Say What? Dems Deem Old Glory Racist, Redesign Flag With No Stars & Stripes!? I News Done Right

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Blaze TV  YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Even the American Flag is problematic in today’s Democrat party.

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206 thoughts on “Say What? Dems Deem Old Glory Racist, Redesign Flag With No Stars & Stripes!? I News Done Right


        1. You know these lightweights don’t even know America’s history and may not even recognize the flag unless some smarter dimwit tells them what it is. This glad is America’s emblem of freedom and democracy, it’s not just a cloth!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Definitely have got that right. If for one split second that I would fly that other DEMEANING flag…they are out of their blessed minds. Just what is wrong with this demonCRAT party now anyway? I believe that everything to them is now considered “racist”…well what they have done is destroy any chance of keeping any seats in govt. All they know is having a one word vocabulary. And this they have definitely run into the ground….UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!

      2. Absolutely NOT NO LBGTO flag in this country!!!! Are they admitting that they are all gay so now they want a gay flag to be the Flag of the US? Where the hell are these DumboRATS getting these ideas? They all need to be fired and replaced by people that LOVE America. Remember when California wanted to be on their own? Well let them and they can wave their gay rainbow flag there with all the idiots and find their own funding….I swear the dumboRATS are all becoming dumber by the minute.

        1. I was born and raised in Ca. , have lived elsewhere and came back, moved to WA. came back. Am just so sickened by the elected officials in Ca. but since here, and way past retirement, need stay. But there are many that are not happy with the way ourr nation (as well as state) is going but fly a different flag, NO never. This is my country and can’t make all believe in it or make them believe in their maker either. But I will not change flags or my belief in my God. All this is showing that Christ is coming for His church soon. Not the building but the people that follow are the church. God wants all to come, but if your will is over His will you will face terrible times. God is good, is love and He will not make you follow Him. I will pray for all that are turned from your creator to face the enemy. Not being mean, but truth given us is truth we are to live with for our life.

          1. Dee, I agree. It is terrible to have people in our Country who refuse to honor our which many, through the years, have fought for. I cannot understand the Democrats. They have gained their weather in our free Country, yet they hate everything our Country stands for. I am use that there will a lot of moaning and crying for mercy by these people when our Lord and Savior comes again.


    1. Just ordered by Betsy Ross Flag…roflmao, never in a million years and then some will we allow changing our history or our flag

      1. If the Dims win next Nov., then might as well just leave the field white, as the Country would have been surrendered.

    2. They tried to get “In God We Trust” taken off our money and the Supreme Court shot that down. This bunch of Nancy’s are whiners and probably live with their Moms or in basements. They are being paid to stay trouble. Most of them are imature brats!!!

    1. As do I. I support our AMERICAN FLAG. What the demoncRATIC party has slapped the face of every AMERICAN whom has served our country and continuing to serve. Believe it,that they WILL pay for this atrocity before it is over. EVERY democrat should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE come next election.

      1. Great call to vote all dems out next time around.
        I Sgt. Davie K. US Army just after Vietnam war, 75-79 active, 2 yrs reserve after. I will respect the US flag and fly my Confederate flag for my past kin who fought in a US war…….Also, the circle of stars for some kin vets from Revolutionary war. Bloodline family too.

    2. That Flag is flown the the people of this country.. Who fought for this country. What in the world do they want next? Well I am going to agree YOU BETTER LEAVE THAT FLAG ALONE. There’s something bad fixing to happen to the country. If you don’t like Our Flag, in THE Constitution Then don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Get the Hell our of our country.!!!!!’

    1. I fear the stupid people that fallow them. I don’t believe they under stand what Socialism will truly do to or nation.

    2. Both. Insane, stupid, anti American, socialists, and make every attempt to destroy what our founding fathers created. Old statutes, are part of our history. It is why America is the best place on the planet. The Democraps and radicals, are destroying everything that made the Stars and Stripes what they are.

      They all need to be replaced. If you want to be gay, go for it. But don’t expect to take us down with you. And don’t force your want to biologically change to something between a man and woman, based on how much you want to cut and paste.

