Black Americans Revolt Against The Democratic Party

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Blaze TV  YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Candace Owens and Terrence Williams joined President Trump at the White House over the weekend to celebrate the accomplishments the black community have achieved under Trump’s term such as record low unemployment and the groundbreaking First Step Act. Terrence Williams spoke out against the media attacking Trump: “When they attack him, they are attacking us because he is out here fighting for us!”

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134 thoughts on “Black Americans Revolt Against The Democratic Party


      1. No president (Trump) has done more damaged to America and to our allies. Just ask the Kruds. He has insulted so many Americans with his foul mouth. On and On Trump goes on and lies himself to the next day,.

        1. really rock, have you seen what he has done for the African Americans and latino’s. I guess sitting in your basement all day you must have missed it. Please open your eyes and stay away form the MSM.

        2. Rock, you need to get you hear out of where the sun doesn’t shine and read a reputable newspaper or watch FOX news not MSNBC or CNN, FAKE NEWS , and lies from all their commentators.

          1. Yes… to only see & hear one sided Commentary. I watch them All,… and Decide fir my self. Bottomline,.. dem or repub, etc. We are in Terrible Times right now.


          2. Talk about an insult. I wonder how the Kurds feel about being called kruds? But what else can you expect from a liberal?

          1. The Kurds. He announced the pullout of Syria. The Lame stream media and the DemonRats screamed that he is abandoning our ally, the Kurds. They’re wrong, but that was the best scream they could come up with, so “Rock” jumped on the Lame stream media and Demonrat bandwagon about the US abandoning the Kurds. So it just shows how little “Rock” knows, and his lack of intelligence and education in the real world. He can’t even parrot the Left properly. That’s what comes from living in Mommy’s basement watching MSNBC and CNN. Feel sorry for him. He probably also wants to convert the US into a Democratically controlled Socialist dictatorship.

        3. Are you called Rock because it seems obvious to me that your head is full rocks in place of brains. Are you also blind as well as stupid?

        4. Did someone brainwash you because you can think for yourself, or do you believe that the best thing for you is to let the radicals in this Country control you and take away all the rights that they have not already taken away form you is my question to you.

        5. Rock most of the time when someone says something that is not true I try to school them on their mistakes but with you I can tell you are just trying to say something to make someone mad but it won’t work. We can tell you are so stupid that you could not even come up with anything half way intelligent to say. Just ask the Kurds you say. You don’t even know who the Kurds are or where they are from. You are a moron. I’ll bet you didn’t make it to first grade and you are smoking crack as you write this. Put the pipe down dummy.

        6. Foul Mouth ? You mean STRAIGHT TALK – it ‘s not ‘foul”. For that you need to listen to the Dem Hollywood gang. Are you a PC snowflake that can’t take real direct honest direct language ?
          You need to listen to your own kind to get foul language !

        7. Trump has been under attack for 4 years and has accomplished a long list of changes. Democrats have only managed to attack Trump with crazy charges. No wonder. Their ideas were hatched in an insane asylum. No normal human being would possibly vote for them.

        8. Rock, take that name and crawl back under it. Trump has done more than the last the presidents. He’s trying to get this country back to were people can be proud and hold their heads high again. But, I see that’s not going to happen. There’s always people that are unhappy with everything. Is your life that bad, that you can’t see any good, when it’s in front of you? Or, are you one of those people who needs a safe place or a puppy? Trump 2020

        9. President Trump continue to drain the swamp and protect our families and our government and putting America first and black Americans families thank God for president Trump.

      2. I am 43 and i 100% agree with you i witnessed for eight years of Obama the divide get worse with every year now everybody wants to blame Trump just like everybody wanted to blame Bush for everything that was wrong under Obama Obama is the root cause of what’s happening in this country today

        1. It’s simple Donald J Trump does not have to put up with all the bull s$&@ he has I don’t know if anyone other than TRUMP could withstand the hostility towards him the one and only explanation is that he is a true American patriot every other president has profited from being president Donald Trump probably lost money and he’s still putting up with this crap he does it cause he loves this country and it’s citizens he very easily could buy an island And live happily ever after but what does he do keeps on fighting for AMERICA and it’s people
          Hang in there President we got your six!!!!!!

