Whoa! Eric Swalwell Curves On Impeachment!

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Henry Rodgers from The Daily Caller reports, California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell on Tuesday said he has not made a decision yet about whether President Donald Trump should be impeached, after previously calling for his impeachment.

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12 thoughts on “Whoa! Eric Swalwell Curves On Impeachment!

  1. Swalwell should visit the VIEW and have a FARTING contest with Whoppi Goldberg!

    Joy Behar can be the judge, although she has been use to Whpppi’s gas warfare!
    Maybe Chris (THE DYED BLONDE) Matthews can also officiate!!!
    He caught Swalwell on his show!

    All those colored greens!!!!!

  2. How much is this costing the United States tax payers? For the last 3 years that’s all the Democrat’s have done! Another wasted effort to Impeach the President.
    Why is nobody concerned about what Trump was concerned about in the 2016 Election and how Biden played a part in that? Enquiring mind’s want to know!!

  3. Is anyone running against him next year? I’m in his district; ran against Pete Stark in 1978.
    Age 93; no longer drive, and hardly hear. BART Director 14 years. (1974-1988).
    I cannot run but would like to see if anyone files.

    Prefer this not be posted.

  4. BS, SWALWELL YOU ARE SHIFTY SCHIFF RIGHT HAND MAN , You have been spouting impeachment for 3 years just like your master shifty schiff you wannabe

  5. Swalwell is a disease. He and Shiff, Nadler, Palosi and all the Demonrats are total FARTS and their crooked PARTY is finished. Pres. Trump will wipe them out in 2020 election.

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