      There is nothing normal about wanting to change your natural born sex. Stay in the closet. Don’t come out. You are in the closet because you are ashame. Confused.

      The next thing we’ll know, is people will want to have sex with animals and tell you, you are a racist or prejudiced. They will pull the animal card and tell you, how homophobic you are. It will never stop until America is the Land of the Hollyweird. Just like Hollywood is today.

      1. I agree if you have not bleed for this country and or Lost family for our flag and God please sit down and shut up or leave.thank you.

        1. I say hell no if you want another flag go to another country where you will like there flag, I amongst the many real Americans will never ever fly another flag in place of the American flag never,I will fly my country American flag till I’m gone, I fought for this country as have many others, the American flag is and will stay the American flag, because America will never be a socialist country, there will be another war before it happens.

      2. AMAN BROTHER, tell their a$$%…
        Make all who, defaces, destroys or removes any statues. Replace as was at their expense. That is common law.

    3. AOC has come up with a completion for all demoncraps.(IMHO) See who can come up with the most ridiculous, insane idea they can, and get support from their base. There is no other explanation.

      1. Amen. Too many throw around the word “disrespect”. Well you can’t be ‘disrespected’ when you haven’t earned any respect. I also suggest these morons look up the definition of ‘race’ and stop misusing the word.

      2. That’s right. My father served 35 years,US Army. He often said, if you have to demand respect, You Never Earned It.

    1. amen all respect for the Democratic party is gone let them move if they want to have another flag Russia would like to have them

  1. That’s outrageous, our brother and sisters have died fighting for our country with the Stars and Stripes being an inspiration and symbol for what they have risked and died for. Racist? what the hell isn’t racist to the party of racism Democrats. I’m so fed up with the Democratic Party and Liberals. They have gotten so ridiculous.

  2. Our flag stays as is…if the dems can’t deal with that i would call that a personal problem…they cannot change our history no matter how hard they try!!

  3. There is only one answer to dealing with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical life forms. Talk and voting are not it. Let’s get this civil war on the road

    1. I have said it before and I will say it again – the democrats do not deserve that designation anymore; they are communists and socialists trying to destroy our nation. That makes them traitors; we know what to do with traitors – we stand them against a wall and shoot them!

  4. Only one thing to say…..OVER MY DEAD BODY !!

  5. At the Dem national Convention…. No American flags…. took them a couple of days to notice before a couple showed up. Obumo in one of his interviews said Me$$helle hated the American flag. Wanted to change it. Then said he and Me$$helle had gone to flag burning….

    1. The hell with that black Muslim terrorist sob and his ugly ol hag michell if they don’t like our flag then they can go back over to Iran where they belong


  7. God bless America!! If your offended by our history and our flag just leave get out stop the whining and complaining about everything and anything!! Everything bothers or offends them!!

  8. The democ-rats want to change everything about America to whatever is the current hot topic. That they would even think that the American flag should resemble;e the LBGTQ “rainbow’ is just plain lunacy. The LBGTQ “community” is in no way representative of America. In fact, it is the antithesis of America. Our flag represents the sacrifices made throughout our history to preserve the liberty we enjoy. Any attempt to dismantle that tradition s anti-American.

    1. Eugene, I couldn’t agree more. They can leave & take their BS with them. They can move to Venezuela & sample true communism/socialism.

      1. Maybe as far as the LGBTQ faction is concerned, we should go direct to the Old Testament to deal with these deviants…see Leviticus 20:13.

  9. All respones are perfect. My father and father-in- law fought for our flag. Have it flying in front of my house. F… Them

  10. They don’t like us, they don’t like our flag, they don’t like our country. Why are they still here? Please, libs, please please please, start a war with us!!!

    1. You bet. Let them come to Texas and try to promote their BS. We are well armed, know how to use them and will have no hesitation to put those freaks 6 ft in a hole.

  11. Those demon crats don’t control what we(vets) fought for!They will be voted out and go to hell.Better yet go to your Russia collusion fake story.

    1. The Russian collusion was not a fake story. The media just had it wrong The collusion was with the Russians, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. If that were seriously investigated I very seriously believe there would be treason charges for a LOT of democrats.