          1. I agree! If I had his money I would have flipped the bird and sailed away to that island and been in peace.

        1. Absolutely present Trump is the only president that has stood up and helped the American citizens and the democrats are nothing more than liars snakes that think the American citizens are stupid enough to keep listening their bullshist American citizens have spoken maga2020 their tired of lies.

        1. I was very young at the time; but I remember listening with my family to FDR on the radio. Wow. Is that depressing.
          Now, 13 Presidents later, here we are.
          FDR, a Democrat, was a great man who guided us through the difficult years of the Great Depression and WW2. There has not been another Democrat like him since. How might he view his Party of today?
          Today, we are blessed with another great Peesident, Donald Trump. However, as yet another fact of history, evil always seeks to destroy that which is good. Whenever good people choose to do nothing, then evil wins. Therefore, friends, I intend to do whatever it takes to stop the evil Dems; even if it costs me my life. Give me 200 like-minded souls, and we alone will save our country.

          1. Robert you sound like the 100 or so Knights Templar who kicked the Muslim and the Ottoman Empire out of Europe in the eleventh century, it does not take a multitude of good people to stop evil, only faith and convictions. The DemoncRats lack both

      3. I’m 73, and the more President Trump accomplishes even with the Deep State, the Deep State Media, the entire media outlets in the country, the Democratic Socialist/Communist in Congress, and the lunatic leftist concocting scandal after scandal, and blaming him for crimes the Dems committed, the more I believe God is by President Trump’s side. I know of no other man, or woman, EVER that could take the entire Deep State, and Shadow Government on, still manage to do his work at keeping every promise he made to the American people, on 4 or 5 hours of sleep each night, and manage to keep going on and doing his job of keeping his promises to the citizens of this country. The man is phenomenal, and I am convinced that he will go down in history as the Man who Saved America.

    1. He has not done 1/3 of what you said. A very small amount of minorities may vote for him, but trust me the vast majority will not.!!!

      1. Mary, maybe you should get together with Rock, preferably in a lunatic asylum, ( I wouldn’t trust you with the time of day)

      2. Well Mary, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!! LOOKING GOOD FOR TRUMP THOUGH!! You have a veil over your brain. So sad! That’s why you can’t see reality.

      3. Then you are a idiot. Just look at what hes already done for the black community and the whole time with Democrats fighting him every step

      4. Want to bet? He also will get a lot of democratic votes from those that hate socialism. There are, I am sure , a good bunch of non socialist dems … Wait and see./

    2. Trump mr. President is doing all he can for Americans we are first Americans, we must stop decide and conquer the dems are always pushing racistism. People need to look at each one of us on a case by case basis, we are all individuals. The United states of America

    3. Finally having a real American as Our Commander & Chief has allowed the scales to fall from the eyes of the groups of people that have been USED by the Democrat Rats for Decades. Block voting has been used by the Socialists that run the Democrat Party where Party Officials become Multi-Millionaires selling out Their Country. In California the Democrat Rats turned over the Port of Long Beach to the Communist Chinese—-real TRAITORS.

    4. Im so glad that Black Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Women have found out that they have potential like everybody else and need no hand outs, no jackazz party to enslave them to only get their votes. What did <obama do for BLacKS? NO TH ING! not in 8 years! Why didnt he? Cause he thinks hes self serving! Like Pres. Trump said; what do you have to lose? and those black americans who were courageous enough came out of the plantation and are working, lead a dignified life and will become better, because they're smart, they're willing to work hard like everybody else, they love their country, to THINK for themsselves which is what the BURRO party is against them doing.! Its cruel to see so many black americans with talent and believing the LIES these bozos are telling them every 4 yrs.! RISE UP AMERICA, BLACK, WHITE; LATINOS and WOMEN, YOU WILL WIN because our <President has proven he's working for ALL of US! We're all in this TOGETHER!!!! THINK for yourselves and vote your mind and soul before we lose OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

      1. Obama did nothing but set-up America and bring in thousands of museums terrots into America and put men in little girls and females restrooms thanks Obama and Michelle’s for your evil demonic forces.

