Recession Looming? Hp Cuts 9,000 Jobs To Save Money

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Even as US unemployment falls, 9,000 employees of HP Inc are being laid off. The maker of printers and personal computers is cutting up to 16 percent of its workforce to try and save $1 billion. Christy Ai, host of RT’s Boom Bust, joins John Huddy (in for Rick Sanchez) with details.

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5 thoughts on “Recession Looming? Hp Cuts 9,000 Jobs To Save Money

  1. Maybe they need to lay off people becasue they have poor customer service and don’t care about people who purchased their equipment. They pissed me off 26 years ago and I never purchased another on of their items. basically they told me tough luck on an item I used very little and it was 1 week out of warranty.

  2. Just think of how much money the executives will have to divide up. Obviously they aren’t concerned about the hardship the unlucky employees will suffer. I suppose the green card group will will celebrate now, and just possibly the chief executives will be joyous that this will cut into Trump’s job creation numbers.

  3. 160 million people in america are working. Unemployment is 3.5% lowest in 50 years. Lowest unemployment for latinos, blacks women in 50 years. There will be no recession anytime soon.

    1. Leonard
      Your so naive there is a recession comming Holidays around the corner companys just love to hand out Holiday Cheer in the forms of Pink Slips in the millions you’ll be eating CROW very soon LOL !!!

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