Schiff Responds To House GOP Members Wanting Hunter Biden To Testify

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Gillian and Leland breakdown the impeachment inquiry process as Rep. Adam Schiff responds to Republicans’ witness list.

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57 thoughts on “Schiff Responds To House GOP Members Wanting Hunter Biden To Testify

  1. Article 1 section 3: The Senate shall have SOLE power to try all impeachments. They should turn over all evidence at the request of the Senate immediately including all the names and testimony they have collected. If not the Senate should start a trial to impeach those not complying with the Constitution.

    1. Richard, A+++ We are witnessing Schifty Adam and prancy Pedolousy exposing themselves like bratty little kids at a dinner party their parents were invited to. The parents of the two brats will NOT be invited to the next soiree.

    2. It also say that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall preside and No person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present. Judgement in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office. This means congress can not put anybody in jail/prison. Now they can be charged for the crimes they committed, but it has to a crime that is against the law and not a Democrat/Republican MADE UP law. It has to be a law that is on the books. Then they would go through the regular judicial system and congress would have nothing to do with it.

    3. Right. If Schiff says, ‘no’ and I think that is likely, doesn’t that indicate that this is another stalling tactic?

    4. There are two trials . First the House votes . If they vote FOR IMPEACHMENT , it THEN goes to Senate for a presumably SIMILAR process , with FLIPPED Majorities . Doubt it goes too far . IT’S gone on WAY TOO LONG ALREADY !!

      1. They are not expecting it to go that far, they just want people to repeatedly hear President trump broke the law, The case being if they hear it enough they will believe it. It really is amazing those that are gullible enough to believe anything the national media says. They just want to drag him through the mudd long enough to smear his name before the election. Shame on all those involved, and shame on those RINOs that have gone along with this. This country is doing better than it has in quit some time at least 12 to 15 years! The Democrats can’t stand it!

  2. SCHIFF is CONTROLLING this and he shouldn’t be, he’s already LIED!!!!! I don’t trust a single thing he says. AND twisting the facts of the call. WE AS AMERICANS should want to know if BIDEN a presidential candidate did Illegal dealings. He’s ALREADY admitted he withheld aid until prosecutor was fired what else happened??? I’m reading a lot happened, and it appears that the Democrat’s are protecting HUNTER and JOE!!!!
    STAND aside Democrat’s we will prove without a shadow of a doubt that exactly what happened!!!

    1. Not only what you said, but every president that ever made agreements with other countries would also be guilty of what they are trying to impeach Trump for doing. ALL deals are you do this for us and we will do this for you. That is deal making. The Democrats are so stupid.

      1. At least the DEMOKRAUTS were well paid .
        Hillary pulled down a cool $150 MILLION from Putin’s Oligarchs for HER C.G.I. , for SNEAKING the “URANIUM ONE” SCAM through , WHILE Obama told Heir Mueller to STAND DOWN , on his “ROSATOM INVESTIGATION” , so the DEAL could be done !
        OUR GUYS go over THERE and don’t even get a T-Shirt !!!

    1. We need to change the law so that it is illegal to lie to the american people. Then we could toss this shiftyschiff in jail asap.

      1. AGREE!! If Gen Flynn or any member of the public can be jailed for lying to the Gov’t then it is only right that members of the congress and other Gov’t officials who lie to the public should also be jailed.

  3. The whole impeachment inquiry is a sham, so why not bring Hunter Biden and the Democrats spy (whistleblower) into it, because it’ll show who’s really guilty.

    1. SCHIttY schiff has too be getting a huge paycheck. He has been bought by deep state.anyine curious as too who might be check signer? With Revelations of Kelly tillerson etc.. and the state Dept OBAMAO gang. Which all should of been fired with Clinton and her piece of ***, bedin. Selling America. Pakistan spies Chinese spies. Ukraine spies, Russian spies. All first name basis with ALL DEMOCRATS AND USA AGENCIES

  4. This is another worthless sham incited by Schiff to try and remove an honestly elected president. He should be impeached himself for wasting the people’s tax dollars on his second attempt to remove the people’s president.

