These Republican Senators Believe Trump Is Guilty

( – By now, it’s old news that Senators voted almost totally along party lines to acquit President Donald Trump of both articles of impeachment. On Article I: Abuse of power, 52 senators voted to acquit while 48 voted to convict. On Article II: Obstruction of Congress, 53 voted to acquit and 47 voted to convict.

Republican Mitt Romney from Utah was the only Republican senator to break party lines when he voted to convict Trump on Article I, but he voted to acquit on Article II. To remove Trump from office would have required a two-thirds vote of the Senate, or 67 votes.

But a day after the expected vote totals came in, the talk surrounded the future of Trump as well as that of both the Republican and Democratic parties. How these senators explain the rationale behind their decisions, and how they conduct themselves in votes and other dealings between now and the end of their current terms, may have huge ramifications for any potential re-election campaigns.

In the Republican Party especially, some senators seem to be wavering on how they really feel about Trump’s actions. Both Marco Rubio (from Florida) and Lamar Alexander (from Tennessee) said they believed Trump was guilty of the charges — but just didn’t deserve to be removed from office for it.

“Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment does not mean it is in the best interest of the country to remove a President from office,” Rubio said.

House managers “have proved [the charges] with what they call ‘a mountain of overwhelming evidence,'” Alexander said.

Now that the actual impeachment trial is over, coming out against the president’s actions and calling him guilty is an easier thing for these senators to do. After all, their words can’t influence the outcome of the trial now, since it’s set in stone that Trump will remain in office.

That may be considered by some to be a noble and worthy decision, then, by people like Rubio and Alexander to keep quiet during the trial, vote to acquit and then expand on their thinking later.

Others, however, might see it differently.

If Rubio and Alexander — and others — felt that Trump was guilty and that House impeachment managers had proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt, why didn’t they vote to convict? Are the thoughts of the American people supposed to go into how and why a senator votes? In a murder trial, is the judge and jury supposed to think about how the accused’s family will feel when they’re making their decision?

Ultimately, these arguments don’t mean anything in terms of Trump’s immediate future, as he’ll remain in office and seek re-election in November. How each senator voted during the trial and reacted afterward could have long-term consequences on their futures in Washington, though.

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25 thoughts on “These Republican Senators Believe Trump Is Guilty

  1. Please name these charges and show me what he has done that is illegal. I do not want wishful thinking. I want concrete proof.

    1. You been shown concrete proof, you refuse to believe the truth, keep asking it just shows how truly ignorant you are, you can’t make the blind see, you can’t make the deaf hear, and there’s no way to fix your stupidity, just a common sense observation.

  2. What is the big deal? As president he can use whatever He sees fit to Investigate Corruption in the USA, which included the investigation of the Biden’s Illegal dealings in foreign countries. He did not withhold money as a pressure tactic and the president even told the Democrats witch hunters, that he was not pressured. If in fact there was a case then the Democrats (yellow Cowards) would have proved it, but they could not find anything. These so called Republicans that are claiming to think Trump is guilty are just trying to get their name in the paper.Just wait and see what happens soon, when the Swamp is drained more. I will be glad when it all comes out about Nancy and her son is included in the investigation and put in prison. This is all of the corruption that Obama started while in office. He also is guilty of corruption and that will come out also. Vote TRUMP 2020 and Republican on all election there after.

    1. Pelosi, Schiff, Romney, and several others have used the Ukraine to advance people on Ukraine boards as well as John Kerry!!! There are actually even more than these!!!! I checked in out on Duck,Duck.go!! Google is in the pocket of the dimwits!!!°

    2. Did anybody else notice how he quit draining the swamp when he finally noticed that all those swamp rats going to prison came from his administration?
      Sure was a surprise to me that he was smart enough to figure that out.
      You trumpturds really need to inform him that if you want to catch a Democrat committing a crime just put them on his administration that’s the only option you have, to catch a crook you have to work for one.

  3. These Republicans are out of their minds siding with the lieing liberal idiots..Stand firm with our PRESIDENT or Lea e Congress.. Stop your merely mouthing about our great PRESIDENT.

  4. He’s guilty of upholding his oath to office, and following his duty. Nothing he did was an impeachable offenses. The establishment is upset he doesn’t play well with them. Unfortunately for them that’s not an impeachable offenses either!

    1. Trump was about the only one upholding his oath to office; every single Senator that voted to remove, and the two that (illogically) think he was guilty are all in violation of that sacred oath, and need to be removed from office, possibly even charged with Treason and severely punished (they full-well knew that Trump did nothing illegal; they just wanted to overthrow the government and put themselves back in charge).

      I thought Rubio was a good guy until he joined with a bunch of corrupt liberals in the Senate a few years ago. Now, he’s Schiff to me.

  5. The two senators(Rubio and Alexander) above who claim Mr Trump was gulity of doing what they claim, Show me traitor- If I was in their states –I would work to get rid of these clowns. Senators show me–Both of the claim charges are the President power–and the demos were trying to take those away from the President. obama did it in his 8 years–along with many more impeachable charges–but the republicians did not impeach him.

  6. Even if it’s true, it’s nothing compared to what Biden did, using our tax dollars.
    Biden’s son cutting oil and gas deals with Ukraine, and China, which makes him millions of dollars, and all because Daddy is VP!

    You’re either with Trump, or you’re not, and if you’re not, then go vote with the Corrupt Dirty Demo-Rats!

  7. I am totally amazed what strength and commitment President Trump has! He survived all the hate and disruption caused by the demon party, even before he even took office.And that impeachment farce. Now the backstabbers within our own party is being brought to light and still President Trump carries on for the benefit of our great nation!! Draining the swamp is becoming a much bigger task then any of us ever imagined. But I trust our GOD in heaven and President Trump to get the job done!!! GOD bless and save our great nation and President Trump!!!

  8. These Republican RINOS are just mad they aren’t center stage. Just roustabouts for the Democrats! Some people never learned how to be honorable when they lose or are losers!

    1. Funny you say that “the next election” you were screaming that heading into the 2018 elections, we’re going to get rid of the “rinos”, the demonrats are history, when the results come in there will be no more demonrats, we’re going to keep the house winning even more seats, the demonrats don’t have a chance, we the people know better, the American people are on Trump’s side, everybody loves Trump.
      Now let’s look at REALITY you lost BIGGLY, Trumpzilla got impeached, Democrats gained governorships, we took back Virgina, and now we’re going to win the Senate, the presidency, and more seats in the house, your loosing not winning welcome to REALITY.

    1. There’s not enough of you to make that happen. It took everything you had in 2016, and you couldn’t even get the majority vote, and then you lost in 2018, so much for winning YOU LOOSERS.

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