Acting ICE Director On Nationwide Deportation Raids

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Matt Albence weighs in on who ICE is targeting during their nationwide sweep, President Trump’s mandated quarterly declined detainer report and how protestors are reacting.

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68 thoughts on “Acting ICE Director On Nationwide Deportation Raids

      1. I totally agree. They are part of the problem. If not most of it. Illegal! What’s so hard to understand. I guess we need to make a billboard with the meaning from the dictionary on it for people who just don’t get it.

    1. Oh yes get out you illegals not born in the u s a god put you elsewhere go back face your birth place go

    1. I agree with Janice get them the hell out of our country. They are animals. If they are enter shoot them.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.EXECUTE THEM

      1. my what ever happened to our first amendment right to free speech?or is it just the right that is allowed to use it and not the left…

        1. Seems to me that the left only allows their own viewpoints to be spoken in public and they try to shut down anyone opposed to their viewpoint. The left hasn’t shut up since Trump was elected and most of it pure lies. But hey, believe what you want – it’s still a free country.

  1. Yeah! Remember Obama and Hillary And Pelosi and all the other anti-Americans that are using fear, polity and media to destroy America!

  2. No human being has a right illegally enter into the foreign country and stay there as long as he wants. He just has a privilege on condition he follows the laws.

    1. The socialist party are trying very hard in accomplishing that illegals have more right then American citizens. So it goes to show you that they don’t consider themselves citizens so let just deport those bastard.

      1. It’s funny how Nancy Pelosi accuses President Trump of trying to make America White, when she’s doing the same thing only trying to make it anything but White.

        1. President Trump doesn’t need to make America white it is already white however her saying that is a racist comment my God how stupid can demo crats get! The United States has people of all colors and backgrounds and all that came here legally are welcome as long as they love our country!

          1. AMEN!! Why do Dems want everything that is backwards????Imagine what our Country would be like if the Democrats DID their Job and helped make our Country Great again!!! President Trump is such a fighter and I admire him for it.

        2. I believe that was in response to his wanting to put the citizenship question back on the census – the one that Obama took off. It doesn’t matter color, has nothing to do with anything but giving the correct number of representatives to our government from each state. Non citizens shouldn’t count towards that. Anyone not a citizen is either a legal resident (translation – guest) or an illegal. The question didn’t ask if the person was here legally or not, just basically whether they were allowed to vote or not.

  3. I would shed no tears were Hillary and Bill, Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and many others of the same ilk were to migrate or immigrate to Europe, Asia, Antarctica, anywhere other than North America or Australia! They are not FOR America as we all have known it and loved it, but wish to transform it into another Europe or worse!

    1. I don’t understand why we don’t have vehicles waiting at the immigration courts so that when a person is told he/she has to leave, they take them right from the courtroom and export them immediately. End of a lot of effort to locate them and get them out. Of course cutting all benefits from illegals would tend to cut down on them coming for the free stuff to begin with. Add in not allowing babies born of them to be considered citizens would also help. At that point, you might even whittle it down to real asylum seekers and not economic relief seekers.

  4. everyone needs to come in legally, just like others and it be fine, but not just come in without following our laws, and doing the ppw.

  5. Send them back to where they came from and send liberals and liberal media with them. They are anti American.

      1. Charles, you really need to get your head out of your arse. He follows the law and two terms is all he is going to get. I agree that sending all liberals and the media with the illegals out of the country is a bit silly – we need more than one view so that we can see all sides to issues. But your remark makes it look like Trump wants to be dictator and that’s pretty stupid on your part. What he is doing for our country speaks volumes. Our economy hasn’t looked this good for decades. Yes, both parties have botched things up, but at least something is getting done about problems that have existed for over 40 years. Finally, we have a president who thinks of our country first – now if the congress would concern themselves more about Americans and less about illegals, things could move much faster and efficiently for our country, not to mention how much we would save per year not having to give these illegals benefits. Try looking up the stats on what it costs us and don’t forget the cost of keeping a prisoner in jail while you are at it.