  12. Those who don’t like the Flag need to pack their bags and get the HELL out and go live in a Communist country or Mexico that is run by Drug Lords. The USofA and its flag are based on history. You can not change history, you best learn from it. You must learn from successes and learn from failures. If you do not then you are destined for extinction. Why do all you queer liberal Demoncrats want to destroy everything that has made America Great. Trump wants to Make America Great Again and undo everything done by that Muslim homosexual and all you Demoncrats. Go to Europe, would fit right in over there.

    1. My father was in the Navy and fought in the Battle of Midway. My father inlaw was in Patton’s army and part of the liberation forces that went into Europe and drove out the Nazi’s. It’s sad that all those heroes fought and died so punks like ANTIFA and the Liberal freaks could freely shoot their mouths off and try to push their sick agendas.

  13. I have many relatives including an uncle who was at Pearl Harbor who fought and served in the American armed forces. I have a profound respect for the flag. I think these so called Democrats should change the name of their party to the Communist Party.

  14. WHAT? Just who do these people think they are? I’m all for equality but this is such an outrage! I refuse to honor a rainbow flag or any OTHER flag that is NOT OLD GLORY . is there a shred of patriotism in these idiots? never mind I know that answer

    1. Equality is irrelevant. We are not all equal, we’re all different and to some extent, unique. The Constitution provides for equal opportunity, Not equal outcomes. But the brain dead Democrappers might not know this. The Flag stays, you and your ilk goes.

  15. Far left Democrats and Liberalist are totally insane. They all need a HISTORY LESSON!! I LOVE OUR FLAG AND AMERICA! All need to get back to the very beginning when GOD CREATED MAN! WE NEED FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE! AGAIN WE AS AMERICANS AREN’T AGAINST IMMIGRATION BUT YOU HAVE TO COME IN LEGALLY LIKE ALL FOREFATERS HAVE!!!

  16. The Democraps are self-destructing and imploding. My bet, by 2024, they will be reduced to ashes. Watch other parties be created. Ì guarantee it will not be Democraps and Republicans. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the RNC, won’t be greatly reduced as well, to a shadow of what they were in 2016.

    They claimed change is good. Started with Obubba. And continuing with Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler (monkey face) and Schitt. And we don’t want to forget the Dem darlings,the Squad. All, peas in a pod. They all belong on a slow boat to nowhere.

  17. I keep hoping that the nations everyday Democrats, rathe tan the Democratic Political politicians, will march on Washington and tell those idiots that they are not speaking for the rank and file Democrats. The politicians have an agenda, and that is to gain an enormous Democratic following so that they can control the voting base for the Presidential, Congressional and Senatorial elections. Unless the average “Joe” is a lot dumber than I think, their plan can never work. VOTE REPUBLICAN…., V O T E T R U M P 2 0 2 0 …..!!!

  18. If they tried to change the flag a civil war would break out and other countries would be would support the Democrats Socialist in a heart beat(China). So if they the Demcrapes want to destroy our country that’s how they would do it.

    1. Wrong. China’s got their own problems. Destroying their “cash cow”, (The U.S.), would bottom out their flimsy economy.

  19. The Corrupt dimwitocRats are in collusion with the friggin obummo’ and all are paid by soros and other anti-America/American POPS’s. They want to fill their pockets by making America a mooslim/socialistic country and make our citizens poorer by that act. That entails doing all they can to do away with our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. They will attempt to divide our Citizens by crying racism at every turn. Illegals are welcomed by them for the illegal votes they can garner through them. The want to strip America of everything that made America great. If it comes to war, I will fight as long as I can to repeal their efforts – and to keep our flag, that is a historical beacon to True Free American Citizens!!! SO HELP ME GOD – GOD BLESS AMERICA!


