House Dems Issue Deadline For White House To Comply With Subpoena

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House Democrats follow through on subpoenas for the White House in the latest impeachment push.

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38 thoughts on “House Dems Issue Deadline For White House To Comply With Subpoena

  1. I am very tired of the democrats and this whole childish mess. What they are saying the voters, vote dose not matter. Keep this stupid crap up will end in a civil war. Impeachment is a serious charge, you better be able to prove your case to the voting public!

    1. That’s a war they will lose. Patriots are getting tired of their games, but that’s how Communists/Socialists operate, which is why they want to take our guns. I read that the requests were only letters and not really subpoenas.

    1. Unless or until a vote is taken in the house the subpoena is WORTHLESS as there is no impeachment until the entire house has a vote.

  2. The DemonRats are lying as always, they have NOTHING on our Great President, however there is a lot on them, we want them to take the vote to the floor so it goes to the Senate, at that time we will subpoena all of them under oath and then their world of Trump Derangement will be exposed that they are the ones that have committed crimes, committed Treason at the highest levels and the Pedo things they have done to, Their stupid Subpoena means nothing and WH will not respond until their fake Impeachment is voted on!!!

  3. Nancy alone cannot hold an investigation into an impeachment. Who does she think she is.? The House needs to hold a vote for investigations, and without the vote, she may find that nobody will answer any questions. The vote may show that most don’t want an impeachment. Every investigation into Trump is costing us money, and time that they should be working on other projects.

      1. Heaven help us if she ever is. What a terrible state this country would be in if she held the highest post. THEN we REALLY would face socialism.

    1. she should have another implants job her breast are sagging
      its so low but she is proud to have big boobs and her face
      is like a wax museum her nose job is like pinochio

      1. Pelosi has so many face lifts, that one spot on her face is her belly button. When I look at her time stands still, her face would stop a clock

  4. This is nothing but a modern day lynching! Democrats have been doing that for over 200 years! Since the first slave ran away and got caught. They don’t want justice they want revenge for losing $1.5 billion dollars and their cheating didn’t even help.

    1. Why don’t DEMS send subpoenas via our U.S. court system?

      Do DEMS know subpoenas are not unenforceable

      Why no vote in House to IMPEACH per CONSTITUTION

      Why allow a liar like Shifty Schiff to run s FAKE inquiry

  5. what the heck do they are going to do when the White House tells them where they can stuff those subpoenas and Trump tells all the law enforcement people to stand down or be fired

  6. Nancy and all the Democratics need to be impeached. I hope all the Americans voters vote all the Democratics out of Congress and Senate. We do not need any war in the United States because our nation will never heal if it does. The Democratics need to do their jobs that they was elected to do and quite promoting trouble in the country. If they can’t do their jobs, they need to resign. They are a bunch of crooks.

  7. The democrats have shown without a doubt that they do not truly care about their constituents, they go out there and promise this and that and when they are voted into office they only do for themselves as is being proven on a daily basis, they are money lovers, just look at the PIGGY BANK in UKRAINE, if you research and look at all the corruption that goes on in there you will find a democrat in the middle. It seems like the USA sends millions of dollars there for one thing and the money ends up in the dems pockets and that is the reason that they do not want any investigations in the UKRAINE. Many believe that SOMETHING BIG IS BEING TRIED TO BE KEPT SECRET, hopefully we will find out.

  8. Good and truthful responses by patriotic Americans. We need to show Nancy, Schiff, Schumer and Nadler who is in charge and actually running this country. She is a disaster and low life like Adam and cannot control the house much less the country.

      1. Three (3) of no DEMOCRAT LEGISLATING should force DEMOCRATS to RETURN their pay

        Nancy SECOND House Ldr term worse than 1st

        1st: destroyed WORLDS best MEDICAL system, Dobbs/Frank Act, destroyed Housing/bank industries

        Now DEMS want to finish DESTROYING AMERICA’S Healthcare system with their “MEDICARE for All”

        DEMS give ILLEGALS, better BENEFITS than U.S. CITIZENS; esp free OBAMACARE

        1. We had a Mexican Sargent in the USMC who was proud to serve. He said when his parents came into the US they were required to have a sponsor, learned to speak English and to swear to uphold the constitution. He said they were very proud to be citizens of this wonderful country.
          Why are these rules not enforced now? The ONLY reason is the democrats need their votes as they have no useful policies.
          Tank commander Korean veteran

  9. He should not comply until the House makes it a formal Inquiry, then he will have full subpoena rights. They should not be able to make demands upon him when he is defenseless.

  10. I don’t think ‘Impeachment’ is first and foremost on the Demonist’s Minds, I think they know they can’t win that one…I personally think they just want to drag this Investigation out drip by drip until Election Day!!! Public Opinion is what they are counting on and with all this Propaganda by them, Our Liberal Media, and Hollywood along with some of the Rino’s…They are counting on that to change people’s minds come Election Day 2020!

  11. Build the wall; no chain visas; only merit visas; no lottery visas; no amnesty for illegals; only English language; no aid of any kind to illegals; no social help of any kind; voting with photo ID only; teach constitution and bill of rights in school; audit the FED reserve; maintain the electoral college; keep the second amendment; issue an exec order so demonstrators are not allowed to hide their faces with masks

    1. @henry reitinger//:: You just took all my comment points!! Thanks for being so intelligent. That whole list is hard to tell what is a priority, so let’s just call your whole list a “MAXIMUM PRIORITY!!!!

  12. You hang in there girls.. You can shove those subpoena where the sun don’t shine.. Either have an impeachment vote or this entire scam is over.. That is the LAW, you can’t make things up as you go along.. Let’s see if you can get the votes NANCY.. You and Adam Schitt are the real criminals here, oh, Joe & Hunter too..

  13. The Swamp SnakeT Demorats and the Ignorant Moran Squad only know one thing…LIE LIE LIE.
    Historical President Trump, said he would clean the Swamp, well it’s happening, BUT NOT FAST ENOUGH, that is why they want to Impeach the Greatest President who has accomplished and achieved so much success in less then 3 years.
    The Swamp Snake Demorats are being paid by the American Taxpayers, and have done absolutely nothing for America or the American People, but only spend their time bring false accusations against Historical President Trump.
    Can’t wait to see the day all these Trashy Criminal Democrats are terminated and thrown out of Congress.

  14. Tell the entire racist evil 666 devil baby murdering treasonous against Constitution Bill of Rights Second Amendment civilian nazis gestapo commie fascist democrat party and all those who do not support PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP to go pack sand and trial them for their of treason and attempt to overthrow President Donald J Trump , arrest AND jail with U.S. MARSHALLS AND USMC until their trial.

  15. According to Dan Bongino (utube). who does an excellent job on his research into the truth and what is going on, says that LETTERS WERE SENT and not subpoenas. If they were actual legal subpoenas, then Trump has the legal right to subpoena also. This is all a hoax to get rid of our duly elected president despite what Hillary says. ( She says he is an illegitimate president and he knows it–really?) What a show this is! Pelosi has to bring it to a vote in order for there to be a legal impeachment inquiry.

  16. I wonder what the democrats will do when Trump wins four more years? Will the Hollywood crowd, that said “I’ll leave the country if he wins”, will threaten to leave to leave again. Trump won, and they are still here

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