Aw! Rashida Tlaib Was Triggered By Trump’s Mention Of Kavanaugh In Sotu Speech

( – Rashida Tlaib, one of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s squad, admitted that the reason she walked out of the House chamber on Tuesday was that she was triggered by the mere mention of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

The social justice warrior-turned-congresswoman walked out on the speech as a protest against Trump, though her actions were roundly overshadowed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visible mental breakdown.  

During President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, he mentioned the great work done by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and that was enough for Tlaib to get up and walk out. 

In an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Tlaib said, “I think, you know, even the mention of Brett Kavanaugh for me is a trigger.” 

Bless her! 

She went on, “Just as a woman in America, the fact that he, you know, rightfully was accused, and having an incredibly strong woman come before the public and the world and tell her story of sexual assault by this person that was appointed to the Supreme Court is just – I couldn’t stand still and not do anything about it, and I needed to walk away from that.” 

First of all, what does “rightfully was accused” mean? He was found innocent, and the accusations are completely unfounded. So which bit, exactly, means he was “rightfully” accused? 

After the House approved two separate articles of impeachment late in 2019, Donald Trump is now considered a “forever impeached president,” and Tlaib touched on this.  

She said, “He cannot continue to lie to the American people. He cannot continue to – not only what I saw in lie after lie, but also to mislead the public and use immigrants and use people of various different faiths to try to increase fear and just use fearmongering kind of politics. Look, we’re tired of the hate rhetoric. We’re tired of divisiveness in our country.” 

Tlaib failed to offer any examples of what she perceived to be “lie after lie” and also didn’t offer any evidence that the president had misled the public.  

Despite walking out, the State of the Union Address went ahead, in which the president also touted the accomplishments of Justice Neil Gorsuch.  

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106 thoughts on “Aw! Rashida Tlaib Was Triggered By Trump’s Mention Of Kavanaugh In Sotu Speech

  1. The Democrats will always say it’s a lie and someone is guilty, when the truth is brought forth in favor of anyone connected to the Republican party, and they are proven innocent. I am sorry, and even though I am a woman, when all was said and done, I KNEW that Ford was lying the minute she started her “performance” in front of the cameras and Kavanaugh was innocent! Though they just won’t stop doing this, because they act like spoiled children that didn’t get their way, you can’t scream this one and that one is guilty just because you want them to be!! And I didn’t expect anything different in their conduct when the president was giving his SOTU address.Cortez not attending, This creature Tlaib walking out and especially Pelosi ( the main cry baby and ring leader) ripping up the president’s speech.
    President Trump hasn’t mislead the public. The demon party is just furious that true patriots believe in him and we want this country to remain free and not part of the NWO..

        1. Satan means the Adversary he opposes the truth and because he can do nothing directly to Almighy God satan goes after what is created in the image of God, mankind.

        2. In Colombia, there is an absurd called the “MARIANA LAW” because it was enacted durinfg the mandate of president Martiano Ospina Perez with which, a woman can point me to a police officer
          and tell him I’m the irresponsible father of her child and I get detained and to be free, proved that
          I don’t know that woman from Adam….

          Di we want the same crap in America…?????
          Because this stupid Muslim woman convicted and sentenced already KAVANAUGH and in cases of
          this kind, you are guilty until proven innocent…????
          GIVE ME A BREAK…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Patriot, it’s obvious to the casual observer that you would not recognize Truth if He stood right in front of you. Wake up!!!

        1. Jim: you sound like Pilate – what is truth?So you believe trump tells the truth when in fact his is the master of lies – actually Linda is right because you are so loyal to trump that you refuse to accept his lies – Linda is the true patriot here – she is the one who stands for the truth rather than you radical right people. No one can reason with a person who is biased and your hatred will destroy you and nemo dat quod non habet – you cannot give what you do not have – trump does not have the truth.

          1. joseph strychasz; Perhaps you should reread my post once again. I am defending President Trump and calling the Democrats the deceivers and liars. And yes I am a true patriot ,even though you will not see me that way now.

          2. Dear Joseph, I don’t know if you are “Patriot”or not but evidently you are of like mind. I said you would not recognize Truth if He stood in front of you. There is only one TRUTH in this world, His name is Jesus. I made no mention of President Trump. I don’t believe I’m the one sounding like Pilate or Satan.

          3. Pray that Trump has the truth and that he follows and seeks the Way, the Truth and The Life. Joseph you ask what is truth? Truth is a person, the Messiah Jesus the Anointed One.

