Pelosi Under Fire For Urging Dems To Stand Against ICE

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urges Democrats to help counter planned ICE raids; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’ #TheFive #FoxNews

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39 thoughts on “Pelosi Under Fire For Urging Dems To Stand Against ICE

  1. Why is one woman capable of holding up the entire normal function of our government because she doesn’t like the election results? No one person should have this much power. She was only elected by a small portion of the population in San Francisco.

    1. Margaret, It’s all part of the plan. What we have here is a one party system: the Republicrats. They are all in cahoots with each other. Anti-American atheists who are just minions for the real Deep State in Brussels. Each politician throughout our beloved country has a part to play in the great American takeover. Their end goal?
      The New World Order.
      What we are seeing from all of them is just smoke and mirrors, and one distraction after another as the illegal criminals continue to pour into our country, and are secretly bussed into various cities across the US. It’s called
      divide and conquer.
      They want to control our health care, ARE controlling education, dangerous vaccines, and gun control.
      America had best open their eyes and see the truth instead of believing their evil lies.

      1. This is so correct Eileen, smoke and mirrors, controlling education and everything else under the sun. Lets get our America Back Again, What has happened to our country and its morals? Please dear GOD, help our AMERICAN history to come back to us. President Trump keep up the good work. Irene

        1. God bless Trump.The Democrats are only out for themselves and what they want.The have done nothing for the American people.They are getting paid to do what the people want and need.They have not.Just the opposite.They are flooding our borders with illegals who they want to give everything free to.What about our homeless?The sooner we can get them out the better for us.They put Muslums who have ties to terriosts in our Congress.Who speak bad about us and our Country.They hate Jews and Christians.The evil Democrats do not love God or America.

    2. M D. The demoncrates will crumble like a deck of cards , disrespect the law of the land, breaking federal laws and get away with it. I honestly don’t understand it.

      1. Well, it should be illegal for Mitch Mcconnel( one man) to have the power to not let a vote be done on anything in congress he doesn’t like. So I guess it is the exact same thing.

      2. She should be publicly hanged by the neck until death by suffocation on PA Ave at high noon for all the world to see, weights tied to her wrists but let her legs flail.

  2. It is bad enough that illegal aliens break our laws by crossing our borders illegally but it is worse when elected official & appointed officials encourage illegal aliens to defy lawful orders to be deported yet if an American citizen breaks laws we go to jail. American citizens pay taxes & if need help never can get help but illegals are given everything for free paid for by the taxpayers

    1. Elected officials like Pelosi should be impeached and jailed for breach of their oaths of office ~~ sedition against Americans Constitutional Rights, etc etc… Furthermore: aiding & abetting criminals ~~ When such conspiracies involve 2 or more people then they can be violating RICO laws….

  3. I firmly believe it is past time to send this traitor and violator of the Constitution out of there, remove her from the House for good.
    This so called Representative of the people has not for many years been that, ergo she has been there for the people that fork over to her millions of dollars over they years as evidenced by the millions in her bank account and her voting record. Time to begin the round up and expelling of the crooked politicians and this one heads the list.
    Next would be Schumer and Shiff (but his papa in law forks over to him). No longer do we need Representatives and Senators who do not represent the people but the lobbyists that fork over to them. Prime example is Senator Murkowski of Alaska. She voted “present” during the Kavanaugh vote. Now how could this represent her constituents? Then she admitted that when she thinks, get that, her vote is not really important then she votes as her friends ask her! Oh, we vote as we please then? Ok, go the hell home lady, I use that term loosely.
    Do I need to go on? Nah, time to rouse out the embedded crooks and get someone in there that upholds and defends the Constitution and represents their voters first and fore most. Nuff said.

    1. Pelosi, and the rest of the anti-Americans need to be tried for treason against the American people.
      A firing squad is appropriate for all of them.

