Read What A Security Firm Had To Say About The Iowa Caucus App

( – As if the Democrats weren’t concerned about hacking as it relates to election results enough, then comes the Iowa caucus debacle.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Iowa Democratic Party still hasn’t released full results of Monday night’s caucuses, in part because of irregularities in reporting with a new app they were using that was supposed to make things easier. Those responsible for reporting results from a local level up to the top had problems either logging into the app or reporting results.

Now, a report from ProPublica has surfaced that says the app could easily have been breached by a skilled hacker who is interested in altering the vote totals. One of the precinct chairs in Iowa turned the app over to the publication, which then sent it to Veracode, a Massachusetts security firm, to review. That firm concluded the app didn’t have the basic of protections for transmission, which put the data that was being sent over it in jeopardy of being intercepted and/or changed.

The app, which was produced by Shadow Inc., should have never been released at all, according to officials from Veracode. They said there were “elementary” issues with the app, which should have prevented it from being released.

“It is important for all mobile apps that deal with sensitive data to have adequate security testing, and have any vulnerabilities fixed before being released for use,” Veracode’s CTO, Chris Wysopal, said.

For its part, Shadow is admitting they found a “vulnerability” in the app that they were not aware of before the release. The company’s CEO, Gerard Niemira, defended the integrity of the app, saying there was no “hack or intrusion” of the app during the Iowa caucuses.

“The vote in Iowa was not compromised in any way,” he said. “We are committed to the security of our products, including the app used during the Iowa caucuses. While there were reporting delays, what was most important is that the data was accurate and the caucus reporting process remained secure throughout.”

Even chairs of the caucus in Iowa said they were aware that “the app was a problem” for days before the caucuses started. However, even though there were complaints, officials within the state didn’t train officials at the county level about how to use the Shadow app. Local members of the party also had trouble downloading it, getting a secure PIN to log into it or opening the app once they were able to get a PIN.

As of Thursday afternoon, 96% of precincts in the Iowa caucuses had reported results for the Democrats. The results to date show a narrow race between Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders for the lead. Buttigieg won 11 delegates with 26.2% of the votes, while Sanders also had 11 delegates and 26.1% of the votes.

Behind those two leaders is Elizabeth Warren with five delegates and 18.2% of the vote. Joe Biden is a distant fourth. He garnered only 15.8% of the votes as of Thursday afternoon, with no delegates his way.

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16 thoughts on “Read What A Security Firm Had To Say About The Iowa Caucus App

    1. and that was rigged from the getgo because george soros was involved
      where george soros is there is rigging to send out the ballots out of the country
      for counting and those machines were george soros machines

  1. It is SO simple…use paper ballots with volunteer witnesses watching the counting….print the local results in local papers. No electronics, hacking, geeks, Russians, etc.

  2. Pardon a couple of possibly dumb questions, but I’m curious. Questions follow.

    1. The term “APP” is short for Application, right?
    2. Application is simply another name for a Program, right?
    3. Why this strange aversion to Plain English, the descriptive abilities of which are amazingly broad. A rose, by another name, smells as sweet, right?
    4. Possibly more important than any of the above, who is it that opted to utilize the garbage that this “app” turns out to be, and precisely what is it that drove their decision?

    1. As all unethical Demoncraps are, the limp wrist from Indiana is no exception. Did you know X mayor Pete Butt paid Shadow two payments of $22,000 for the App. I realize the Demoncraps incompetence has no bounds, but their lies and dishonesty run a close second. X Mayor Pete Butt needed this Iowa win desperately to remain relevant or the queen gets shot out of the Cannon and Its circus days are over. Like any of these clowns(Tiny Mike Bloomberg)
      included have a snowballs chance in Hell against “The Donald”. You would have to be a total Moron to vote for any Demoncrap. The Demoncraps Iowa caucus was a total disaster. Talk about unbridled incompetence. Who in their right mind would trust these Morons to run our Country

  3. So check your name For sure you’re registered. Go to then follow the instructions. Make sure your name registered and your affiliation party. If you’re registered but no affiliation party then you need to registered again if you are Republicans voters. Check, check again is the best to find out. Be safe and God bless you all.

  4. THEY want to run our healthcare, and our lives, but they can’t even run a simple caucus comprised of a bunch of slack-jawed (i.e., Democrat) farmers?!?!?!!???

    If this wasn’t so important, this would be freakin’ HILARIOUS. But it is, and it’s TERRIFYING.

  5. Go back to paper ballots with public counting by one person from each party. May take more time but it would ensure less fraudulent voting. Here in Florida we have to prove our citizenship for Photo IDs and citizenship is indicated on them.

  6. HO-HUM ………….. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz …
    donkeys at there best ? HHHhhhMMMmmm, well, it should be A REEL ” cnn ” eye opener, if they ever figure who will face
    President Trump !!
    or they just may DEMAND A RE-DO ………… because of the Clusrer FCK , in IOWA !!

  7. Sanders is a full blown Communist promising Medicare for all, including illegals, and told CNS News, that he has No idea what this will cost, but that’s okay, because it all falls on taxpayers!

    Buttigag is a former Wall Street banker, who has 40 billionaires giving him campaign money, to take care of them!
    He has so much money, that he just got thru hiring a new staff member, who worked for Goldman Sachs!

    Sanders complained about millionaires until he became one, owning 3 homes, and Buttigag will have so much money from being President, that he’ll be just like Obama, paying 15 million dollars for a Summer home, after leaving office.

  8. Who cares if the app is right or not?

    The only thing that will ever keep me from voting for Trump, is if I find out that he is sleeping with Pelosi!

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