    1. Criminal Corrupt, Swamp Snake, #Worlds Liar, Drama Queen Schiff, thinks he GOD.
      Schiff better stop with his FAKE, FRAUD COMMUNIST IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY, because he will be punished together with Pelosi, Nadler, Walters and all Evil DemoRATS INVOLVED by OUR ALMIGHTY GOD.

    2. Agree! Section 3 of Amendment XIV of the Constitution states: ” No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress . . . shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion > . . .” I consider that Schiff, Palosi, Nadler, Walters, and the rest of the gang have engaged in rebellion and should be removed under this provision of the Constitution.

  5. We need to change the law so that it is illegal to lie to the american people. Then we could toss this shiftyschiff in jail asap.

  6. It’s going to get investigated so why not save the tax payers money and question now? You wouldn’t think of what the people want would you

  7. I may be naive but I do not really have and faith that the system will work as it should.In all my 80 years I cannot remember a time when the country was so F—– up. The sad part is that i do not think the average American really cares as long as it does not interfere with the sale at the mall.

  8. Why is the senate sitting on their hands and letting the Democratic’s dictate how this impeachment should be run, everyone knows that is nothing but a shame they should step in and put an end to it the American people as myself are sick and tired of all their lies so that they can try and turn our country into a democratic rule country instead of peoples free country enough end it let president Trump keep doing the good job he has been doing.

  9. Re; dated message above. ‘Richard says: November 11, 2019 at 9;41 pm’ Where is Richard to be saying “Article 1…………
    Is he somewhere over sea to be that far ahead of us here in NE? Or I didn’t know that Congress will be be in session in 4+ hrs from now. After all isn’t it Veterans Day?
    I know that I am getting old, but this mention does not make much sense to me.

  10. I do not understand why democrats are not happy to see Americans are doing good and having a better life and a good economy and everyone has a job and score country, what is wrong abut the democrat party?

  11. This is rediculous why are they keep coming out of the sewers with their lies they really think they are the supreme beings and the rest of us are really stupid I just don’t believe they cannot be stopped from spewing their ridiculous lies

  12. I also submit my belief that any attempt to remove a duly elected president by what can be considered a coup should be considered TREASON.


    1. It is very odd that the Dems and Adam Schitt should speak of justice . They themselves are violating any rules of justice and a fair trial . Our legal system states that a man is entitled to confront his accuser(s) and is permitted to call any witness who may have a bearing or information in regards to his case .Yet little Adam seems to think he can do exactly as he pleases and violate those rights . Sorry Adam , that may be your way but it is not the American way .

  14. It is very odd that the Dems and Adam Schitt should speak of justice . They themselves are violating any rules of justice and a fair trial . Our legal system states that a man is entitled to confront his accuser(s) and is permitted to call any witness who may have a bearing or information in regards to his case .Yet little Adam seems to think he can do exactly as he pleases and violate those rights .

  15. Untill the pencil neck gang can show actual hard core truth then this is nothing more than DevilRats showing just how much they hate Pres Trump thinking if he were to be impeached Clinton could step in as Pres but that thinking is totally wron,g as we do have a V P. THEN THEY WILL TRY IMPEACHING HIM SO Ug Pelosi could be in the Oval Office then a huge civil uprising would remove her and revote Trump back as President. This is the worst political scandal in American history. I personally hope the final outcome is that the Democrat socialist Party is done away with for good. This is a coup and we voters are fully aware it is as most all countries around the world know it is.ovomit an d Clinton have done the same things and nothing was done just now they deem it a impeachable offense and all because the rigged the election in Clinton’s favor and TRUMP scobbed her knob.

  16. The impeachment is a bunch of crap! Shifty Adam Schiff shouldn’t be over anything. He shouldn’t even be a member of Congress. I believe the truth will come out and Schiff with most if not all the Democrat party will go the way of the dinosaur.

