Pelosi FINALLY CRACKS! Look When She’ll Hand Over The Impeachment Articles For GOOD!

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Eric A. Blair from The Gateway Pundit reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday once again refused to hand over the two articles of impeachment against President Trump, seeking to try to exert control over the coming Senate trial.

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37 thoughts on “Pelosi FINALLY CRACKS! Look When She’ll Hand Over The Impeachment Articles For GOOD!

  1. It Pelosi that should be impeached with all her falsehoods and lies !

    President Trump is the very best man in the White House since President Reagan !!!

    All the best to our President Trump !!

    1. True on Reagan! Sadly, the Dem’s last decent American/patriot POTUS was JFK, loooongg time ago…..I don’t see any improvement in that any time soon. Especially when looking at who among the now 40-50 of them running for the WH in Nov.

      1. and even Kennedy was a pervert who had sex in the white house with another women while his wife was there. All democrats for all time are sicko perverts. At least Kennedy argued against the affirmative action law on the basis of racism. He understood that much. now the Democrats think that if yo say affirmative action is racist you are the racist. They are unbelievably stupid and they just cant stop lying. they lie about everything. I swear they would lie about the color of shirt they are wearing, if there was any political advantage, then they would claim you are a racist liar who hates the color they claimed the shirt was,

    2. All the house dems that supported the phony impeachment have to be removed from all U.S. government & preferably removed from the U.S.A. with no return …. !

  2. I’m sorry but I could not watch the video. Just the mere sight of her and the sound of her voice sends anger through me. President Trump is the best President America has ever had. He needs to have the power to be able to dump pelosi out on her ear. She is a corrupt liar and needs to get on her broom and fly to another country forever.

    1. Pelosi & her Dems members need to be ousted by vote with time limits for all Congress members. We need people in Congress that represent the American people & not their career.

    2. Absolutely , her conduct is DISGRACEFULL !! and has brought U.S. politics into DISREPUTE !! and unfortunately the “LAUGHING STOCK” !! iun the Eyes of the World !!

    3. Cowgirl ( love the name ) I am of the same thought about madam Kelley! There is something strange and VERY wrong with this person. Her time has long since past and there should be a gathering to start having her IMPEACHED for REAL reasons which before her actions and statements. She is dangerous and should NOT be Speaker, when she can’t speak one short sentence in which she makes no sense at all!v and taxpayers pay her salary. Now and till she is no more!I pray that Trump is re elected and the House is taken back AND wins the Senate again. There is going to be CHEATING at the Polls and there had better be ‘over seers’ at each and every Polling booth. The DemocRATs just CANNOT win, Period. Start planning people???

        1. Sylvia, no problem for the typo, I knew what you were saying. I agree with you 100%, there will be so much voter fraud going on. That is a huge worry. There should be a way that Republicans can be at every polling precinct to keep things straight. We need strict voter ID laws and voting by e-mail should not be allowed. The democRATS will stop at nothing to get President Trump out. I also pray that President Trump will be re-elected. America and Americans depend on it.

  3. I agree, Pelosi and all of the Demonrat Liberal TRAITORS are criminals, Liars, and worse. . .strutting, self important tin-plated Dictator wannabes and ALL of them, including their boot lick media owners and “editors” are guilty of subversion, sedition, and a multitude of TREASONS. All Demonrats should be rounded up, arrested, tried, convicted, and executed on the front steps of Congress for their treasons and Organized Crime crap they foist off on the American people on a daily basis. Demonrats demand that it is their “right” to commit treason and that they are above every law even if they are the ones making the law. Death 3 times over is too good for them. Unfortunately, the punishment for their crimes and treasons is death by hanging by the neck until dead, dead, dead.

    1. Anyone want to bet those same lying, self-serving Democraps will get re-elected. I just took an AARP driving refresher course and got a certificate. There should be a test one can take before being allowed to vote as most of the people who elect these a——s say, “Oh, here’s a name I’m familiar with.”

      1. David. As far as I am concerned, there should be extensive testing PRIOR to getting ANY Government job!
        That should take care of the Pelousy’, Waters, Schifty, Schumer and the rest of the DumbcRATS.. when you apply for ANY job you go through testing. Yes, they are elected but that could be a provision in the process, before being sworn in to office and make it a law! There are too many starry eyes wanna bees in Government. Money is too easy to come by which also has to be investigated and/or stopped, IMHO!
        Just a thought?

  4. Let’s vote Donald Trump back as president in November and vote republicans for house and senate. This will let Nancy and Adam Schiff know where we Americans stand. No president has done as much for our country as Trump has. I am so sorry he has been treated like he has.

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