CIA Slams CNN As ‘Misguided’ After Report On Russian Spy Removal

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The CIA is slamming a CNN report claiming they pulled a high-level spy out of Russia because President Trump had repeatedly mishandled classified intelligence. #FoxNews

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6 thoughts on “CIA Slams CNN As ‘Misguided’ After Report On Russian Spy Removal

  1. CNN. needs more than a slap on the hand. Everytime they are in front of the camera, they are telling lies, half/truths. The need to be penalized each time they do it. Americans are sick and tired. of hearing all the negative dribble. CNN needs to be fined a sizeable amount and everytime after, the fine increases. CNN people are the dredges of the bottom of the swamp. Every last one of them !!!!

  2. CNN is absolutely disgusting with reporting anything accurately! There hatred towards the President is revolting; thus, whatever they report has become just their negative lies.

  3. I have not watched them in over three months. Their advertisers should know we also stop buying products sponsoring their lies. I think they should lose their license.

  4. I agree with those above. CNN should be taken off the air completely. Lie after lie, half truths on top of half truths it’s enough. Fine is not enough. They socialist and not ANERICAN. Give em the boot

  5. CNN and MSNBC should be taken off the air for trying to start trouble with their lies. Their reporters are vile, They are constantly telling lies and smirking. Wait till 2020. America that care will stand with and behind our President. People like Joe and Miska, O’Donnell, Chris M., R Maddow (who is being sued for $10M , Brian Steeler (what a small body for such a big mouth). They have gone from 2/3 truths to all lies. Nothing they arae saying is the truth. Arent there laws to prrevent people from telling lies at least at the head of our Country. We dont need to listen to the HOLIER than THOU liars. It has. been a form of entertainment, like Jerry Lewis. but we are sick of hearing it. Of course Trump said her son, my husband would say that when he was naughty or in the middle of the night, so most normal people wouldnt think a thing about it. U dont HATE Trump, you love him because it keeps all of you miscreants having a job. Ratings are in the TAR PITS, and no one is going to rescue you. Maddow is being sued for $10m. How about some more of you ggetting sued. But you have Allyson, the lawyer. who knows everything about NOTHING!I DONT KNOW WHY ANA NAVVARO SAYS SHE IS A COMMUNIST. SHE SPEWS VITRIOL EVERYDAY. In fact they all do. Even my favorite Wolf has gone over the other side.

  6. Yes, I think it’s time that people start suing the pants off these liars. How/why do they get by with making up pure crap about others? When they have to start paying monetarily for their lies they might think twice. I wouldn’t watch thier networks if they were the only networks available.

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