Pelosi, Schiff Hold Press Conference On Trump Impeachment Inquiry

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gathers media on Capitol Hill. Pelosi suggested earlier today that she may have a statement on a formal vote to begin the House’s impeachment probe. #FoxNewsLive #FoxNews

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14 thoughts on “Pelosi, Schiff Hold Press Conference On Trump Impeachment Inquiry

  1. This made my day! I knew it was another Hoax or whatever you want to call it. Made up lies by the Dems against Trump, etc. I am glad none of us have to be put thru An Impeachment Trial, etc., espec ially Donald
    Trump who doesn’t deserve all this. Let him run this country without so much garbage thrown at him everyday by the Opposition Party, etc.

  2. This goes beyond dirty tricks, this is criminal behavior which requires justice. When the GOP rescues this wonderful country from this infestation of vermin, I think that the vermin will be on the run from legal repercussions.

    1. Yeah! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. First it was No Quid Pro Quo, then It Was! When America decides to Rescue Itself From a Bit Of trump TRASH, It’s that Oval Office LYING SICKO CRAP who will be on the run from either a Prison Cell or a Padded Cell Either One Of Which Is Where He Certainly Belongs!!

  3. This woman is standing up there and lying through her false teethe that’s the president asked for help from Ukraine President to win the upcoming election. Liar, liar, liar. Also your subpoenas mean nothing when you are running a sham operation for impeachment which you are doing so sneaky and underneath because you have nothing on the president and you are digging and hoping to maybe find something. As far as syria goes you are not the president and you need to mind your own business. Also your Schitt is a liar and he is always ing h ha evidence on the president committing crimes. You have yet to prove your lies and I hope Schitt will be found guilty of creating falsehoods and manipulating an election and other crimes Schitt will be proven to have committed like manipulating a witness. You are also only leaking bits and pieces of the testimonies of your witnesses to sway things to make you look good and Trump look bad. You are a Bunch of cowards and cannot stand up to aTrump campaign so you lie you cheat you connive. You will lose and you will be the downfall of the democrats.

      1. What has The dully elected President of the United States ever done to you that makes you hate him so much, If you work you have more money to take home or did you not take the tax cut, He has put more people to work (lowest unemployment in years, got more jobs back from China, TRYING TO SUCURE OUR COUNTRY THAT ALL THE DEMOCRATS DIDS NOT DO THAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD secure our borders, now who is the LIERS??? YOU can not be a Christion with hate in your heart.


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