        2. Jim Tierney; I don’t know why Joseph S. Is reprehending you. Wasn’t my posting straightforward enough I supporting the Republicans and our president and condemning the Democrat’s and their actions?

          1. Linda you are the true patriot! But for Jim he forgets that God is in control and he put Trump in the White House for a reason. I think he wants us to come back to our America One Nation Under God!! We are not a socialist nation where we have no rights. The lies are not Trumps but the Democrats, who falsify and cheat in all they do. GOD BLESS TRUMP MAGA 4 more years!

      2. Patriot; Please change your name. You are far from being a patriot! And secondly, I am far from brainwashed. Nor do I lie. I am not a Democratic! But thank you for your comment. We of intelligence that know the truth, need a good laugh at the ignorance you supporters of the demon party exhibit!!

          1. Patriot; Oh I am so impressed by your attempt at humor. NOT!! But unfortunately I am not a traitor, so I will keep my REAL posting name, thank you! Oh and by the way, you are true to your party though, by your new posting name. Still lying!!

      3. That TRASHBARRELL of Talaib should be used as testing for waste water from solar panel to see how fast that trashbarrel last in her crao. After all she’s a MF.

        1. In the Islamic book called holy message from Allah tells you Muslims can have many wives to produce fight for Allah. Now you all know why Rasida Tliaib called “I am going to impeach this MF.” Now we all know who her father is! Ha, ha ha ha, ha!

      4. Lying is the name of the game with the Democrate party. They are losers and Trump promised to get rid of the swamp. Dems don’t want Trump and hate him because he is going to continue to expose their illegal BS and is making the US great again. Sorry you don’t like Trump, but that’s your choice. I was a Democrate several years back and the reason I left was exactly what the demos have and are doing. They aren’t for the people they are for enriching themselves. High taxes, outlandish spendiing, sending in cash billions of dollars to Iran, our enemy. Also, framing Trump on anything that comes in their heads. Tired of the holier than thou Democrates. I pray the people behind the witch hunt hoax get voted out and for their part I pray the people like Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and other Demos that were behind trying to get Trump impeached pay for it big time.

      5. No she’s not, if anything the dems are mentally imbalanced and need to have many sessions with a mental health professional. Linda is telling the truth….

        1. Where’s your proof that trumpzilla’s not a liar, a traitor, a dictator, a commie, a tax cheat, a racist, a pedophile, a narcissist, a draft dodging coward, married to a HO, that he donates his salary, his kids work for free LOL, that his whole family is not stealing millions from the tax payers, just to name a few, when you show me the evidence if I’m wrong, I’ll start taking those meds that keep you delusional to the truth, truth be told the drugs you RETARDicans are taking are some powerful mind altering drugs.

          1. Patriot; With all your babbling and name calling of our sitting president, you still do not answer Mr. Williams question. What did I lie about??
            if we are going to cast aspersions of supposedly Trump’s transgressions, can you list the transgressions YOUR party, both past and present members have committed? But please don’t try. There’s not enough room on this site to list them all.But I will touch on one point you brought up.Trump’s family stole millions from the tax payers?Really?Wheres your proof? How about the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS your party wasted of our hard earned tax dollars on the BS they have put Trump through these past 3+ years, including the failed impeachment farce?Plus collecting their paychecks that none of them earned,because they weren’t representing the citizens. That’s just fine with you though, isn’t it? And by the way, you little twit, none of us Conservatives are retards. That word is wrong and offensive.Nor are we on mind altering drugs. But I bet if they did some drug testing on the house members, most would fail!!! And most of the supporters of the demon party as well…..

        1. Linda, I agree with everything you have said! In fact you make him look like a total idiot! Just one thing, socialist have a mental condition! They don’t think logically and arguing with them is pointless! They are so brainwashed there is no hope for them! He accuses, calls you a liar, and then demands you explain what he’s accusing you of! We are laughing at the fool! He isn’t a patriot! He wants to help make our country socialist just like the rest of the demoncrats!

          1. PJ: Thank you for your very kind words, as well as others that have supported my comment.I am fully aware that this “Patriot” person is completely brainwashed and no one can reach him or others like him. . Or make them see the truth. Even though THEY do have a knack of distorting the truth, don’t they?But I will not let him or anyone else try to silence me when I am stating the real truth. Just like yourself, I am very confused that they proclaim we Republicans are destroying our country, when it’s THEIR party that wants us to become part of the NWO! It’s not like the demon party is even hiding their agendas any longer either! Every one of their candidates are brazenly flaunting it with their platforms. That’s why we must vote wisely and pray they don’t rig the voting polls(again).Even though President Trump finally became our president in spite of all their trickery.
            Thank you again PJ and have a great day!

