politician actually saw combat duty. Does anyone check this to insure their claims are not as big as their egos? We have a rep and a senator in Indiana and I often wonder what their actual duties were.

  5. Buttboy is flying under the radar and people should start paying attention to all the garbage he talks about. He has no experience to sit in the White House. A mayor in a small town in the midwest that he has apparently not managed well, has probably less experience than Obammy had. We all know how Obammy ran the country into the ground. If ANY of these Demoncrats were elected it would take a NY minute to wipe out any positive things Trump has done to bring this country back from ashes. The only thing Buttboy could bring to the White House is the fact he could be put on on the cover of Madd Magazine. Alfred E. Buttboy.

    1. Please… Madd Magazine has more intellectual commentary than a so called gay army officer. Besides, what foreign leader would want to meet with him. A queer is a queer, no matter how you paint it.

  6. Why would anything having to do with HONESTLY representing you military service matter to dems. Case in point Senator Blumenthal. He blatantly lied about his service during the Vietnam War and look what the ramifications of that are. He gets to be a lying blowhard on the Senate floor where he is covered so I think Buttigieg’s little embellishment won’t matter. At least he ACTUALLY WAS IN IRAQ and not an unemployed reservist who lied about his service in order to get elected!!!

  7. Ismael you are incorrect. This POS was a Navy Lt. Tasked with disrupting finances for terrorists. He would go “outside” the wire occasionally as convoy security. However, he apparently NEVER WAS INVOVLED IN DIRECT COMBAT AND WAS NOT RELIEVED FOR CAUSE AS YOU IMPLY. He was a turd I’ll will agree. Also I eroded in my previous comment when I said that he at least deployed to Iraq. Actually he deployed to Afghanistan.

  8. If Buttigieg was in the military service he has a serial number. What is it? 987654321?

    It is not hard to check if it is true or another democrat lie.

  9. Perhaps we should look at Trump’s military service and ask what experience a rather shady property developer brought to the White House.

      1. He did graduate a military academy and was head of his football team. That’s probably why he is so involved in sports. He later graduated from Wharton School of Business.

    1. I don’t recall Trump saying anything about being in the Military. Maybe I miss that, or maybe he’s never talked about it… or maybe Mike is just making it up to protect his queer friend.

    2. Did Obama-lama-ding-dong have any military service, especially since he was born in Kenya?? How about Billy BJ Clinton?? Didn’t he dash off to Canada to avoid any military draft?? Military service IS NOT A REQUIREMENT for a President!! So what if our President was medically exempted for military service; I’ve had heel spurs and they’re INCAPACITATING!! There are hundreds of medical exemptions used by the military to weed out candidates who are not capable of the rigors of being in our military. He sure has had plenty of experience running corporations, which is what we need to turn America around and run it properly!! You Libs and DemonRats have NOTHING to offer to America!!

    3. hey miky ever had bone spurs they are very pain full I know, at least Trump never lied about being the service, and yea I did serve and have zero respect for his kind so unless you severed shut the FK up regular Army

  10. The more research done on his military experience, the less the enemy had to worry about him being anything they had to be worried about in a combat situation! The enemies life was safe according to what he did in the military! Lolzzzzzzzzz

  11. If General Patton were around he would be SLAPPED OR SHOT . Butt Boy is more Like Clinton Landing under Sniper Fire , only the Snipers were her Friends Throwing Flowers and Chocolates . To Be Fair , they Could have Been 20 MM CHOCOLATES AND ROSES WITH THORNS .

  12. So like representative blumenthal from ct. He is misrepresenting his time in the service to make himself look more relative to the patriots of our country. Why is it that no Democrat in politics can be honest, why do they feel the need to exaggerate everything? This just seems to me they are dishonest people.


    1. We already had one fag in the White House, and he wasn’t even qualified to hold the office …. and we all know the toilet he tried to put this nation in. Never again will another queer reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!

  14. He is as qualified as any of the recent democrat contenders. Perhaps more so. At least he can appeal to to female voters
    as he attempts to seduce male voters. He is certainly less acerbic then the other bi candidate, Hillary.

  15. I do not agree with his choices in lifestyle. As an American, we must accept differences peacefully. As a combat veteran, I know that it takes 8 or 9 support troops per man to keep you in the field. Without them, we would be lost. He is lying. He is not the person I think is capable of managing the USA. We have many issues in our country and he is not qualified to take care of them. America can offer you opportunity. When it knocks, take it. If you don’t, it’s your problem not mine.