    1. I can not see why Shiff is on the intelligence committee. He doesn’t have the intelligence to even be on “Clean-up doggie 💩 committee”

  17. Both SENILE Pelosi and dog pile SCHIFF should be led away in HANDCUFFS for SEDITION, TREASON and PERJURY to a prison cell in LEAVENWORTH (military prison) ASAP, if not SOONER as per the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  18. O.k. Here’s my take on this Judas court: AG William Barr’s investigations are beginning to bear fruit. The swamp dwelling bottom feeders knew when the Clinton Mafia was on the verge of.blowing the election they were in trouble. The last eight years had been an unprecedented free for.all.with graft, feather bedding, nepotism and criminal acts unchecked. They had made huge deals predicated on another four years of good times and possibly another four. Selling of federal forest lands and BLM controled.lands and leases were netting the Demo Corporation millions not to mention payouts for.loosening the controls on the banking industry, mining of.uranium, kickbacks for illegal immigrant labor, payouts.from the trucking industry, the list is unbelievable. Examples.such as Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Pelosi, Schumer shining couple Barry and Mike Obama who started out with barely a million dollars or less managed to come away with at least forty eight million dollars that we.know of. I am willing to bet.there are Swiss accounts involved consisting of hundreds of billions of.dollars of YOUR money. Eight years of.possibly the worst economy in decades with frozen wages and and.the windfall profits to insurance companies as they danced a jig to the banks to the tune of.the affordable care act. In the mean time big Pharma was.raking it in with both hands raising the cost of those drugs still under patent S.high as four hundred.times the previous cost. Remember epi pens? Bottom line is these criminals and leaders of.the Democratic Cartel have one and only one shot at staying in business and.maybe even out of jail. They KNOW they gotta get Trump before he gets them. Just saying ….

  19. When are the dems going to be held accountable for all their illegal activities. This fraud has gone on long enough. It is truly a shame, we taxpaying citizens are being scammed by the same people we elect to public office. I for one am sick and tired of of it. Get out and vote and vote for the one’s that are going to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, before we lose it!!!!

  20. Okay, which of these reply’s are u trump himself and the rest must be his family. I don’t think any of these reply’s are from the regular citizen. All the evidence that has been found, linking trump to the very people he claims not to have been involved with. trump is the guy that has Putin on speed dial. Now are any of the people that have brought sham to the USA part of the impeachment group? No there all trumps people. How many of his election camp have been put in jail or had all their honor taken from them? trump keeps trying to get everyone to look at Biden or the Clintons, or any one else he can get the heat off himself by blaming them for the crooked deeds he is doing.

  21. This sham is a disgrace.Schiff and Pelosi should be impeached. Schiff is a liar and the American people know it.Just because the Democrats are going to lose in 2020 and they know it doesn’t mean they should destroy our President.He is the best President we have had in a long time.Furthermore the Democrats do not have a decent candidate to run in 2020.They are all pitiful!!!!!.I thank God I am not a Democrap.The hate has got to stop or jealousy,whatever you want to call it.What is wrong with this world? There are too many Godless people in this world today.I have several grandchildren and am worried about the world they are being brought up in and what they are being taught.There is too much brain washing in the colleges today.Several of my grandchildren are still in college.lI pray for them .every day and I pray for President Trump.

  22. This whole impeachment by the Demoncrats is BS. But I guess if the Constitution says “high crimes and misdemeanors” they have the right to impeach, but for what, if Trump says something they don’t like, if Trump gets a parking ticket, if he’s caught stealing a cookie, how about if he farts and pollutes the air? If the Demoncrats want to impeach him for something totally stupid, just remember what goes around comes around !!

  23. Schiff and Nancy P , Waters and all other Democrats need to be voted out.
    San Francisco is the worstest in California right now. And going to get worse after this new election.. Another Soser lol idiot was elected..
    If people don’t start paying attention to what’s being said and Vote Good Republicans in the whole country will look like San Francisco,and Venezuela , it’s like they don’t care enough to pay attention to what’s going on right in front of them .

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