    1. The real problem was that Ford was never indicted for perjury. She lied and there is proof that she did so. She needed to be discredited for the world to see and not leave any people who bought into her lies thinking she was truthful or strong or brave. Doesn’t take a brave person to lie to the senate, just a stupid and now a rich one.

      1. Show us the proof you have. Not hearsay conspiracy theories. Not something you heard on Fake Fox Propaganda. Don’t tell us you heard it from Sean Hannity. Show us the proof.

  2. What a jerk she is. A wasted human being. Put her out of her misery and send her away so we don’t have to listen to her anymore.

  3. Who cares what she did. She is ot wanted here as she is a socialist and we do not want America to become a socialistic country. Keep america a capitalist country.

    1. You gave up Capitalism the minute you voted for Reagen it’s been corporate welfare and radical right socialism ever since. You don’t even know what reverse psychology is.

  4. I don’t know what it is about Talib but everytime I see her my skin crawls. Kinda like when someone mentions lice, and you start to instinctively itch you scalp.

    1. Tony Bell: A very good analogy of Talib. And I have to agree!! Not only does she look and act insane, but she looks like she doesn’t have very good hygiene habits, as well. But what is really frightening is, how many so called rational voters still back up the Democratic parties policies and crazies like her!! Now that’s scary !!!

      1. You know what’s really scary, an evangelistic with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other telling us their Pro-Life and believe in God, now that’s truly scary. Oh and don’t forget the pointy hood, standing in front of a burning cross down south where RETARDicans rule.

        1. Patriot; Again, PLEASE change your name. If you don’t like our Constitution and anyone that supports GOD, morals and values, you are more than free to leave our country. I marched for civil rights down south in the 60’s, you fool.But try to remember which party started the KKK, and it wasn’t the Republicans, correct Jack?

          1. Coffee Bean: actually trump looks good in a white robe and hood, after all the KKK support him and he instills fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism – FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office – I wonder why?

          2. Coffee beaner no you couldn’t be more inaccurate the KKK are the fi Hench men down southne people Trumpzilla likes, neo Nazi’s, skinheads, David Duke and rush the I got cancer Limbaugh type Confederate flag waving anti american crowd that’s the people that support Trumpzilla and all his Hench men RETARDicans down south. Get over it racism is alive and flourishing down south under Trumpzilla rule just a fact weather you like it or not, you wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face all you people do is deny the true facts. Oh and Linda I’m way more patriotic then you I just know who the enemy is unlike you that doesn’t.

        2. Patriot: what is scarier is the evangelists who support trump for while he is against abortion, he is not really pro life because if he were he would not deny medical care for the poor, attempt to reduce food stamps, care for the enviornment, accept immigrants. Being pro life means we care for people after they are born which trump does not and the evangelists accept trump’s lies and that he is not of Christ.

          1. I agree RETARDicans are Pro-Birth only after that they expect you to crawl in a hole and die, what’s funny soon they won’t have ss income Medicare freedom rights anything their voting it all away, you’ll soon hear them cry when they get old and their living in the streets because there’s no safety net. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Jesus said on the cross “forgive them father for they know not of that for what they have done”.

        3. Your an idiot Democrats are the slave owning kkk inventors. Learn your history. Problem is you don’t want to. You are willfully ignorant and for this you are more guilty than those who are truly ignorant. You say Trump is racist but cannot give specifics as to why you say that. You regurgitate what the lying MSM spurs.

          1. I know who started the KKK, what I’m saying is the RETARDicans now control the south, the KKK is still there it’s just that now RETARDicans control the south, what part of who controls the south don’t you understand. Remember the KKK, neo Nazi’s, skin heads, white supremacists all voted for Trumpzilla, does the truth really bother you that much, it appears so nothing scarier then the truth.

    2. I don’t know what it is about Cheeto Man but Everytime I see him I have to take a Trump wipe my Melina with some Ivanka Eric Donnie and Von BARRON, then flip the handle and send them to the city cess pool. I can’t wait to flush the turd on Nov. 3rd.

  5. Rashida Tlaib looks like she would
    break a blood vessel someday!!! Get real ! She left Trump’s address
    because she couldn’t stand the truth and success.
    In her nationality there is a lot of inter-marriage. Like first blood cousins. It often affects generation of
    MENTAL ISSUES. I’ve see it. How in the hell did she get elected????

