Would You Stand In Front Of A Driverless Uber?

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The Uber self-driving car that struck and killed a pedestrian in 2018 was unable to detect and adjust for jaywalking, according to the NTSB. Advocates for self-driving cars tout their convenience and safety, even as researchers say “the expectation of zero fatalities with self-driving vehicles is not realistic.” What are the implications of driverless cars for pedestrian safety? RT America’s Michele Greenstein reports for the News with Rick Sanchez. She also examines what such cars will mean for vanishing US jobs and surveillance creep.

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5 thoughts on “Would You Stand In Front Of A Driverless Uber?

  1. NOOOOO! . . . That was a STUPID question (I can’t believe we’re HAVING this conversation . . . ). Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  2. No, I would not purposely stand in front of a moving driverless car. However, I do think a valuable addition to cars is a warning/avoidance system that warns drivers of obstacles and hazards ahead and helps them avoid hitting something.

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