Brit Hume: If The Impeachment Inquiry Is Perceived As Unfair Then House Democrats Have A Problem

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Republicans slam ‘secrecy’ of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry; reaction from Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume.

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7 thoughts on “Brit Hume: If The Impeachment Inquiry Is Perceived As Unfair Then House Democrats Have A Problem

  1. The Democrat Party of today reminds me of a British comedic film quite some time ago. The name of the film was “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight” and portrayed a gang of petty thieves , each screwing up worse than the next one.
    The Dems are practically following the dumb, petty crook script of that film to the letter. Except for the fact that no one is laughing at today’s sad showing of political lack of any integrity.

  2. What The Dumbocrates are doing is starting Another Civil War that They Cannot and Will not win. Way to Many True Red Blooded AMERICANS from All Parts of AMERICA that is Ready just waiting for The Right moment and just as after WWII AMERICA starts back doing Rigours Interviewing with Anyone Coming to AMERICA to live so We Can prevent Communism, Socialism, and Islamic People from entering AMERICA to try Over Throwing AMERICA’S CONSTITUTION as The Dumbocrates and The Squad of Pigs along with AOC are trying now. I know Exactly how AMERICA can solve This Problem right now it Takes We The People Uniting as One. These Dumbocrates have been tearing Our Family Morals apart with The Welfare System. They give more benefits to Families with The Father out of The Home. They have done this through years of Separating Us AMERICANS. For They know as long as We are Separated They have the upper hand. Come on AMERICA and it is nothing about Race Creed or Color for We All Bleed Red let Us Unite Together and Take AMERICA BACK FROM THE TYRANT GOVERNMENT this is The Main Reason for The 2nd Amendment and look how bad The Dumbocrates want Law Abiding CITIZENS of AMERICA’S Guns because They know that They can control Us that is All They want is Control for if They get Control like They want We All will be Slaves to Them and Under Their Complete Control.

  3. There are ‘impeachment protocols’ that must be meet. One being, ” A House vote”. All those in favor of impeachment, regardless of facts, must be recognized. Meaning simply, they’re names are recorded by vote (Yea or Nay). Not doing so does not conform to The Constitution and therefore, invalid.

  4. The Demrats are a ship of fools captained by an old hag with a crew of wicked, low IQ, socialist, globalist, communists. They have the never-ending, lying support, of the greedy mainstream media swine who seek to destroy traditional Americans

  5. They started it the day after Trump won the election and hasn’t quit since. They even invented a reason after they started calling for impeachment. Facts seem to contradict their whole complaint that clearly shows the only collusion was committed by Obama and Clinton. Both Hillary and Obama were spotted and filmed by a bystander on the tarmac of the Anchorage, Alaska airport setting up a trumps eldest son. This was posted on the social media that millions of voters witnessed.

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