  21. Draft all those people put them in the most dangerous ares and let them learn what the flag means. Than pull their Citizenship and send them wear ever the want to go. The USA is OFF BASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t draft them give them rainbow fatigues and make sure don’t give any of those controlled guns and a mothballed fraitor to go away

  22. ok let’s use the confederit flag and show how racist we are , they keep calling us racist so we might as well act like it

  23. They are full of s***. Its our flag and we will keep it the way it is. Maybe we should think about sending them up the flag pole they are already flying high on something. Must get all of them out of office now!! TODAY not the next election. It’s time AMERICA grew a set and take this country back and restore it to what it once was a great place to grow up and raise a family.

  24. They are full of s***. Its our flag and we will keep it the way it is. Maybe we should think about sending them up the flag pole they are already flying high on something. Must get all of them out of office now!! TODAY not the next election. It’s time AMERICA grew a set and take this country back and restore it to what it once was a great place to grow up and raise a family. They’ve taken our history all the beautiful statues the confederate flag what is wrong with these people?

  25. It does my heart good to see there is still those who love this country as I do. We are at a crossroads in our wonderful country, in 2020 we will keep her and continue to rebuild her or we will lose her. my big concern is losing in 2020 becasue they will cheat yet again to win back everything, there are many more illegals here now then in 2016 and they will find ways to allow them to vote, we also no California is great for cheating, like harvesting ballots this should not be allowed in any state, no one should touch another persons ballot it shouled be outlawed, yet Democratic states will probably all impelment it in 2020 unless we can get it stopped. They will have criminals voting again and do not forget the dearly departed who some how still know how to vote from the grave. If you ballot is not in the hands of the Election office by midnight on voting day your ballot should be null and void. There is plenety of time to get it sent in or go vote to make this happen. Pray patriots the hardest and longest you ever have that God will forgive our nations sins and He will dwell among us again. Even if you do not believe in God, His hand is the only one that will matter come election day, pray that He is still willing to protect and guide us even with all the terrible things that are happening here, murdering babies, molesting children, agreeing with immoral lifestyles and allowing them to confuse the minds of our little ones. It has to stop, we need to do away with Political Correctness becuse it is not correct and it is not morally right. We need to go back to Godly laws and morals, respect, honor, and holding ourselves accountable for the things we do and do not do, if we allow our country to fall it will be our fault at losing her as it is anyone elses. God Bless America and may He protect us from the enemies within our country.

    1. Yes, We have too much invested in our country and our flag to let a bunch of idiots destroy it. Too many people have died defending our flag to even consider letting a bunch of misfits change anything. I was on a wood hull mine sweeper during the Korean war and when the Korean war was over I got out of the Navy and joined the Coast Guard. I was in Viet Nam in 1967,68,69,and 70. I was there in 1967&68 on a ship in Squadron 3. We came back and I went back another year 1969&70 to Explosive Loading Det.# 4. The Democrats would have to be complete idiots to even think about messing with our Flag.

  26. So sick of these people!! Let them try living in a socialist country and see how long they last!! People from all over the world want to come here for a reason!!! This is the greatest country EVER!!!

  27. To those of you Demoncrats who do not agree with what this nation was founded on, God and the right to live in a free nation, I agree with our President! Go live in a nation founded on socialism and no freedoms! I would bet you would want to come running back!
    So much blood has been shed so that we can be a free nation and to turn your back on the blessings we have as a result would be like stomping on their graves!
    I believe our flag represents this nation with pride and patriotism! If you don’t like it, I am sure you can find a nation that shares tour beliefs!
    Don’t change our flag!!!!!

  28. This had better never happen!! There will definitely be a Boston Tea party to dump all of thes socialists into the river never to be heard from again!!!

  29. The US Flag.
    It’s what wars were fought for.
    Main objective was to keep that flag flying.
    When the Flag falls, so has the country.
    Its clear all these non american people getting into congress/government, has the plan to turn this country into what they left. A 3rd world USA dump !!!!
    My opinion.

  30. This democrat thing has gotten rediculous. Who cares what they think anymore. That party is on the way down the drain. Anyone who has any common sense whatsoever and cares anything for this country will vote republican in the 2020 election and every year after. These people are insane and will sink themselves. They want to destroy freedom in this country and take away all our rights. Anyone who would vote for these America hating idiots would have to be insane themselves. All of ya with blinders on better wake up.

