Chick-fil-a Targeted By Anti-straight Groups I Sara Gonzales

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Boycott Chick-Fil-A??? Um…no way. Chick-Fil-A has the best chicken sandwich on the market and it isn’t even close. Yet protestors in Canada call it Hate Chicken and accuse the company of being anti-gay. Sara Gonzales calls out these ridiculous protestors with a very simple message: “Eat More Chicken!”

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53 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a Targeted By Anti-straight Groups I Sara Gonzales

      1. I really think they hate themselves. That is the only frame of mind that could engender the degree of vindictive hate they display. They are so stupid, they don’t realize that they are the hateful bigots.

    1. I gues youve gotta admire the attempts at cleaning up the language n calling them “anti-straight” groups.
      But, “A buncha Queers” is more easily understood and descriptive ! HEH !

    2. The LBGS are trying to push their life style down everyone’s throat. It isn’t natural for what the do. In the end, GOD will judge them and they will cringe at the sentence they receive.

  1. The only thing wrong with Cyhick Fil A is they’re too far away. We need a local outlet. Their chicken is the best by far.

  2. Throughout this grand design of things you secure a B- just for effort and hard work. Where exactly you actually confused me personally ended up being on your details. You know, as the maxim goes, the devil is in the details… And that could not be more accurate right here. Having said that, permit me say to you what exactly did deliver the results. The writing can be rather engaging which is most likely the reason why I am taking the effort to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, whilst I can notice a leaps in logic you come up with, I am not necessarily convinced of just how you appear to connect the details which inturn help to make your conclusion. For the moment I will subscribe to your position but trust in the foreseeable future you link the dots much better.

  3. Jeeze! Now we’ve got yet ANOTHER group? The “anti-straight?”! Who is that, everyone who isn’t normal” (And anything that is NOT heterosexual IS an anomaly! But who really cares anymore?!

  4. Jeeze! Now we’ve got yet ANOTHER group? The “anti-straight?”! Who is that, everyone who isn’t normal” (And anything that is NOT heterosexual IS an anomaly! But who really cares anymore?!)

  5. We’re supposed to tolerate and accept LGBTQ yet they can’t do the same with us. Treat others they way you want to be treated! They’re not welcome anywhere I am!

    1. Those malignant people need to crawl back under A ROCK. BOSTON UNIVERSITY just published a report on other gender persons and said most are mentally disturbed. .Its in the news now….actually printed news!!!

      1. Some of us have known that FOREVER. During my idiot years, when i thought it was progressive to accept gays, i could not believe their inane antics. They were a source of much amusement.

    2. They are the LEAST ‘TOLERANT’ group of people on the planet yet they call US not tolerant??
      Dems blame Republicans for EVERYTHING THEY THEMSELVES ARE GUILTY OF DOING! And they think people are so stupid that they don’t see through their words & actions. That’s why there’s SO MANY IN THE ‘WALK AWAY’ MOVEMENT!!!

  6. What is wrong with these people, who cares who they are screwing, it will keep the population growth down. I’m straight, I know a couple of gays, we get along ok. I would step over or on them on my way in to buy my chicken sandwich, if they were stupid enough to lay on the side walk. The gays that do this crap are dopes, they want to make a show, but they are not the majority. Why don’t cops remove them?

    1. Because they would lose their jobs. Every ‘blue run state’ have staunch rules that cripple the cops from doing their jobs.
      Personally I would find another profession. Every day, every cop goes to work TRULY expecting to come home in a body bag. I laud their bravery but I also know many are swayed over with the promise of ‘protection’ if they just turn a blind eye to what’s happening on the streets. Of course there is ‘compensation’ to help them make their choice.
      It’s truly sad

    2. maybe we need to mix up a big batch of hot ghost chili pepper sauce & take a cup with us to chick -fil-a & if they are laying on the sidewalk ,just accidentally spill it in their faces & anywhere else that it will burn. that would teach them.

  7. Once again the very delusional extreme minority supported by the 🐀 party of Thugs is telling the overwhelming majority how and what we should think and do! True insanity…

    1. AMEN!! And I think because of people like them , the anti-straight, it will be soon!! Am I confused or does anti-straight the same thing LGBTQ the same thing???

  8. This kind of publicity will only increase their popularity and therefore expand their business. The more exposure they get, the more people want to experience what is so good about their food. Thank you LGBTQ, you just made their day, and mine as I love their food. I don’t wish anything bad on you, you are Gods creation too and He does all things well. He does not condemn you and wants you to experience His love too..

  9. Not only does this atheist love their spicy chicken sandwiches, and their employees truly are the nicest people on the planet, they also hand out free doggie treats to my two dogs in the car.

  10. Well, DUH!!! Dogs bark, cats meow, and LGBT people are perverse and twisted, filled with loathing and hatred for
    all that is Holy, clean, and righteous!

  11. Gays lay egg in Canada but hate Chicken! CHRISTIANS Luv Gays but Gays hate Christians. The Rainbow is God’s promise that the World will never be destroyed by Water again, but Hell is Mighty Hot!

  12. We all know these anti-straight groups had rather have other things in their mouth, and it’s NOT a delicious chicken sandwich!!!!

  13. Everytime some weird group or another bashes Chick-fil-A, we start looking for one nearby to try. Here we go again! This time, our local shopping center just put in a Chick-fil-A. My husband just said, “That’s it. We’re definitely going tomorrow night.” I’m so excited. I hope they’re really busy. That’s one place I definitely won’t mind waiting in line.
    Chick-fil-A…here we come! Yum!!!

  14. Since the LGBTQIA+++ / DemonKKKrat boycott of a few years ago, Chic-Fil-A has gone from the 11th to the 4th largest fast food chain in the USA. Thanks, b#tches…!

  15. Thanks for the reminder, I will be dining at Chick Filet today!!! Queers and faggots have a disability and it is mental. I can only hope that Chick Filet stores are queer and faggot freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  16. Sara, Thank you! Your video said it all!! The alphabet people keep trying to force their lifestyle on us and try to cause havoc where ever they go! Chick-fil-A will continue to grow and prosper while these lost souls will not .

  17. Those protesters would never lay down like that in San Francisco! They’d have to lay in fesses and urine, maybe someone would even spread a cheek over them ?

  18. If people laid down in front of the Chick Fillet here , I’d just accidentally step on them and of course apologize in the true meaning on the leftist ideology, “kick em when their down” but smile while doing it.

  19. I don’t eat at chick fil A because of my diet. The waffle fries are to tempting. However I applaud them for standing up for their Christian values and in this day and age more Christians should. Deborah

  20. I’m still going to eat at Chic-fil-a no matter what these liberal morons say or do, I make my own choices and nobody is going to tell me what to do!!!

  21. Bought a sandwich there .there were gay people working there,plus other counter Culture folks working too.the girl who waited on me had so many facial piercings she looked like she had fallen face first into an open tackle box .sandwich was fine

  22. Thank you Chic-fil-a for representing Christ in your business ! It is so sad to see the twisted minds that
    can’t see any thing good and clean .

  23. Its ludicrous and pathetic Sara . The good balls cant even figure out who or what gender they are anymore. WOW!!! Its mind boggling . Where were there parents and who are they ? Really a sad situation . PRAY PRAY PRAY For the lost ones.

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