    1. Obama settled people like her in one community after another to get these results. They vote for her because she is one of them. Fill an area with same type thinkers and you get one elected.

    2. the illegal vote & now they want to give all illegals A drivers LIC. that is all you need to vote in most places I am A veteran don’t want illegals here come legally like my great Grand Farther did you call your self A patriot I bet you didn’t have the balls to serve in the military like I did and still do as A VETERAN.

  6. Please go back home..they need more people iike you. You have no place in our hate it and you hate us .We DO NOT LOVE YOU either. Hurry,,,sooner the better.

  7. Well, so much for the embedded, Islamic, Palestinian, terrorist,mouth piece , be ready when the full Communist revolution comes rolling out! In the Name of the Holy One of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

    1. Forest: have you read Das Kapital by Marx, do you know the historical context he was opposed to and do you know what two philosophical theories he relied on – if not do not show your ignorance by accusing others – contrary to trump’s belief that most Muslims are terrorists, talk to those Muslims in our country and you will find that they are opposed to the Muslim terrorists who misinterpret the Koran if you are brave enough to do so.

      1. Joseph if only 0.1% of 1.8 billion Muslims are radicalized into terrorists in this world then we have a potential for 1.8 million terrorists. That is a lot of terrorists world wide at various levels of radicalization some recruit, some support and some become the face of evil. I say work to save the children and women from this culture of death which will turn the hearts of some men. Then we may only have 180,000 terrorists but realize one terrorist is one too many.

  8. Now she understands why I turn the tv off when Adam is talking and Maxine, standing on the podium for support behind Jerry makes me quit eating prime rib. I never thought that could happen to me and Nancy use to be my entertainment but now I feel sorry for her because she is so sick. I know you can tell the mental part but she is kind of yellow like jaundice. Wonder if her liver is okay?


    1. Margo L ONtiveros; No unfortunately patriot( HA) isn’t any of those things. Just another very brainwashed, ignorant Leftists that has no common sense what so ever…

  9. For all of you true African Americans do you really want this filthy mouth slimy racist deplorable communist broad representing you she is not a good human AOC is telling her what to do
    Vote for Trump

  10. Patriot. Everybody sees thru you blindness. And what you don’t see, for one, is back in the early 1700’s we took up arms in order to have a free country. The British weren’t listening and all they wanted was to claim the land, and rights, out from under those who were settling here, to get away from dictatorship. Well we have a president now who can stand up to the corrupt countries and yes to congressmen (women) who are also corrupt. And YES BOTH SIDES. I think you would agree both sides If you don’t then you are really blind. So he may be rough around the edges but he’s trying to rid the swamp, yes both sides. Being a single party supporter is for one reason, to have support and get votes Being intelligent is to look at both sides and realizing the good thing that can result from adult conversations. Childish behavior most lately demonstrated by Pelosi tearing up the Address is common anymore. So. So, what are we teaching our kids???! You talk about Trump but make no comment about Pelosi!! I respect you as a human but Patriot, you need to examine what you’re doing. It’s like talking out of both sides of your mouth
    Have a good day and please respect the President. I know he can be blunt in his ways but he’s not one to back down from other country’s threats and I think he’s got a handle on global economy
    Thank you

    1. You must question your own stupidity, in one sentence you claim we fought for independence from a dictatorship, then you turn around and want Trumpzilla family rule forever “AKA a dictatorship” if that’s not stupidity then what is. Oh I forgot I’m talking to retards that voted for Trumpzilla. “My bad”

      1. Patriot is that what you call yourself. Talking down to people with different opinions just make you narrow minded. You can distort the facts to fit your opinion however the facts remain. Who started the culture of disrespect the police. Causing rise of crime in inner cities. What political party started the KKK? Who started welfare to make individuals dependent on the government and therefore another form of slavery? Who raided social security to give project housing in the inner city and say they are fighting poverty which is the same as it was in the 1960’s.who wants safe zones to take away your freedom of speech if they do not like ehat you say. Who wants to remove your guns like Hitler did to the Jews before rounding them up and sending them to concentration camps? Maybe you will wake up and smell the roses if not do not come crying when you are forced to wait in bread lines or rummage through garbage to get something to eat. Instead of putting people down why don’t you read the bible and learn how to love God and your fellow American. So you can see more clearly. We all will stand before God and be accountable to him alone. We all need to work on understanding and respecting other opinions so we can work together to make American a place we all can live in peace and harmony.