  2. Its hard to fight improvement in the neighbor hood which TRUMP has acheaive.
    The Dems will not agree with this but the people in this areas are starting to realize the
    Dem promises are exactly worth nothing.

  3. Trump is for all americans black brown white and yellow. The demorats are only for themselves and illegals

  4. I wear my BLEXIT hat and or Tshirt everywhere I go. People ask me about it and I tell them what it means. I’ve then seen some of these same people who talked to me both black and white weeks later wearing the same BLEXIT hat and Tshirt… Black Americans are waking up to the BIG democrat lies and seeing how much better their lives are under Trump! It’s funny to watch the democrat poverty pimps trying profusely to herd them back to the poverty plantation…

  5. I actually see so much approval in my area. Most of the Latinos and African Americans in my neighborhood are either starting to say really good things about Trump or they are saying nothing at all. Very few are critical of the President like they were in 2016. People are fixing up there homes, buying new vehicles and are really optimistic about the future. Most say nothing about the news media…..many because they’re too busy working overtime that’s available at many of the companies they work for. Right now the atmosphere is one of positive social capital relationships. We hope the economy stays this way or even gets better. We shall see.

  6. President Trump is a president who is supporting and protecting all Americans, not just those who support him.

  7. I am a Native American Woman of Philadelphia and Blackfoot Cherokee nation. I’m So Proud of The United States and Our Flag, The Military Personnel and President Donald J Trump 👏Administration. I noticed the lies are Social Media, priority Now.
    Bossip reports today that 58% of Americans want impeachment
    While 49% want removal! Social Media is Promoting Negativity!!

    1. You are so right! Social media is run by a bunch of leftist dirt bag liberals! Besides the democrats attacking Trump is all they get done! Just think how great our country would be if the Dems actually worked with Trump instead of trying to block everything he does!

      1. Darkness can’t live in the light and the democrats are like vampires that can only exist in darkness. Vote these traders out. American citizens the end result is in our vote maga2020 let’s take America back.

    2. It’s real easy to come up with those numbers if you are polling a majority of democrats. If you ask if Trump is guilty of quid pro quo with the Ukraine do you think he should be impeached. Of course people say yes but if they ask after reading the phone call transcript do you think Trump should be impeached of course the answer would be no. Also if you ask 60% democrats 25% republicans and 15% Independence of course you could come out with 58% yes. These people think we are fools like they are.

  8. I am thrilled to see the success the policies of President Donald Trump are having in the USA. Under God’s blessing he has been able to improve the lives of most Americans. Make sure to reelect President Trump in 2020!
    Here in Canada we hope to defeat the arrogant treasonous Trudeau Liberal government. I’m hoping that Andrew Scheer the Conservative Party leader will be elected with a landslide victory.

  9. I have been wondering how long it would take for minorities to start waking up to the advantages the republican concepts provide them and the restrictions and chains the democrats put on them.

    The democrats have never been on the side of the minorities. Demo rats just use them as guaranteed votes.

    1. Thank you Eileen God Bless you and God Bless America and our president. I am Latino who served proudly in the Army and fought in Nam God bless is all!

  10. Trump has increased ALL AMERICANS LIFE STYLE, no difference to president TRUMP what color you are. Democrat’s for decades have done NOTHING for Black’s, Brown’s White’s and yellow’s. Democrat’s want to control our lives on what we eat or drink and actually what gender they think you should be. God made two gender’s of course they do not believe in God or God’s word.

  11. As a American of Mexican ancestry, I am extremely proud of what Trump is doing for all Latinos, African Americans, whites, and other ethnic groups. Mostly importantly, I appreciate his support for religious freedom. When you are allowed to follow God, whether in the workplace, military, home, or any public area, you will also treat other people with love and respect, because God commands that from us all. Additionally, democrats only care about the border/immigration issues during the voting season. They do not care that an open border brings drugs and crime into our cities; as long as they use the border issues for their political gain. All of us, Latinos, African-Americans, and the rest of society, should love and respect each other more and pray that our nation will be blessed by an All-Mighty and powerful God……Jesus Christ leads the way.