  6. I wish to get ALL illegals out, if they cared anything for the country they would become legal. Complain they are in college etc and want to finish, why wait so long? Been here long enough to become a citizen and haven’t after all those years! Get them out . All they want is free education, free health care, all they know is free, free, free! Time they learn they have to abide by our laws!!!! This is America and we would like to keep it that way! They have no rights, it is a privilege to come here and live. Instead they think they can demand what they want and change us.

    1. And the worse part is going on long treks taking children, some of the women pregnant because they knew people will more likely have mercy on the children. They are talking about how the children are treated poorly by US, how about them bringing their children on this dangerous journey. Children not being vaccinated causing them to die or seriously ill. The Democrats are such hypocrites.

      1. Yeah, while they cry about those poor children – they are in the front of the charge to keep abortion up to birth and 70 times have voted against mandating those babies born alive be cared for. Guess they only care about children from other countries, not our own.

  7. People do not understand that countries including America needs the money generated by green cards and citizenships applications to run their countries. There is also a balance, that is why their are borders and limits for the amount of visas and green cards to be granted per year. I came here on green card and I had to handed out JA$20,000 at the time (1993) for my son and I, plus the money paid to filed the applications. After ten years (2003) I applied for citizenship. Now why should people come here illegally or on visitors visas and do not apply for green cards and do not expected to get deported if caught?

  8. All illegals need to be depirted
    All anti americans should be too.people come to this country legally and learn english, our customs and traditions and live like Americans… welcome. Illegals we dont want your flag flown, dont want to hear your language. This is America. We only need people that want to be americans. All others get deported. Gene simmons from kiss was taught the right things to do by his mom. She was the type of immigrants we want.

    1. Don’t know if they can do that but I agree with you. Also fine heavily the people that let them work here and pay them under the table for much cheaper pay…IF you come here Come Legally!!

  9. This reminds me of Star Trec. The episode where Ricardo Montalban and his crew who was found in deep space in time capsules. They tried to take over the ship and Capt Kirk dumped them on a planet. Even the historian female that turned against the Enterprise. Now we know what to do.

  10. Sue San Francisco for hundreds of billions of dollars if you are one of those victimized by these criminal Illegals who are repeatedly released into the General Population because ICE is trying to deport them. Any politician who breaks the law and in doing so harms innocents should be held directly responsible for the harm done.

  11. My husband 6 siblings and his mother became us citizens . I have a daughter.
    in -Law who is go through the process of becoming a citizen. I love everyone . We are a country of laws. Everyone who is breaking the law including Dems should be charged for encouraging illleges to defy the law ,and encouraging them to come into our country illegle. Trump 2020

    1. Totally agree, they should not be letting politicians know (or anyone else actually) when and where they will show up. Just do it! Have the vehicles ready to take them out of the country; if they have family here illegally also, they should grab them up too so we don’t “separate families” – another thing for the left to complain about. Never mind that it was a democrat who initiated it at the border. Think about it – a person gets arrested, convicted and then goes to jail – he is separated from his family and if there is no spouse, the kid goes into foster care. You break the law, the family gets separated. Best to just deport the whole family at the same time if they can be easily found. No time to do anything but leave with what is on their back or in their possession at the time. They can write or call a friend or other family member in the states to pack up their stuff and send it to them. Not our problem.

  12. Arrest every single Mayor,,Governor,Judge,Police chief or any other public official that is aiding and abetting these Law Breakers!

  13. It’s funny how Nancy Pelosi accuses President Trump of trying to make America White, when she’s doing the same thing only trying to make it anything but White.

  14. I am impressed by the new means to apply for asylum and the major cut in traffic at the border….maybe now the people who did all the right things to get here will get the benefit….

  15. They harder we try to take back the country the harder the Democrats fight against the American People. There is a problem with the Democratic party bring in people to damage the American people.

  16. I pray that the government tracks down and charges everyone involved with the charade in Denver with a felony and deports everyone of them. They proved that they want the U.S to be part of Mexico and despise this country. They are only trying to destroy the U.S.

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