        1. No I’m not talking down to anyone I’m only replying back the exact same way you do about Democrats if you can’t handle the truth don’t come here posting your hate first, if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen, if you can’t run with the big dogs don’t get off the porch, if you can’t keep up on the track don’t exit the pits, just because I won’t buy your lies or trumpzilla’s lies doesn’t make me unAmerican it makes me a PATRIOT standing up to fraudulent facts and lies. If you have a problem with me or Democrats GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY GO TO RUSSIA WHERE YOU’LL BE HAPPIER LIVING WITH TRUMPZILLAS BUDDY PUTIN. GET OVER IT SNOW FLAKES THIS AINT THE COMMUNIST STATES OF AMERICA YET TRUMPZILLA IS TRYING BUT I’LL DO WHAT EVER I CAN TO STOP HIS YOURS COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY.

      2. Patriot! The only thing you bow to is a corrupt pile of Muslim crap slingers like this camel jockey and Obama’s sorry queer but! Grow up or move to those camel countries you adore so well! Maybe you can buy a double humper! You dam sure are no patriot american!

  11. Patriot: Stop with your childish and pathetic name calling! Mike showed you respect when commenting to you.But you attack. You show your low intelligence with every one of your hateful postings ! I will guarantee every Republican posting here has more intelligence and education then you will ever hope to have. Calling people retards.Really?? Grow up and find another site to spew ignorance on…

    1. I would but I’m having too much fun peeing in your Cheerios. Get over it snow flakes I earned my right to be a patriot I served my country unlike cadet coward bone spurs who I’ll never show respect to ever he’s just a POS to me.

      1. Patriot: Again with your childish remarks little man? If your stupid remark,”having too much fun peeing in your Cherrios” is meant as a slight. Or you think you are upsetting me, think again. As I posted before, you are amusing us with your ridiculous comments. Nothing of substance. Just name calling and slurs against our sitting president. And being in the boy scouts doesn’t qualify you to state you served your country . Because a grown ,mature man doesn’t carry on the way you do. And if you still claim you served our country, you never really learned anything. Especially respect.I’m quite sure President Trump would feel the same way about you, a POS. I know I do! Have fun peeing!!!

        1. And yet you just can’t resist posting back to my post, tell me again who’s the pathetic sucker, you voted for Trumpzilla and you want people to think you have superior intelligence, I’m sitting here LMAO. Intelligence That’s a good one hahaha.

          1. Patriot: You’re not baiting me fool. I LOVE that you show EVERYONE here on a Conservative site what a COMPLETE jerk*** you are with your ridiculous, childish remarks ! So keep it up sparky!Just keep going down the line commenting to everyone. We love your stupidity!!

      2. sorry but I don’t believe you served I did 6 years & over 30 years as A veteran in all my years ive never met anyone that served disrespect A sitting President like you do you are nothing but A POS period you are no PATRIOT

  12. I can certainly understand how Ms. Tlaib could tire of the hatred and division in America. She swims in the cesspool of hatred and division all day, every day. Barack Obama was successful at dividing the country in every political, economic, cultural, racial, and religious perspective, and this division has continued exponentially since his departure. Rashida Tlaib, and her compatriot sewer rats in the squad represent the growing infection of the Democrat party.

  13. No way in hell would a Iranian trained Moslem ever agree with any Non socialist Pres. They are pre trained by Iranians and the Islamic leaders well before they invade, immigrate as the Devilrats claiminto America. These two were well trained even better when they were elected to the Congress. They supposedly were just poor Moslem women living the closet life of any Moslem wife but now here that are out spoken, we’ll feed in knowledge of our laws and knowingly just how they can cut us down by our own laws and slam the President and be covered by Democrat backers fo their rants. Does this sound like a poor country Moslem living the true Quran laws women must follow? No way as these are well trained by the likes of Iran or the Moslem Brotherhood as women in Islamic countries don’t get college education unless they are in with or a kin to the top dogs. These two are well placed well educated to find our weaknesses so back in the land of cesspools they can play on our weaknesses. We also have citizen Moslems in Gov. but they to are Quran trained way before they are adults so they too are super informed on our weaknesses and many are closet informers to Islam on all they feel must be given to them. 1990 our congress for president some reason reversed our law stating no Moslem can be voted into any Position in our Gov. this was the start of a downfall letting those who hate us and will even murder all they dream as their enemies of Islam. Who and which party was the one who started this stupid thing and why were they wanting Moslems to gain some if not get higher posts on our Government to continue to move on a take over of this country. Biggest step was to get a Black Moslem who is well trained by Islam or iran into the highest position in our Gov.,they were fully aware we were going soft on those blacks who were big college grads who could speak super well and had a starter background in City,State gov and they found the well trained Ovomit put him in the Devilrat party knowing they would back 98% a black for President. This was step one to start the downfall of this country. It didn’t quite go as planned and in 8 he was finished but in that time he gave much to Islam,Iran and the Moslem Brotherhood. Then they decided that we were going female soft so these two females ran and were elected to try a run to enhance more of the Ovomit try at getting Sheria Law into this country. So fare these two have been failures but they are pushing hate for Trump and the Repubs with the backing of the stinkin Devilrats.

