Leftists Vow To CANCEL Vince Vaughn For Shaking Trump’s Hand?? | Sara Gonzales Unfiltered

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Sara Gonzales REACTS to Leftists freaking out and vowing to CANCEL Vince Vaughn after he… shook Trump’s Hand??

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47 thoughts on “Leftists Vow To CANCEL Vince Vaughn For Shaking Trump’s Hand?? | Sara Gonzales Unfiltered

    1. Agreed Fred Tramutola! Let’s cancel the Democratic (leftist) Party. It has outlived its usefulness…slavery is a has been.

      1. There goes the oh so tolerant left…. what is this? fifth grade? It must be a sad life to be triggered at everything!

  1. I’m going to watch and re-watch every movie he has ever been in! The list of what movies I can watch these days is getting shorter and shorter so this is great news to me!

  2. I like Vince Vaughn movies. He is funny guy and had moral character that’s why he shakes hand of President Donald J Trump. I applaud you Vince.

  3. Who cares?! The left are going to hell so why should anyone follow them?! They are disgusting creatures who only want filthy evil things in this world! They are evil little insignificant trolls! And they are evil!

  4. The leftists are all idiots so nothing they say or do surprises me or 99.9% of other Americans.They so seriously need mental help, because they are all nuts.And I hate to group them all into idiots but anyone who would follow Shifty Schiff or Nervous Nancy has got to be deranged themselves.So if the shoe fits…..

  5. The left are definitely mental cases. Leftism is a serious disease. Good for Vince Vaughn for shaking our President’s hand. If I could I would shake Vince Vaughn’s hand. The left should leave and move to Cuba. A one way ticket.

  6. Just More Proof of the Left DemonRats Moronic Stupidity, nothing but a Bunch of Nincaputs. Just imagine if they ever get back in the WH. NoBummer time all over.

  7. I’m going to go to the movie theater once again the very best time a Vince Vaughn movie comes out and, speaking of hands, if I EVER get any static whatsoever from any spineless, slimy, confused, misguided Dumb-O-Craps, they’re going to get the back of my big Irish hand right across their jive spewing chops so hard that they’ll be spitting Chicklets and crying like little babies!

    1. Oh Yeah!! That he is! All dems are idiots. It is a shame the nonsense they put everyone thru. DONALD TRUMP IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY!! 100% agreed!!

  8. Tell the leftists that no one would shake their hands or go to the movies to see the junk that is coming out of Hollywood and they are all down and out anyway. They are not getting votes in Washington either. From me and many people I know, crawl back into your holes.

  9. How exactly is the left going to “cancel” Vince Vaughn? Has he been “blacklisted?” Oh, wait, I forgot that’s what happened in the 1940s when those who were suspected of being communist, almost always without real proof, found themselves unemployed. So what is the left going to do against Vaughn? This article with his wild-eyed bimbo doesn’t actually say. No wonder there’s a question mark on the headline. No proof at all. Innuendo is enough.

  10. If this one hospitable gesture on Vaughn’s part is so enraging to the left, it proves how small and hateful their minds are. The left is the dividers of this country, the people who cannot stand others disagreeing with them wholeheartedly. What has happened to freedom of speech and freedom to be hospitable with one’s President?

  11. BUT……………….The crazies on the Left THINK IT’S OK that the Hollyweird MORON, Robert DeNero runs his mouth against the President on a regular basis had has NO respect for him or the Office of President !!???

  12. Good going Vince. We will still go to see your movies and ignore the Libs who want to cancel you. They can’t do it with real Americans on your side.

  13. To shake ANYONE’S hand to me, is being nice and respectable but to shake the had of President Trump is a wonderful and special experience.

  14. Personally I stopped watching ANY so called actor or actress who disparages the President, especially DUH NIRO. Just recently stopped watching Young Sheldon because he supports Hanoi Jane. But I will watch all of Vaughns movies now along with the few who at least show some respect to the President. I would suggest all 60 million of us deplorables do the same, we need to show Hellywood we’re done with their Socialist views and insults toward us !!

  15. To all the Hollyweirds, if the leftist socialist agenda comes into power, who will have money to pay to watch your silly movies? You do know that you would be forced into making communist propaganda films and will not be paid for them. Your money will be “nationalised” that’s a fancy term for confiscated. Here in Florida we have a lot of Venezuelan millionaires that took their money and ran before the socialist regime got too far along. Maybe you Hollyweirds should talk to them.

  16. Hey, what would you dinks have said if we had done this kind of nonsense about people shaking hands with Barry? Morons! Intolerant tyrants! They do have one of them running in the form the bug-eyed dictator Bernie who uses the words “will not tolerate” FAR too often> That is a USSR style of speaking. He points his finger too hard and often too.

  17. Vince Vaughn, you have nothing to worry or think about ! Most Americans have your back anyway ! Very refreshing to find an intelligent actor as you ! You’re an awesome actor , love your sense of humor, too !

  18. The left are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Who cry file every time. They see something that they did not like I hear something they did not like they have a hissy fit like a little bunch of kids have someone taken away their candy when will they grow up my guess is never

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