  16. Now we know why the Oscar Award went to, “Parasite” they are all in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Washington D.C.. Sucking off “Nancy the Ripper” Pelosi.and Hillary Clinton are the hosts. The Joker never had a chance with these demons. They won’t succeed. Never, will we surrender. We are Creator’s Own Chosen ⛺and are All different types and shades, we are Human beings

    1. Evidently you never read through all the above posts, cause after reading the posts none of you act like human beings more like rabid dogs I’ve never seen so many sick people in my life you people are all mentally sick you don’t believe in God that’s for sure where does it say in the Bible you must hate another human being and talking about lying nobody in this world lies as much as that POS does if there ever is a rapture RETARDicans will be the last to go now that I can’t wait to see RETARDicans left behind to suffer from what they created bye bye suckers have fun suffering.

      1. Geezuzz you ARE such a hypocrite!!! and your handle is “the real American patriot” actually you are a real American azzhole.

      2. Use your real name, TROLL. You have more hate than any 10 responders to the Buttigieg issue being discussed. Go back to Twitter.
        From a retired Green Beret.

      3. The Real American Patriot(HA); Oh sparky, I see you haven’t learned your lesson yet have you? You are such a liar and hypocrite. You call us rabid dogs and have the nerve to try and quote the bible? Have you actually read your comments? Name calling. Never posting any real facts. Nothing but hatred spewing from your lips with each posting. But keep fishing fool. Everyone here KNOWS what and who you really are..

    1. Try taking Trump’s pecker out of your mouth you’d be surprised how much better you can talk I’ll bet you could pronounce it then.

  17. I’m just getting this off my mind.. I am so sorry that the Democrats and imperial stupidity community can Not Understand English.
    No matter what Trump says or Barr or any one basically with a Brain and a sense of the English language. WhatEver is said no matter How True “ and yes We can Prove the truth”
    These right wing Idiots change the words and use their lies to turn English Into idiotism for whatEver reason these Democrats think if they tell the American public that They know what Republicans are thinking and how Republicans react and how we Understand Everything!!
    Those idiots need to be put on the Clown train and go onto the Circus with the other Mind readers and cheap tricks, please God somebody Stop the insanity of the Democratic Party Demo-Craps impostors . Why would anybody with half a brain even listen to All the lies and distortions of all English speaking Americans- guess we have to so when it comes “Time” to take the 🎙 out of their shaky hands and kick their sorry butts out with hopefully “ NOTHING”
    Just saying they Lue they cheat they steal they don’t know how to do their jobs but they are good at telling everybody else how badly they do their jobs.
    Want illegals to have FREE every right to all our benefits AND HAND OUT FREE EDUCATION
    BY FUNDING THESE PERKS WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. —- Maybe these crazybuttheads
    Need to start with putting all their properties in the market , all their savings all their investments clean out their pockets First because They (Democrats) want this for the poor people then the rush Democrats Should give all their stuff to them. NOT MY STUFF
    I worked for a living and retired and live in my own house which I WORKED very hard to pay for!!! Knock knock AnyBody Listening . Me and my friends and family are Not willing to give up our stuff.. oh and Yes WE ALL Have already moved out of California or are making plans to SOON… we live in communist California… stupid Democrats have ruined this State and any good things about California, we sure as hell do not have decent education anymore… for as long as my family lived here up until about 17 years ago California always lead the Country on highest education scores for California schools and the nation. Now kids don’t even learn English- don’t know how to count change
    Can’t work a semi complicated problem.
    Good God… Just have to Move .. California will NEVER RETURN TO THE WAY IT WAS. 🐝

  18. A fraud is a fraud no matter how he paints himself as ” Combat Veteran ” One can talk the talk but if he’s never walk the walk and from the way he handles himself and how he speaks its easy to see that he’s never walk the walk, those who have will always carry scars, they can never be lost they may be hidden but never lost.Claiming to be what he’s not and knowing that many made the ultimate sacrifice so that these wanna be veterans could claim credit is as low as one can go. They’re many Veterans out there that know that In a real combat situation he wouldn’t of made it. He’s an insult to many who walk the walk. He’s just another wannabe living off the sacrifices that others made. He should be ashamed. But then again that’s my personal observation.

  19. Check this out;

    She ain’t wrong!😅😜😳

  20. This is a poor example of a Governor, let along running for President. This is all United States of America needs
    as have a faggot, Gay, married to a man, be President of the USA. Not going to Happen in a Million Years.
    He may get some of the Gay voters, but will never make it in the WH.

  21. I was not a hero in the Nam, but at least I did not lie about it. As a supply specialist, we pulled guard duty after our regular day was done. There is no reason in God’s green earth to lie and try to be a hero. A few of my friends paid the ultimate price and I think of them to this day. These liars tarnish the image of good men who paid the ultimate price. God forgive the liars because I will not. RVN 68-69

  22. BUTTpig is the same type of soldier as Gore. Got a safe job no where near the fighting. This shows how SCREWED UP LIBERAL IGNORANCE has made the Military.