  14. She is triggered by anything that will get her attention. She is an anti American, anti Semite, racist, who does not belong in this country. If she wishes to support terrorists, send her back to Gaza so that she can help. We don’t need her here.

  15. I wonder how people who yell the loudest of being a patriot.hace even earned that right. I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran..I am a patriot 100% I have traveled to many places on the planet and seen what muslims have done in other countries..maybe its about time for others to see first hand how those countries are. Then you can truthfully appreciate our great nation..those that mock me,,well that’s what I fought for..your freedom of speech..but I was taught at a very early age to support my president, no matter if I liked him or not..its the American thing to do..

    1. Jake: Thank you for your service and for showing respect for our sitting president.I was also in Nam during the 60’s and I also marched down south then too for civil rights. Nor am I looking for any praise. But regardless of what we have done, so many young people of today have no idea what showing respect for others mean. Or appreciating all of what our great country stands for. After 911, I saw our whole country standing together and supporting each other. But that didn’t last too long. I am not saying they forgot what happened. But the horror and WHO did this horrible thing to us has lost it’s impact.Hopefully total reason will return and our country will not become part of the NWO.

    2. I’ve also travelled the world in the military I’ve seen first hand the way people live in third world country’s, and ever since Reagen and Reaganomics along with RETARDican rule over 4 decades I’m seeing how that same poverty and desperation for a better life has become the new norm in America today, when I was growing up we had a dream of a better future, today our kids have nothing to look forward to but more misery and poverty, under RETARDican rule the American dream is dead.

    3. thank you Jake couldn’t say it any better. I was born 1961 to young for Vietnam. I joined the service in 1981 honorable discharged 1987 the time when IRAN held our people hostage. REAGAN was running against CARTER for PRESIDENT. he said in A speech if the hostages are not free and he won he would come get them with the full brunt or our MILITARY MIGHT. I said to my self if he won & our people are free I would join the MILITARY. the day he took his OATH of office the hostages got released. so 10DEC1981 I joined because I saw A President with balls. I haven’t seen that in A President since until Donald J Trump. and yes I voted for both of them. I did not vote for Obama never liked him. but never said A bad word about him one way or the other when he was the siting President. like you I was taught at a very young age to respect the office of the President like him/her or not if not say nothing period. now that he is out of office he is fair game.

  16. To Jake: Thank you for your service to our country, to whatever degree you gave it and to wherever you traveled to give it. Both of my brothers saw combat in “Nam” & both came home. I signed up in ’67 but was rejected for medical reasons. Both brothers came home with “agent orange” and eventually died of melanoma cancer at relatively young ages. In the years waiting for their end, and enduring their unending pain they both suffered from the “un-named” and “mis-understood” bouts of unexplained tremors, nightmares, night-sweats, fits of rage and depression. Towards the end they both spent more time at the VA than anywhere else, waiting …., waiting, … and waiting! God Bless You, my friend!

  17. Tlaib is an open borders , Muslim Iranian Sharia Law supporter, who wants America to be a Muslim Communist Sharia Law country, where people work and have No Freedoms, where the Communist Government takes everything, and gives you back, only what they want you to have!

    The people in Stupid Michigan, who voted for her, should be deported to the Middle East!

  18. I do believe America should be able to kick some people OUT OF AMERICA. This B is crazy and as unAmerican as they come. Our dumb Government has given Citizenship to so many people that do not believe in or understand America that we now have “bred Americans” that are as nutty as the country their parents came from. America has been filled with haters and enemies. We should be able to DEPORT the ones like Rashida Tlaib and take away their Citizenship. America MUST STOP keeping Refugees FOREVER and STOP GIVING CITIZENSHIP OUT LIKE CANDY!!!!

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