Democrats Forget Their Own History Of “Violent Rhetoric” | Sara Gonzales Unfiltered

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While the mainstream media insists Trump’s rhetoric is “dangerous and violent,” Mitch McConnell’s house is stalked by people who want to “stab him in the heart,” and Dems refuse to condemn violence themselves. It’s Sara Gonzales UNFILTERED!

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11 thoughts on “Democrats Forget Their Own History Of “Violent Rhetoric” | Sara Gonzales Unfiltered

  1. Democrats suffer from amnesia when confronted with their past which is incriminating. Sometimes in many cases, the very thing(s) Democrats are guilty of, they attempt to place on the shoulders of their adversary.

  2. Joe Biden is lying through his teeth about what Trump said after Charlottesville. Democrats always try to project their hate and intolerance toward conservatives. In other words they are liars, haters, and the real racists.

    1. I’ve said it again those stinking liberals and dumbacrats are the true ENIMES of this country, should be VOTED out and not be allowed in the the WHITE HOUSE AGAIN and they should not be allowed to reproduce!!!

  3. Trump is looking and fighting for the best way of life for “ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS”
    in the U.S, regardless of color. If you don’t believe this, just listen and pay attention to what he has already accomplished, instead of what the lying and desperate liberal democrats are trying to feed you. Do you want illegals walking into this country as they choose and drawing benefits you worked for ? Don’t we have enough homeless and
    jobless American citizens ? Who will pay for this ? YOU !!!! THAT WHO !!!! Money that
    you worked for and paid taxes on for your retirement….Just plain old common sense

  4. No they have not forgotten, they trying to switch it to a different ownership and if they keep saying it enough uninformed people will believe it.

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