Hannity: Pelosi Doesn’t Really Have The Votes To Impeach Trump

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delays official vote on impeachment probe. #Hannity #FoxNews

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76 thoughts on “Hannity: Pelosi Doesn’t Really Have The Votes To Impeach Trump

  1. How can any sane person even consider impeaching the best president we have had in ages. Ronald Reagan was the last one I truly felt secure with. I also liked JFK, but I think the murder was an “inside job”. He was the last time I cast my vote for any Democrat. They all are overbearingly deranged.

      1. Pelosi is waiting for the hand grenade that Trump’s tax returns will provide. When you complain about nepotism, you conveniently forget Trump’s sons.


      1. Trump is the worst president America has ever had. His word is worthless. He’s beholden to Putin because without his help, Trump wouldn’t have been elected He also needs Putin’s friendship to be able to borrow money since no US bank will do business with him. He has dumped a valuable ally, condemning Kurds to ethnic cleansing. The US will never get another ally as long as he’s in office. He has made the Statue of Liberty meaningless with his atrocious treatment of immigrants, and he even suggested shooting innocent people because they were immigrants. He has violated very precept Christ gave us. According to the FEC Chair, he violet election law when he solicited help from foreign nationals. He will be impeached by Thanksgiving and Pence will have his job by Valentine’s day.

        1. you’re hitting that crack pipe again Steve. You should be careful so that you dont fry that one last democratic brain cell that you have left

        2. I SUPPOSE YOU THOUGHT BARACK WAS A GREAT PRESIDENT. HE HAD SO MUCH CORRUPTION SURROUNDING HIM THAT IF YOU LOOK UP THE WORD CORRUPTION IN WEBSTERS YOU FIND HIS PICTURE. PROBLEM WITH YOU IS YOU A SPENT TO MUCH TIME INDULGING IN THE ANTI TRUMP STUFF INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED. JUST IMAGINE WHAT HE COULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED IF THE DEMS WOULD HAVE TRULY BEEN BI PARTISAN ACCORDING TO THE fec chair he violated election law for accepting foreign nationals, you need to wake up and research what you print before you start spouting out crap. Barry O accepted more Foreign national money than any other President in US History for the purpose of getting elected and re elected The US will always have allies we have the money everyone wants. It is people like you that make the statue of Liberty worthless Your condoning the start of a socialist society with your vote. Mark my words there will be no impeachment of the President due to lack of creditable evidence and Nancy and Adam will fade into history as the 2 who tried to overthrow the government

        3. Steveo where do you get your information, from the Democrats, or from a unmarked UFO! Anybody in their right mind could see he is a good President, and doing a Good job! People like You have made the Statue Of Liberty Meaning less. do you like giving our hard earned money away, me and a lot of others have paid taxes, and Social Security in for 55 years or better, and I am still paying into Social security, do people like you enjoy giving our money away? Our kids will not have any by the time some of the Democrats get done, they spend like no tomorrow, and by the way Obama, a Democrat shot our Deficit up Trillions of dollars when he was in, now what party was he, was he a Democrat or was he not! You illiterate people blame all of this on the Republican Party, and so does Pelosi, and she also blames this stuff on the Senior Citizens, and she borrowed money out of our Social Security, that we paid in to pay for a stupid Impeachment, that should not be going on, as they have been after him, ever since he won the election, now do not tell me they have not, as they have! Obama and Clinton’s did more to harm our Government than he ever has, and they have gotten away with it, now do not tell me they have not, they did not even get a dang hand slapping!

        4. Your are insane, you talk like you weren’t born here, you want the working men and women to keep supporting the worthless bumps that have never and will never work go back to where you came from.


        1. Yes I have. We haven’t had a corrupt president since the late 19th century. Trump is a scofflaw who violates the emoluments clause of the Constitution every day, and according to the FEC Chair, when he asked Zelensky and China.to help him with his upcoming election, he violated election law criminally, which is going to get him impeached and convicted with Romney’s help; he has 10 probable guiltily votes of the 20 needed for a conviction, including Pence, who would really, really like to be president.

        1. His birth certificate showed he had a legal right to run; Trump has sucked you in with one of the lies he tells every 30 minutes, on average. His lies are the main reason that no US bank will lo a n him money; his word is worthless.