  31. they have the “right” to move to another country! I’m PROUD of our America Flag! we’ve got to start paying attention to what these “crazy” “evil” people are trying to do to our country! Babyboomers we’ve let pride for our country slip! remember when we started each day at school standing, placing our hand over our heart & saying Pledge of Allegiance? most children now don’t even know the words to Pledge of Allegiance!

  32. You think there’s a lot of flags being burned now? The fag flag will be the kindling for a towering inferno of flag burning.

  33. These idiots have gone off the deep end. Nothing they say or do is even sane. They are INSANE. And these idiots are running our government. Our country does need help but it ist from these ignorant Jack*****. OOPS ? That is their party sign. HOW FITTING!!!

  34. The American Flag will always be representative of the Bravery, Honor, Determination, of the American people. I will honor no other Flag.

  35. I think that if they do not like the flag than let go live somewhere else.
    The flag has flying for over 200 Years
    God BLess America also no lgbt flag shoudl necer flown with our great flag

  36. This DemoRAT suggestion to change our flag is one more proof that they must not be allowed to gain control and must be removed from the House control. Our flag must remain as it is and only modified in the number of stars. For example, if California should decide to go on its own, Remove one star. Along this line should they succeed in removing Trump from their ballot, all votes from California must not be counted in a national election. Further, if illegals are allowed to vote in any state, votes from that state should be void. The DemoRATS have become so radical that it is inconceivable that any sane person would vote for them. President Trump must win in 2020 or our country will be back on a path of destruction initially brought on by Obama and his Alinsky inspired Socialism. I am fed up with DemoRATS blaming Republicans for exactly what they are doing or causing to happen.

  37. Screw ANYONE WHO wants to change our Flag .They got all their freebies under the flag.yet they still cry! I say lets round them up secretly put them in a shipping container pump in nitrogen and ship them to china

  38. the Dems want nothing less than full take of and no LIBERTY’S no fire arm no talking back and you have to stand in line to get your daily food hand out go to their doctors so they can see how to dispose of you the easiest way they cam

  39. I believe these communist idiots want a revolution in the streets. As a three time combat vet who has fought for our nation under our grand ‘ol flag This just might give them what they want. My only hope is if and when it comes we start in Washington DC. and rid the nation of the vermin first.

  40. I never thought in my 71 years America would come to this !! Like a lot of you, we were to believe the politicians we elect would do what is right for OUR country and it’s people, but instead were more concerned with the control of the country and it’s people. It wasn’t until Trump exposed the Demoncratic Senate and Congress politicians and their plans to destroy America through the take over of judges, schools, and colleges by brainwashing the children into believing America is evil. Now that they are exposed it’s up to us to stop them. Vote Trump 2020

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  42. Every time one of these Democrats opens his/her mouth I become more certain the entire group has gone batty. How the hell a star and/or a stripe on a flag can be racist beats the hell out of me. But, that group have become convinced it is so. If it is true that we are judged by the company we keep please tell me why anyone would even listen to anything they have to say much less vote for them.

  43. You can bet the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are behind this atrocity. They have corrupted the Demo\RAT Party and want to completely destroy the United States. First they demand that Sharia Law should overthrow the Constitution of the United States, then they insist of teaching Islam in our schools, then they want to destroy all those who disagree with what they consider their way of life. Is it any wonder now that they want to destroy the Stars and Stripes for the monstrosity they want to replace our flag with? This is only the beginning. These Communists/Marxists/Islamic traitors need to be stopped asap. I mean ALL DEMORATS) have to be removed from office totally to preserve our nation and our flag. Members of my family have fought and some have died for this nation since the Revolutionary War and nobody is going to take my stars and stripes or my Betsy Ross Flags away from me.

  44. What a sad situation we live in today. I’m proud to be an American. God Bless the USA and leave OUR flag alone as it has more meaning and significance than those racists Demorats will ever know. Remember, when it comes time to vote, we that believe in America, need to be there. Tell all your wise friends to vote because so many feel it isn’t necessary, bit it CERTAINLY IS. The sooner there are changes in our government and, Senate and Congress, the sooner America will be ours again, as it should be.

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