    1. Gores daddy got the photo guy out of the Army because he could not handle the job They used to call it a section 8 Gore then joined a monistary for 6 months to make it look real, Gore like John Kerry just plain full of it

  23. I have been voting in every Presidential election since I got out of the ARMY when I was 20, long time ago!!
    I am amazed that this country in the last couple of elections cant produce a viable candidate from either party. We need a strong leader and Statesman in that office. I just hope before I depart this earth I will see one that I can feel good about. And yes, I did vote for this person in office now, :lesser of two “evil’s”

    1. Obama’s “fake history” I have some personal knowledge on. He lived on Occidental St in Los Angeles when he was going to Occidental College.
      The LAPD Substation there was Highland Park. I first learned of Obama as a cocaine user. The skinny wet nose (from cocaine) turned out to be President.
      The last I heard his Kenyan half brother is still living in a straw hut in Kenya. Probably thinking about how lucky his half brother was getting out of Kenya. I wonder if he knows he’s living in a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard? Maybe he‘’ll get an invitation to visit?

  24. A veteran is a veteran no matter what his job was. It takes far more men in the back ground to win a war than just the few that do the shooting. That said if this guy wants to lie about his service then he dishonors all of the people who did fight and die.

  25. supposedly Buttigieg served in Afghanistan in 2014…….. he was mayor of south bend from 2011–2019……Bill Clinton signed into law the “don’t ask, don’t tell” back in Feb 28, 1994 … IF he served it was right in the middle of when he was serving as mayor….now some simple math IF he entered the military at this point [2014] most branches of the military have a cut-off age for entering military service at 27 for most branches and since he is now 38, he would have been 32 in 2014 little bit too old to enlist AND since he was mayor in 2014 who was mayor if & when he was gone……..sounds like lier, lier pants on fire

  26. True veterans talk very little on their military service you usually have to be a very close friend and have to pry hard
    Ex mayor peteee is just another deplorable blow hard phony she/he that was taking a slimy way to act like it was being brave
    Let’s be honest he is not a hero in any fashion
    If you took a vote from every male today he would be a landslide loser
    He is not normal

  27. It’s okay to rant about the traitorous behavior of the left-wing candidates in forums such as this. But, how many voters actually read articles like those to which we are responding? We patriotic and America-loving conservatives need to become more aggressive in presenting the truth about the Dems. When I entered the military I swore to protect my country from foreign and domestic aggressors. Never did I think that I would be doing so against fellow Americans. This country is already sliding into the toilet bowl. As I see it, the Dems and leftists already have their hands on the flush handle.

  28. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that he is even using military service as a vote-getting tactic? The Democrats say they hate war and seem to always vote to cut military spending. They also will not vote to give our veterans medical care even half as good as they give illegal aliens. Just like a politician, they use whatever story they need to in order to get votes. I hope he didn’t break a nail or get a paper cut while serving, and truth or lie – it does not get him my vote.

  29. Shocker! The guy says nothing that makes any sense and speaks propaganda riddles and rhymes!
    He is Obama 2.0. A person with a vague or limited background at best!
    I guess he was the community organizer of the Millitary when he supposedly served.
    Hopefully people will wake up to it before we possibly repeat the debacle of the previous administration!

  30. In the Army you have Airborne Rangers and you have Chair born rangers. In politics you have the ability to plug holes in problems, or you are a Butt Plug. Pete only knows how to plug the one hole!

  31. I am looking to Pete Buttgiggle winning the POTUS election, then swapping spit with his
    LGBTQ partner on National TV. Excuse me while I puke.

  32. Buttigieg needs to provide a DD 214 from the Military. If he was in the Army and was gay , he would not have lasted very long, especially in a combat area. He would not have survived in tact

  33. Buttgig, is FAKE everything !
    His military trip was for show only.
    He applied for an office job in Iraq, as an officer, and never was subject to bs part of a fighting force.
    HE IS CERTAINLY NO MILITARY HERO. (not a chance !!!)

  34. That cigar on the roof???I wonder if it was a ”clinton/lewinsky signature model autographed cigar”…..pillow biter Pete was just one more ”REMF”sucking down groceries in front of the air conditioner

  35. We the people need to get all the comes out of office. How much money did the dem spend in the last three years to try to get trump out of office, this needs to come out of there retirement funds to pay back the American people for the wasted money.

  36. I agree about what most of you are saying about lying. That is the one thing I cannot take in any shape or form. But it puzzles me how you don’t want a liar in the White House and yet support the biggest liar sitting in there now. I don’t know about John McCain and his time as a POW or Buttigieg’s time in the service. However, since they did serve in the military in some way it is obvious that they didn’t pay off some doctor to say they had a heel spur. Oh yeah, our current liar forgot which foot. If you have EVER had a bone spur in your heel, trust me, you won’t forget which foot. I don’t want a draft dodger in the White House either since my late husband was so traumatized by his experience in Viet Nam that living became too much. I want a president who respects the military and the families who serve it. .. not someone who agrees to pay child support to the mother of his child unless that child joins the military or the Peace Corp, (Marla Maples and his daughter Tiffany).

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