          1. Truth be told, Barry was actually born in Indonesia!!!!!! Just follow the time line. Not what is being told on TV. And besides, ask any Indonesian, they loving it. They’re the one who’s loving it. 10 years ago they have an Indonesian sitting in the White House.

    2. If the “democrat” antagonists really care about this country, they would spend their time doing constructive things instead of opposing, Trump’s work to Make America Great Again.

  2. Of course she doesn’t. That’s why she won’t call for an impeachment vote. Because, as soon as she does that allows the Republicans to subpoena witnesses. This way she continues to push for it without letting the Repubs play ball.

    1. It is a win either way for our president.
      If they vote to impeach, the base and more will be shown the truth.
      If they fail to vote, they prove the impeachment attempt a sham.
      Trump 202 and beyond.

    2. Read Article 2 of the Constitution to learn there is no requirement for such a vote. Actually, I think she’s waiting for the hand grenade hidden in his tax returns.

      1. A person’s tax return is very private. My wife and I file a joint return, and she and I are the only people, other than the IRS, who have any legal or moral right to have access our tax return. The same applies to The President of the United States, Donald Trump. It has nothing to do with prior politicians turning over their tax returns for public view.

      1. Sounds like most of Congress needs to be removed. I have never in my life seen such a disrespectful Congress. We are paying them to work for our country and ever since Trump won the election, they have held him back from doing good things for our country but thank God, he has done more than any President in years. How dare for people to want us to vote who was the best President. Obama and Clinton did nothing but shame us and put us in more debt.

    1. She has at least 50 IQ points on the nimrod who is your hero. She has read the Constitution; its 8500 words makes it too long for him. No country will agree to become a US ally as long as he’s in office. He has destroyed the meaning of the Statue of Liberty. The wall he loves so much won’t work; the one in San Diego has been breached by over 750 tunnels averaging 10 miles, most with air conditioning and trains.

      1. Actually, Looney Pelosi has handlers to tell her what her name is and that she needs to put one foot in front of the other to walk. And that was before she got Dementia. Steve is a stupid liberal tool. Hey Steve, here’s a question; “How’s that Russian collusion coming along?”. BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

  3. I believe Donald Trump is the worst person ever to serve as President of the USA. We need to do away with the Electoral vote, and go with the Popular vote. We need to place term limits (One Term) on all Federal officials, including the President. They all spend most of their time getting re-elected. We should change the qualification for President. The candidates for President should all have to serve 4 year on active duty in one branch of the military.

    1. Doing away with the electoral vote would mean that the large populated states would have all the control in deciding who is president. Even Ruth Ginsburg recently discounted the idea of eliminating the Electoral College. People who want to do away with the system would undermine the Constitution and render this republic into something very different. The founding fathers thought out numerous pitfalls that would harm this nation, and the Electoral College was one of those factors.

      1. delete the electoral vote and watch southern states leave the union along with some western states because their vote would be nil in the against the large states like NY Cal ohio and a couple of high folks in number the rest will be left behind.Think that is going to rub a bunch the wrong way?

        OLD Sarge SFC ret

    2. You sound like a Democrap. If any current law or procedure doesn’t help your Democraps, change it so it does. There is nothing broke. It has been working for hundreds of years. And it was not a problem,when Clinton, Obummer and others were in the WH. Now that President Trump is President, it is ignorant uneducated fools like you and the Demon Democraps, who want to put their thumbs on the scale. Pure, unadulterated ignorance. Unamerican. Socialists pigs, one and all.

    3. Can you provide three valid reasons, and not MSM talking points, to backup your “worst person ever” statement?

      The only changes I would have is a third congressional body for mediation purposes. When two of three bodies agree you have a better chance at honest legislation. No more internal oversight committees, all outside non-partisan oversight.

      I will await your valid reasons for “worst person ever” comment.