      1. I totally agree they are ALL guilty of TREASON! They do NOT defend and uphold the US Constitution and do NOT protect American lives, they actually COST American lives due to their inaction at OUR southern border.
        They allow murderers, rapists, terrorists, repeat felons cross our borders on a daily basis, then cry the poor children! BULL HOCKEY, they could care less!
        And by preventing the POTUS (whoever that may be) from protecting US, the American taxpayer, from these ILLEGAL INVADERS is TREASON against the United States of America and the failure of their oath of office which is enough justification to immediately remove them from office for cause!

      2. Eileen Ross comments, words after my own heart, most of the country feels the same way. Why is nothing being done about it? What’s the hold up, lack of sufficient support for Trump, perhaps?

        Getting rid of the malicious ‘squad’ would be a good start.

  4. Nancy nephew Gov.Gavin signed into law Medicare for illegals.All 49 states are going to help him Pay for this did you realize this? Also if you are 20yr.old and want SEX with a 10yr child that’s ok too. So all 2020 canadates wanting to do away with Electrol College vote (illegal) we can all be like CA. Sick people.Commies

      1. They are sick and really need prayer, God has got this under control. We will get the last laugh my friends.Dems need to read their bibles.

  5. All those aiding and abetting illegals to jump our borders should be arrested and tried and convicted for breaking the law. It’s time to call a halt to the lawlessness of the Democrats. Organizations that are funding this invasion of America must be prosecuted for their misdeeds!

  6. What is funny is Congress made these laws and now they are telling them to ignore the laws they made? If they do there will be no laws period.

    1. The “LAWS” these DUMBYRATS made were for US, NOT them! They get to pick and choose the laws that they want to follow, but ALL citizens and Conservatives MUST abide by the laws that they make! That’s how they think. And as long as the Senate does NOTHING to ANY of them for their actions they will continue.
      OUR whole government has gone to hell in a handbasket!
      “We The People” are to the point that we NEED to take ACTION!
      I believe it is stated in the US Constitution that when the government gets to the point that it no longer does the job that it was intended to do that the people have the RIGHT to overthrough such government and institute a “PROPER” government, OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People!


  8. M D. The demoncrates will crumble like a deck of cards , disrespect the law of the land, breaking federal laws and get away with it. I honestly don’t understand it.

  9. Pelosi, if she is aiding and abetting the evasion of ICE agents by illegals or is advising them on how to avoid deportation is in violation of what is defined in the U.S.Code CHAPTER 18, as acts of sedition and High Treason and also gives the PENALTIES for such! She should be immediately investigated and, if sufficient evidence found to confirm the acts, removed from office, indicted, tried and if found guilty of charges, punished to the fullest extent of the penalties provided. And, in THIS DOJ, she will get the Dur Process denied to BOTH President Trump and during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. May SHE be but the FIRST of many such swamp slime , venomous vermin to FINALLY be held BOTH responsible and accountable to We,The People, And, may the next wave of such trials also involve the entire Obama Administration, the DNC, FBI, CIA, Clinton Campaign and Foundation and both compromised and fired FBI agents Strozk and Page et al. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard evidence we may be able to fumigate the swamp BEFORE the 2020 elections which will end the Marxist Left Radical Progressives once and for all! As a disabled Vietnam vet with a 52 year old degree in Government, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE TRUE JUSTICE DONE TO THOSE WHO DESERVE IT!

  10. How dumb are these people who are running this country into dust. I say to Pelosi I now look at you as a man. Either go away or get your worthless socialist hazz blown away.
    This is still America and you are the enemy. If this was NAZI Germany you would have already been cremated.

  11. Crooked lying Hillary tweeted a “Chart” / “Map” of all of the easiest locations for ILLEGALS to cross our borders ~~ AG Barr needs to add this sedition of Hillary to his already long list of violations/indictments for Hillary …..[enemies within]

  12. The Democrats are placing illegal immigrants above U.S citizens and trying to flood the US with invaders because US citizens do not want to vote for them. Democrats have lost the black vote because minorities are most affected bu the illegal invasion.

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