  12. Yes I am full supporter of Trump because of some his policy on Israelis Palestine , against sex marriage, abolishing mosque in white house and building of the border and so many of them, But he is the worst American president that reduced the greatness of America down , by disappointing the Syrian Kurdish , even a child can not trust America again they are the highest betrayer in the world , country that can not be trusted , very shameful thing , reducing America respect but promoting Russian, America is not America we know , bye bye America

  13. President Trump is a very intelligent human being, therefore not perfect and will , like all humans, make the occasional mistake, IMO he is still the best president of this wonderful country since Eisenhower.

    1. So true Granny. I am 70+ and believe I hve seen what d Demonrats were doing to our country. Now we have a CIC who dont care about money or getting rich like Osama he cares about the people who voted for him. And who did not vote for him. He is after their corrupt backside

  14. You are so right! Social media is run by a bunch of leftist dirt bag liberals! Besides the democrats attacking Trump is all they get done! Just think how great our country would be if the Dems actually worked with Trump instead of trying to block everything he does!

  15. I am 70 years old and the first president I personally remember is Dwight Eisenhower. We have had good and bad presidents since then, but President Trump is the first one I remember who has done everything possible to accomplish what he promised in his election campaign. From day one of his Presidency the Demorats have fought his efforts every inch of the way. President Trump is an imperfect human being and has made some mistakes like every one of us but he is doing a great job and doing what is best for this country and for each and every one of its citizens. It’s time for the Democratic Party to go the way of the Dodo.

    1. I’m not BLACK, LATINO or ASIAN but PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for the AMERICANS , BLACKS , LATINOS and ASIANS in TWO and a HALF YEARS than any other PRESIDENT in over THIRTY PLUS YEARS. WE THE PEOPLE need to Revolt
      AGAINST the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS and the SOCIALIST that are trying to TEARING this GREAT COUNTRY apart. I’m 72 Years Old and I have never ever seen any of this CRAP before and I have sent THIRTY ONE YEAR in the MILITARY and I’m RETIRED ARMY !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!! I’M with you BEVERLY and DANIEL.

  16. I AM GLAD THAT THEY HAVE AWAKENED, AND ARE TAKING THE TIME TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE BEING USED SIMPLY TO GET THE VOTES. The democratic party does not care about African Americans or Latino American, and the absolute do not care about the average American taxpayer, and they call themselves the party of the people, and that is the biggest pile of crap that I have ever heard of.

  17. Wayne, I must agree with you. Nancy, you are NOT wanted as Speaker of the House or as ANY politician no matter WHAT your district says because you certainly are NOT serving them as they are supposed to be served, IE doing FOR them. I doubt you have thought of them one time unless it was when it flashed through your tiny mind that “Oh, I should be thinking of MY people in NY.”, but it is very near impossible that happened. You have had *3* years to impeach Trump and it has been made of nothing but LIES! Once you even said you’d rather HE win the next election than YOU win the impeachment!
    I also want to say how happy reading all your above blogs made me feel with your approvals of Trump from all walks of life 🙂 save that muslim guy. (GRRRRRRR) Shows what a dummy he was liking the thief obama. obama & his wife took more from the White House when they left than they put into it when they first entered, ie, things owned BY the White House. They probably felt proud of themselves thinking “we’ll show them” as they drove off to live in their mansion surrounded by a wall, which they need to keep anyone, namely the police, from getting to them and taking them away.

  18. I’m not BLACK, LATINO or ASIAN but PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for the AMERICANS , BLACKS , LATINOS and ASIANS in TWO and a HALF YEARS than any other PRESIDENT in over THIRTY PLUS YEARS. WE THE PEOPLE need to Revolt
    AGAINST the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE DEMOCRATS and the SOCIALIST that are TEARING this GREAT COUNTRY apart. I’m 72 Years Old and I have never ever seen any of this CRAP before and I have sent THIRTY ONE YEAR in the MILITARY and I’m RETIRED ARMY !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

  19. Vote these traders out keep America safe and secure and great this is our country black white Asian Latinos let’s take America back by any means necessary.

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