    4. First, Tom-I respect your ‘belief’-but I, believe you are totally wrong about our President! Please, review, what he has achieved in just 3/yrs.-even against the ‘Socialist/Democrat hordes, that were ‘shell-shocked’-when ‘illary’ (the chosen one)-did not win! Trump has fulfilled every ‘promise’, that he campaigned on & is continuing to fulfill more promises, each day! But that is your choice & every American, has that opportunity. As for eliminating the Electoral Vote for the Popular Vote-that will not ever happen! Only because, our Founders, were, incredibly intelligent & ‘forward-thinking’! Even in the 1700’s, those brilliant Men, ‘knew’, that elections, should be ‘fair’-for ALL the Citizens of the USA! A ‘Popular’ vote-is just what it states-‘Popularity’! Just, like in High School! WHO, is the ‘MOST POPULAR”? There are 50 States, in the USA. Most States are mid-sized, or ‘small’. Each state, has ‘representatives’ according to the Population, of each State. The # of Representatives, is ‘awarded’, by the # of Citizens-in each State’. Therefore States like NY, California, Texas, etc., have many more ‘Electoral Votes’, than the smaller States! So, the Founders, in their Wisdom-‘evened’ the score! And, that has been ‘successful’, since , 1777! The Electoral College, gives ‘Every State’-an ‘even Break’! Popular Votes, always lead to mayhem!

    5. No Tom the Popular vote does not represent the country!! The popular vote come from the over populated county’s with people looking for simple hand out, they don’t want to earn their keep in american and the do not help out any way.

    6. A constitutional amendment requires the approval of 38 state legislatures and governors plus 2/3’s of Congress. Requirements aren’r gonna change, but I like your idea.

  4. You know why Democrats are so mad to President Trump because he speaks the truth that targets their lies that they live on.

  5. In spite of what Pelosi and Adam Shiff say, They are never going to impeach President Donald Trump…Their aim is to discredit him and pretend to their constituents, that President Trump is trying to rig the 2020 election…They claim he is rthe worst President we ever had and he is a racist and is deliberately trying to divide the nation…We have to be strong and block out all the negativity and biased remarks the low life Democraps are saying about a great man and President…We must vote into office in 2020 or our country will go the way of Venezuela did…Too bad this country has freedom of speech, it has fostered the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Ocasio Cortez, and her rat pack…Along with voting President Trump into office we must vote out the likes of the aforementioned names above…

    1. the nation is being divided because of demoRATS being instagerters and refusing to come to the table and talk it out. Might find both parties are on the same sheet.

  6. I was at the Trump rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana in May, 2016 just before the Indiana primary. By winning it, Trump basically cemented his GOP nomination, and Ted Cruz put his campaign on hold as a result.
    A song that is usually played at Trump rallies near the end as people are filing out is the Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What Your Want. I believe this is played to remind people that although Trump’s style is not always what people desire, he usually provides meaningful solutions. As the song says, ” You can’t always get what you want …. But you might just get what you NEED.”

  7. pelosi is play a game, she knows that all the talk is BUNK, schittff is all BULLSCHITT, the truth is a million miles away, she is holding open the gate until she can get another bogus lie, false information , and stir the rumor and innuendo pot, right near the election, to get the voters that sit on the line as whether to vote RED of blue. She has no real game but the BULLSCHITT game,

  8. DEMOBRATS and the DEEP STATE hate Trump, because trump is taking their hands out of our pockets, to keep their FILTHY MITS OFF OUR MONEY!!!

  9. The present so called “impeachment” process, will last until the 2020 elections, just like the “Russian Conspiracy” lasted 2.5 years, in order to keep all the people around the country preoccupied with the “immorality” and the ambiguity of the entire behavior. It is clearly the strategy of the Democrats to hold our duly elected president with his hands tied behind his back, in order to only create the impression of any “wrong doing” and prevent him for functioning as a normal president, who has the right to take presidential decisions. So far, in almost three years, the Democrat leaders did not agree with the current president, on any decision he took so far.

  10. Well there Steve if you and all like you don’t like it here get the hell out.You all believe in open borders,climate change,weapons confiscation,free healthcare for illegals and all that Democrat horse crap.Give up your citizenship and get the hell out of my country.Leaveand don ‘t come back.We won’t miss you or your fellow morons.SCREW.

  11. History lesson. Statue of Liberty stands for LEGAL immigration. I am a proud American born of LEGAL immigrants. Illegal anything is just that, illegal.

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